What is The Best OBD2 Scan Tool for a PC Laptop

By | May 17, 2020

What is The Best OBD2 Scan Tool for a PC Laptop 2018
Scanning automotive error codes on a laptop has advantages over many handheld scan tools.

Handheld tools are great and work for the most part but can sometimes fall short.

For example, recently I was trying to diagnose a ABS light on a friends 2004 F150 with my cheap scan tool and it couldn’t find anything.

I then took it to a local part store and they couldn’t find the problem either.

Not wanting to admit defeat I began reading online and found the Scan Tool 425801 for a PC. After looking at comparable options I thought I would try it out.

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It came with an OBD2 adapter that plugs into a USB port on a laptop, and software to diagnosis codes called OBDwiz.

It found the bad code on the F150 which was the rear speed sensor.

Keep in mind there are other scan tool options, such as using a smartphone or buying a good handheld tool.

If you dont want to lug around a laptop, smartphone Bluetooth OBD2 adapters can also be a cheap option.

One of the reasons a PC based solution can be better is the software and the ease of reading the interface.

There are many free and paid for OBD2 diagnostic software that is constantly being updated.

Also is it easy to simply try new software interfaces to see which one fits you. You can check out a list of PC based OBD2 software here. https://www.elmelectronics.com/help/obd/software/

The larger screen on a laptop is in my opinion much better than any scan tool or smartphone not only for ease of reading but research.
What  is The Best OBD2 Scan Tool for a PC based Laptop
There is many good programs that can be used on a PC.

After a code is found with a scan tool and it gives you an OBD2 code number, looking for information online is the next step.

Looking information up quickly online with a laptop is much easier at least for me. Reading through forums and watching YouTube videos is just easier on the eyes when doing research.

Of course, this is a personal option and using a smartphone scan tool is just as cheap as a laptop scan tool.

What works for me may not work for someone else so be sure to read other reviews for the best fit for you.

Read More About the 425801 Here on Amazon
ScanTool OBDLink SX USB: Professional Grade OBD-II Automotive Scan Tool for Windows – DIY Car and Truck Data and Diagnostics




11 thoughts on “What is The Best OBD2 Scan Tool for a PC Laptop


    can I use this to match my replacement ignition to my 2004 honda odessy

  2. RESA

    Pls how to install this app from my pc, just i want to diagnosis fault from the vehicle. i am Automotive Technician

  3. Emmanuel kamwimba


  4. Gilbert Kalilombe

    Am an Auto Electrician .i already have a good laptop now i need the best and affordable OBD to connect with laptop to scan auto electrical faults.

  5. lparker

    These cables should come with your vehicle. Even if I had to configure a tuning system and GUI interface I would be willing to invest that time. Going to purchase cable to try and reset my throttle body. I just put a new one on my 2000 VW jetta and evidently it has to be aligned/reset through the ECM. Autozone no longer loans a fully functional tool and wants a $240 deposit to borrow…I told the guy if I had $240 to “loan” I would just go and buy one for $50…he said I didn’t understand, that I would get my money back…so I hung up.

    1. Matthew T Wendland

      It is a deposit to make sure you bring back the tool . if you use it in the parking lot you only have to leave your ID

  6. Javier Betancourt

    I have a 2000 ford ranger with a recently rebuilt transmission that does not engage and cannot pick up any codes. Would this be able to read the transmission solenoids activity

  7. Var

    scantool.com has crippled their opensource software tools . They now offer there own and apparently changed code of earlier releases…. won’t find a working COM port now. Piss on them.

  8. Ifiemi Nestor

    Hi. I’m an automotive mechanic from Nigeria, I have a laptop with Windows 10; but I’m in search of a good automotive diagnostic software. Thanks!

  9. Adamu ALI

    Pls. Iam An Auto Mechanic Living In Nigeria And Want To Start Auto Diag Business How Do I Go About?

    1. Miguel

      Eobd fáciles is a good software you may use it with an elm 327 adapter.


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