What Is a WiFi Wireless USB Adapter?

By | September 12, 2022

What Is a WiFi Wireless USB Adapter
A WiFi USB adapter is a small device that adds wireless capability to a computer.

Since many computers, such as desktop PCs, don’t come with built-in WiFi adding a WiFi USB adapter can solve this problem.

They can also replace a broken internal wireless card or upgrade an old unit.

This also makes for an easy fix when a laptop’s internal card goes bad and needs a wireless connection.

Some wireless USB adapters have larger antennas that can help get a better signal.
What Is a WiFi Wireless USB Adapter Big antenna 2
While a larger antenna can be bulky, it can greatly improve reception for those with a spotty signal.

Antenna size is rated in dBi, with 5dBi or larger units fairly common.

Small adapters can also be bought that don’t have a big antenna but are small and out of the way when plugged in.
What Is a WiFi Wireless USB Adapter Small
Small units have about the same range as most laptop’s internal WiFi cards.

WiFi protocols are also a consideration since they have been steadily updated over the years.

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WiFi Protocols and Year Introduced
Protocol Year Frequency
802.11b – WiFi 2 1999 2.4 GHz
802.11g – WiFi 3 2003 2.4 GHz
802.11n – WiFi 4 2009 2.4/5Ghz GHz
802.11ac – WiFi 5 2013 5 GHz
802.11ax – WiFi 6 2019 5 GHz

New WiFi protocols are backward compatible with older protocols.

WiFi USB adapters make it easy to add wireless ability to almost any computer.

While a wired Ethernet cable can also be used, a cable can, at times, be unpractical.

A wireless internet solution is often the best, with better mobility and the ability to set up at any location.

There are many available that come in all shapes, sizes, and compatibility to fit almost any network scenario.
What Is a WiFi Wireless USB Adapter big anttena
The downside to WiFi is the signal can be problematic at times and are not good the farther from a router it is located.

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    Is ther a WiFi antennnae with a FEMALE USB connector, like on the Apple Camera Connection Kit? If not, could you suggest an adapter like this?


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