Our Picks for Best Home Landline Phones with Bluetooth

By | February 14, 2021

Landlines have become a thing of the past in many homes, with cellphones the primary way to communicate.

While smartphones have become primary, cordless Handsets still can be very useful and come with many new features.

For example, a Bluetooth set can pair with almost any smartphone and use handsets anywhere in a home.

This is usually done with a base station that pairs with a cellphone and communicates to the all the other units.

There are many units available with some of our favorite picks below.

As always be sure to read the reviews on Amazon or elsewhere to be sure a unit is a good fit for you.

Our Picks for Best Home Landline Phones with Bluetooth

  1. VTech DS6621-2 DECT 6.0
  2. Best Home Landline Phones with Bluetooth VTech

    VTech makes many types of cordless landline phones, including the VTech DS6621-2 that has a versatile setup with many features.

    It can pair to a cell and answer calls or work in combination with a landline and cell to answer all your calls.

    It is also easily expandable up to five handsets and can download 200 contacts from your cell phone

    The package comes with two handsets, additional ones can be added if needed.

    The VTech DS6621-2 is a low-cost solution, that with its many features, can fit into many scenarios a user may find useful.

  3. Panasonic KX-TGE262S
  4. Best Home Landline Phones with Bluetooth Panasonic KX-TGE262S
    The Panasonic KX-TGE262S comes with two handsets and a base station.

    The base station pairs with your cell phone and rings the handsets and communicates via the handsets for all your calls.

    This makes them ideal in many situations. For example, if you have a home with bad coverage but one spot that gets good reception, the base station and phone can be set there and communicate over the handsets.

  5. Panasonic KX-TG833SK
  6. Best Home Landline Phones with Bluetooth Panasonic KX-TG833SK1
    The Panasonic KX-TG833SK has a base station that can control up-to 6 handsets.

    It has Bluetooth, which allows for a smartphone to Pair with the base station.

  7. ATT TL96273 DECT 6.0
  8. Best Home Landline Phones with AT&T TL96423 DECT 6.0
    AT&T makes this unit that is low-cost and also is packed full of nice features.

    It can combine a landline with a cell phone, so only one handset can answer all calls or work individually as an extension of a cell phone or landline.

    The cordless handsets range is excellent, along with a built-in answering machine and caller ID.

With landlines becoming a thing of the past in most homes, there is one exception that can make life easier when managing multiple phones.

Bluetooth landline phones can link up to any smartphone and answer calls as you would with a traditional cordless phone.

A Bluetooth landline phone can also link to more than one smartphone. This allows a user to use one phone to answer all their calls. This can come in handy for a user who wants to use a single phone that would require multiple managing phones.
All calls from the linked cell phones will be routed through a Bluetooth phone, including any landline calls.

Any phone will still be answered and used generally with the added benefit of controlling all from one.

Configuring the Bluetooth landline phone is usually a simple operation like any Bluetooth device syncs to a smartphone.

When a cell phone does ring, the new phone will ring as well. Most people set a unique ring tone to tell the cell phone apart from the landline synced phone.

Battery life will also be a consideration, with different models having different charge times.
They are charged in the same manner as any traditional cordless landline phone by plugging it into the base station, which recharges the battery.

It is not completely necessary to have a landline to use one of these phones. If you don’t have a landline, they can be used to manage multiple smartphones.

Most can also be used in a car so that multiple phones do not need to be managed while driving. Be sure to check the features to see if this is available. Other handy features include voice-activated caller ID, which speaks the name of the calling, so there is no need to look at the display.

Besides handsets, Bluetooth headphones with mics are also available, which may work better in some scenarios.

Another thing to look for when purchasing a Bluetooth landline phone is which smartphones they can sync. While most will build the sync to any Bluetooth phone, it always best to read the features and the reviews to be sure it matches your setup.

7 thoughts on “Our Picks for Best Home Landline Phones with Bluetooth

  1. Richard Livingston

    I am looking for a cordless phone unit that will Pair with an Oticon Connectclip by Bluetooth for hearing impared that sends the signel to hearing aids can any one help?

  2. B Baker

    My current phone I believe I purchased around 2003 is a Siemens Gigaset whose base has a hanset and every handset uses 2 rechargable AA batteries and every handset base incorporates a removable tray (not apparent by design) in which the other two of the four supplied rechargable batteries that came with the original base/handset kit, and 4x also for each of my 3 additional handsets. At one point, around 2006, the base was hit with a surge and quit working. I put the system up. A year or two later the wife wants to buy a new cordless phone set. I pull out the old set, and for some reason call Siemens, who gave me an undocumented sequence of keys to select and the phone system came back to life… and was used until I shut off my landline about 3 years ago. But I have recently purchased a Siemens bluetooth adapter so I could use my Siemens Gigaset to answer when I receive a phone call on cell via bluetooth to the Siemens phone adapter. Can’t remember where I set it down… the box is right here. Maybe it will find it’s way home.

    Every cordless phone with a proprietary battery purchased by me or my family from the ’80 through today, have failed without exception within six months after the warranty expired.

    In every case I purchased a repacement OEM manufactured battery with the same specifications in addition to having the same model number as the original.

    The replacement batteries seemed to have restored the phone’s power problems, however in every case after about six months, I am back to where I started.

    The same scenario happened on the three notebooks. Cracked the battery pack & the battery voltage required was found by measuring the sum of the rechargeable batteries in series. But that PCB inside the battery housing is the reason that I have to purchase a new battery for my notebook. Too bad I can’t replace the PCB, or learn exactly how/why it is preventing my charged batteries from providing power to my notebook.

    The same for mobile phones. I was given a cool PDA mobile phone that runs Windows Mobile 5. However I wasn’t given a battery. And the phone indicates the battery has six terminals. Connecting USB cable? no.

    Printed on the same label with the IMEI number is the phone’s model, a HTC WIZARD, given a “Product Number” by some FCC related agency of WIZA100. Learned the battery has been assigned the Product Number WIZA16. Also printed is 5 VDC and 1 A.

    I have identified the positive and negative terminals and attached an ac adapter with the same ratings. Also tried another, 5 VDC. with a capicity up to 2.5A.

    I don’t want to use the PDA as a mobile phone. I just want to use it as a desktop computer.
    What prevents a phone from being powered without a battery?
    What prevents you from using the PDA features of the phone without a valid SIM?

    Have googled for months for pinouts to no avail.

    The next laptop I purchase, I’m going to crack open the battery and reverse engineer the battery pack before “x” prevents the batteries from powering my laptop.

    Every UPS I have ever owned has two-terminal lead-acid batteries.

  3. Naas Hancke

    Hi Hope anyone can be of some help please help, I am looking for a landline phone that I can use in my home office but I am wanting to connect speakers to the landline phone. So I was thinking of a Bluetooth landline phone. Will it work to buy a BlueTooth landline phone and then to buy a Bluetooth speaker. This way I can set the volume of the speakers and enjoy around sound when hearing the caller but when speaking to the caller I want to speak into a mike ( If the Phone is on Speaker Phone the speakerphone mic may pick up my voice ) In short I want to speak without headpiece or without phone in my hand or close to my ear and I want to have the surround sound from
    2 or 3 speakers in around the home office. If anyone can provide some advice it will be much appreciated !!

  4. David B

    Can I use a Bluetooth enabled landline phone to connect to other Bluetooth devices such as Bluetooth conference room speaker phones or headsets with microphones?

  5. Michael

    I bought the “VTech DS6511-2 DECT 6.0 Expandable Cordless Phone with Bluetooth Connect to Cell and Caller ID/Call Waiting, Silver/Black with 2 Handsets” but after pairing my cellphones with it (it supports 2) neither reliably connects automatically when I return home. This is the only thing i need it to do, so I returned it.

  6. Romano

    I have GN resound Linx2 hearing aid which are Bluetooth LE enabled. I should like to use my landline phone with direct connection to my hearing aids with no other gadgets in the middle. Are any of the telephone listed Bluetooth Low Energy compatible?

    1. miztee

      I have this question too, as I’m about to buy bluetooth-enabled hearing aids, probably the Resound Cala, and want to pair with my landline home phone.


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