Our Picks for Best Long Range HDTV Antenna Over-the-Air TV

By | May 27, 2023

Best Long Range HDTV Antenna 2020 Over-the-Air TV
There are many TV channels that are broadcast for free over the air, such as FOX, ABC, CBS, along with local channels, can all be watched for free with the right HDTV antenna.

How close you are located to the TV transmission towers will depend how many channels you can receive.

If you live in a city, the transmission towers are likely close, and a basic TV antenna can be used.

If you live outside a city, a long range TV antenna will likely be the best option.
Best Long Range HDTV Antenna 2020 Overview
Even in many big cities, a long-range antenna can often bring in many more channels.

In most major cities with the right antenna getting 30-50 channels or more is easily done.

So what is the best long-range antenna to use?

There are many good units available, with some of our favorite picks below.

As always, be sure to read reviews on Amazon, forums, or elsewhere to be sure a unit is a right pick for you.

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Our Picks for Best Long Range HDTV Antenna

  1. RCA Outdoor Yagi
  2. Best Long Range HDTV Antenna RCA Outdoor Yagi
    Available Here on Amazon

    The RCA Yagi has been available for a while and is a very good long range antenna.

    Yagi antennas need to be pointed directly at the source for the best reception.

    This is done by knowing where the towers are and pointing the antenna at them or turning the antenna until the best reception is on the TV and bolting it into place.

    The kit comes with some assembly; mainly, the aluminum bars need to be attached. It also has a mounting bracket to mount it to a pole or wall.

    The RCA Yagi is a good unit that is low-cost and works very well.

  3. Clearstream 2Max
  4. Best Long Range HDTV Antenna 2020 Over-the-Air TV Indoor Outdoor
    Available Here on Amazon

    The Clearstream 2Max is a TV antenna built to work outside or inside, such as an attic, and pick up TV signals from any direction.

    It is a good TV antenna that can pick up the best TV signals possible.

    Since it can also pick up UHF and VHF signals it boost the TV channels available.

    The unit does cost more compared to many other antennas and is for those serious about getting the most channels possible with the best reception.

  5. Pingbingding HDTV Antenna Amplified
  6. Available Here on Amazon

    This HDTV antenna from Pingbingding is also a Yagi unit but has a motor to turn it, which helps hone in on a station.

    Most TV towers are clustered together so multiple stations can be received from one spot. Sometimes they can be apart, which requires the antenna to turn to get the best reception.

    The Pingbingding is one such unit that rotates in a 360-degree turn.

    A small remote control and box come with the kit to control the motor.

  7. GE Pro
  8. Available Here on Amazon

    GE Pro makes this unit which also works well honing in on a TV signal.

    It can be mounted in the attic or outdoors, with outdoor usually the best option.

    There is some assembly required which is easy enough for a handy person.

    The GE Pro is a great unit that works in a variety of scenarios.

Types of Long Range TV Antennas

Antennas come mainly in two styles Omni Directional and Directional.

Both have their positives and negatives and need to match the location.

Directional TV Antennas

  • Good long range reception
  • Must be pointed directly at the source

Omni Directional units are very good long range TV antennas but must be pointed directly at the TV transmission towers.

This is often done by using Google to find the tower location and the antenna pointed at them.

Another common method is to hook it up and slowly turn the antenna until the best reception is had and bolted into place.

Omni Directional when setup correctly are the best antennas for long range.

Omni Directional TV Antennas

  • Good only at close range
  • Can receive a signal from any direction

Omni Directional can receive a signal from any direction, which makes them good units for RV, trailers, camper, or even home antennas.

They don’t work as well as Directional units for range but are good close up able to pick up a broadcast without having to tune the antenna in.

There is always some moving of any type of antenna to get a good signal, but Omni Directional requires much less tuning.

There are many good long-range TV antennas that can pick up many channels.

Often 50-100 TV channels can be picked up over the air.

There will be some assembly and mounting of the antenna, which is not difficult, especially for a handy type of person.

TV signal boosters are often used with a TV antenna to get the best reception possible.

6 thoughts on “Our Picks for Best Long Range HDTV Antenna Over-the-Air TV

  1. Larry Roberts

    I have 5 different antenna on one tv, 4 on another. January I had 60 channels plus 10 others depends on time of day. January 16 2020 rescanned ( several times, now I only can get 31 channels no CBS , ABC, Ion/Ionlife , PBS stations, several others that came in clear before rescanned. Moved antennas in different positions several times, several different times during a day and thru weeks. No channels just wondering were they are if had, now nothing. Ask others in area and they in same situation no tv some a few more some less. Asked on different site and loss more channels ( Must be watching me they took more away. Wondering how many for this text I will lose?
    Oh well, time to turn off and read , lake or beach moving on without shows/ movies. Thanks

  2. Cee

    Tried the 2MAX at first. Very good antenna, Im about 40 miles from towers. I also used the existing cable from the satellite dish which made the install easy.

  3. Cherry Jordan

    I don’t quite know what TV antenna that I would need for my Mitsubishi 70 inches why screen TV one of the old models I’ve been having for 9 years. I hook the firestick up to it with a HDMI and it still would not play.

    1. Able

      The Antenna you need depends on your location and has nothing to do with what TV you have.
      How far away are you from the stations you are wanting to get ? What direction are the channels coming from with determine how many Antennas you need or if you may want to add a rotor.
      Most quality Antennas will list the range they can pick up from. Up to about 85 miles is normal. Beware of the crap that advertises 100+ miles as they are false claims.
      A good Antenna such as a Channel Master or Antennas Direct model and add a good Amplifier should net anyone the most bang for your buck and achieve all you can get.
      I recommend looking into the CM4228 8-bay Antenna and the 7777v3 Amp both from Channel Master. I have installed hundreds with great results.

  4. Barry Smith

    Would combining 2 antennas pointing at same towers improve weak signals??

    1. Able

      No, you are best to add a pre-amplifier like the Channel Master CM7777v3 to boost your signal strength.
      A bigger Antenna may also help but an amp is worth the $


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