5 Causes and Fixes Wireless Charging Paused Samsung Smartphones

By | November 14, 2022

Causes and Fixes Wireless Charging Paused
If you have a Samsung smartphone and it gives the message “wireless charging paused“, there can be several causes.

Some users report an issue with the Samsung Galaxy and Note series of Android smartphones giving the message.

In many cases, the phone will start to charge, but soon after, it stops and will say wireless charging paused.

The problem is usually fixable using one of the solutions below.

5 Causes and Fixes Wireless Charging Paused Samsung Smartphones

  1. Restart the Phone
  2. Causes and Fixes Wireless Charging Paused Restart Phone
    Restarting the phone can help to clear out bad data and may help clear the error.

    Like many electronic devices rebooting the unit often will get things working correctly again.

  3. Check for Updates
  4. Causes and Fixes Wireless Charging Paused Check for Updates
    All smartphones get updates, which help to patch security holes and fix bugs.

    The charging issues may be a known bug that has been fixed and only needs an update.

  5. Check for Bad App
  6. A bad app can cause issues both malicious and unintended.

    Often an app is not malicious but simply badly coded and causing errors.

    If you recently installed an app, try to temporarily uninstall it and see if the problem clears.

  7. Factory Data Reset
  8. A factory data reset will erase all the data on the Android smartphone and set it back to its original state.

    Since all data will be erased, be sure to backup and copy any important information such as postures, phone numbers, and so on.

  9. Replace the Charger
  10. Causes and Fixes Wireless Charging Paused Replace the Charger
    The wireless charger is a common problem that can fail and cause issues.

    If you are using a USB wall plug, it may also be having an issue and need replacing.

    If you have another wireless charger can temporarily borrow one test to see if the problem clears.

The Samsung Galaxy series of smartphones are great units that usually work very well but can occasionally have issues.

One such issue is an error message that says wireless charging paused.

If you get this message, first try to restart the phone, which can often help clear out errors.

Next, if possible, replace the charger to see if the error goes away.

USB wall chargers are often overlooked but can also be the source of the problem, so replace it also if possible.

Checking for updates is also a good idea since there may be a software patch that fixes the issue.

A rouge app can also be a source of the problem. If you recently installed a new app, temporally uninstall it to see if the issue clears.

The last thing to try is a factory reset which will wipe all data from the smartphone and set it back to its original state.

A factory reset will erase everything on the phone, so be sure to backup or copy any important data.

Have you had an issue with a Samsung smartphone that gives the message wireless charging paused? Let us know your thoughts below.



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