Our Picks: Best Windows 10 Compatible Wireless USB Dongles

By | June 11, 2020

Top Windows 10 Compatible USB adapters dongles
Since its release and constant updates, some Windows 10 setups have been having problems with WiFi.

There are many fixes and solutions floating around depending on your WiFi card.

Most problems seem to be the lack of updated drivers for existing cards installed in laptops or USB dongles/adapters.

If Windows 10 has the drivers to install for the card it will work, if it doesn’t one will have to be found.

Generally speaking Windows 7 and Windows 8 drivers should work with Windows 10 but there is no guarantee.

If you have run into this problem one sure workaround is to use a Windows 10 compatible USB adapter, they are cheap and an easy fix.

Below is our picks for the best Windows 10 USB adapters along with reviews.

We have reviewed the units for speed and compatibility to see how well they work with Windows 10.

As always be sure to read the reviews on Amazon, forums, or elsewhere to be sure a unit is a good fit for you.

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Our Picks for Windows 10 Compatible USB Adapters / Dongles

  1. EDUP AC600

  2. Available Here on Amazon

    The EDUP AC600 is a Dual Band 802.11ac that works in both the 2.4Ghz and 5GHz frequencies.

    802.11AC is currently the fastest WiFi protocol and works in the 5GHz band.

    The 2.4Ghz band is for legacy devices and works with the older Wireless-N protocol.

    This makes it a wireless adapter that will work in most any WiFi network.

    While testing it worked very well with Windows 10 automatically finding and installing the Drivers.

    Read Full Review Here

  3. BrosTrend AC1
  4. The BrosTrend AC1 is a Windows 10 USB WiFi adapter along with good speed results.

    It is dual band and uses the new 802.11ac protocol. This makes it able to fit into most any WiFi network new or old.

    During testing Windows 10 automatically found the drivers by simply plugging it in, making it basically Plug and Play.

    Its low-cost and good Windows 10 compatibility make it worth a look.

    Read Full Review Here

  5. Alfa AC1200
  6. The Alfa AC1200 is a Dual-Band 802.11ac compatible adapter that works well with Windows 10.

    It also has two 5dBi antennas for good range. It also has the latest technology and is a dual band 803.11ac adapter.

    If you are looking for good wireless speed and distance that works with Windows 10 this is a good option.

    Read Full Review Here

  7. Dodocool
  8. Dodocool makes this small wireless USB adapter which is an entry level 802.11ac unit.

    It has the latest technology being a dual band 802.11ac adapter.

    The speed is not the best and rated at 433Mbps in the 5GHz range and 150Mbps in the old 2.4Ghz band. The range also isn’t the best since it is small and doesn’t have a large antenna.

    While not the best with speed or distance since it can work in any network and is small, this makes it ideal to replace or upgrade a laptops broken internal WiFi card or similar.

    Read Full Review Here

  9. Panda PAU03
  10. The Panda PAU03 is a small cheap USB WiFi dongle that works with most any hardware.

    The creators have good support and are always updating the drivers to work with all types of hardware from a Raspberry Pi to Windows 10.

    Small WiFi dongles don’t have the best range but for a quick solution the Panda PAU03 is a good option.

    It does only run in the 2.4 GHz band and uses 802.11n or Wireless-N.

    While it is not the fastest WiFi dongle or have the best range it will work with Windows 10 and have you up and running.

  11. ASUS USB-AC68
  12. If you want one of the fastest wireless dongle available the ASUS USB-AC68 is worth a look

    The previous version Asus USB-AC56 is also a nice unit and fast but the new USB-AC68 has gone farther.

    The downside is that it cost much more than the average low-cost wireless adapter. Most will not need the speed the USB-AC68 can run at and simply need to get a good low cost unit.

    It is a nice one to have though and works great with Windows 10.

New versions of Windows has always caused problems with device compatibility and Windows 10 is no exception.

A USB adapter is a quick fix for a Windows 10 wireless problem.

As with any device be sure to read the reviews on Amazon or elsewhere to be sure it fits your setup.

18 thoughts on “Our Picks: Best Windows 10 Compatible Wireless USB Dongles

  1. SCOTT

    Running Windows 10 on an ASUS CM5570
    My wireless card went out so I bought a REALTEK RTL8192eu wireless Lan USB Network Adapter. It installed and worked fine for the first day. Then later on I came back to find it had disconnected and had a big red X on the wireless icon on the bottom right of my screen so uninstalled it and re-installed it no luck it will not see any networks in my house Device Manager says that the Adapter is working fine. So I moved it to another USB Port still have the same problem tried it on Windows 8.1 also same problem. Any suggestions?

    1. WH

      Uninstalling the driver and letting windows install a new one as you did is the most common fix. To bad it didn’t work. Searching the forums for a answer may be the best bet.

    2. vito blanko

      I have a similar device. The big red X means that the adapter/radio is not on. Right click the X and go to the supplied program and turn the adapter on. And yes, device manager will say that the device is working properly even when turned off.


    Most of these are cheap junk from China and Taiwan. If you are buying from Amazon, expect more of the same malfunctioning hardware. EDUP is a crap company, who reverse engineers Realtek’s products (both companies are Chinese).

  3. Jakub

    TP-Link T1U does not work with Win 10. There is a dedicated driver on their webpage but does not work. Windows tries to disconect and connetc the dongle.

  4. Mahally

    Using TL-WN722N-V1, I manage to connect to only 2 (two) from 6 routers (hot-spots) at my office. I wonder why..

  5. George

    The good thing with having a very slow internet connection, is that you won’t have to worry about the transfer speeds of a wireless USB dongle haha.

  6. M.D. Barry

    The TP-LINK Archer T1U does not play nice with Windows 10 despite Win 10 drivers and a statement of comparability by TP Link. I returned it after a week.

    1. Cory

      I had the same issue. My laptop model isn’t officially supported on Windows 10, but everything works except the WiFi, so I bought the TP-LINK Archer T1U, even though the packaging said Windows 8.1 only, because the store tech said it does support Windows 10. It didn’t work automatically. The driver included didn’t work. The link I found at the TP-LINK website that specifically addressed Windows 10 compatibility didn’t work.

      I have confirmed that the problem is definitely the TP-LINK driver/adapter on my machine, because I got WiFi working with an older usb adapter without changing anything else.

  7. JohnnyNight

    Wow… When I found this page I was really feeling good because like many, after installing windows 10 get periodic disconnects that last for may be 10 – 30 seconds which of course can drive you crazy..

    But after reading all the comments here, it seems everyone is having a problem with all these adapters..

    Maybe I’m missing the good news here some how..

    So are any of these adapters working good for anyone ..?


    1. Jerrry

      The adapters listed here will work for you. Since PC computers are built in such a large variety there is always a few that will have a problem, but the majority simply need a Win 10 compatible USB adapter.

  8. Yvonne Simpson

    I have the Alfa network adapter, and on my old computer (vista) it worked great, had that computer acting as modern for netgear and we had great wifi. That tower now does not work, so we bought windows 10, and I have an excellent signal after installing the updated driver. Now I cannot get the computer to hook up to the signal? ! Help it is driving me nuts.

  9. Tyler

    Recently got a new Netgear USB wifi adapter and they have yet to release Windows 10 compatible drivers. Constantly loses connection or completely disappears from the list. Seems the majority of people with it can’t use it at all and have similar issues.

    The alfa sounds good but I worry since I’ve never really heard much about the company.

    1. WirelessHack

      Alfa USB adapters have been around awhile and are notorious in the Pen Testing and Linux community. Their past USB WiFi adapters the Alfa AWUS036h and AWUS036NH are some of the best of their day. The AC1200 is their newest wireless dongle.

      There are other name brand models though. Be sure to read the reviews to see which one is the right fit for your setup.

    2. Geo

      I have a Netgear and have exactly the problems you mention. Not recognized when computer boots up, loses connection all the time, lags, real POS.

  10. Carolyn

    I work at home, my company just sent me new laptop with no wi-fi adapter built in for security purposes……I’m connected to internet with 45 foot ethernet cable running through my house that I hate.

    Will an adapter work for me?…I have Windows 10 too :(…..

    1. carlos

      Yeah dude wth get a wifi wireless adapter in Amazon for like 6bux does nt matter what u get man as long as its more or the same Mbps as your internet provider. 802.11 will work and make sure it’s an adapter goes for like 7 bux for a new one on amazon. And u can’t even see it in your pc.much. won’t take many space. It’s a small USB mini. Just plug it and use it man unless it comes with a disc to install or something. Simple bro

      1. Ashchaya

        That’s terrible advice for a Windows 10 PC. The whole reason this page exists is because Windows 10 has problems with a lot of USB adapters out there. That’s what brought me here, too.

        So no, don’t just go and get any old $6 thing.


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