How to Connect an Android to a Wired Ethernet Connection

By | August 1, 2020

How to Connect a Android to Wired Ethernet Connection
If you have an Android tablet or smartphone and want to use a wired Ethernet connection it is easy to do.

There are a few requirements.

UPDATE: While the below option still works for many Android Smartphones there is a new better way to connect to Ethernet. Using a Type-C Hub can add many ports including HDMI, VGA, Ethernet, Old USB standards, and SD-Card port. Type-C Hubs also have much better compatibility.

Read Here for More on USB Type-C Hubs for Android Smartphones.

Android Ethernet Requirements

  1. First Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 which was released October 2015 must be installed.
  2. Android Version 6.0.1
    To see which version you have go to Settings –> About Device.

    Previous Android versions needed to be rooted which is no longer the case with Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 and above.

  3. Second an OTG to Ethernet adapter will be needed.
  4. Ethernet To Android Smartphone
    OTG stands for On-The-Go and simply plugs into an Android micro USB port. It is mainly used to copy files to external storage such as a flash drive but also can be used for a LAN internet connection.

    The Ethernet adapter will transmit the signals over the network. These items can be bought separately or in one package ready to go.

    Not all the adapters are compatible with every Android device and should be verified it works with your device.

    While most will not have any problems the Chipset in the adapter and the phone/tablet must be compatible. Simply be sure an adapter will work with your Android device before getting one.

    Be sure to know what type of port your phone uses, old Micro-USB or the new Type-C.

    Most older Android smartphones use a Micro-USB port with the new Type-C port now on the Galaxy S10, S20 and similar units.

Micro-USB OTG to Ethernet Adapter on Amazon
Plugable USB 2.0 OTG Micro-B to 10/100 Fast Ethernet Adapter Compatible With Windows Tablets & Raspberry Pi Zero (ASIX AX88772A chipset)

Type-C Android Ethernet Adapter on Amazon
USB C to Ethernet Adapter, Techkey USB Thunderbolt 3 / Type C to RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet LAN Network Adapter Compatible for MacBook Pro 2019/2018/2017 Dell XPS ChromeBook Galaxy S9/S8 and More

Most Android devices simply need to be plugged in and will automatically connect. Be sure to turn off your WiFi to know for sure it is only on Ethernet.
How to Connect a Android to Wired Ethernet Connection 2017
Some devices require it to be in Airplane mode in settings and depends on the ROM.
Hooking an Android smartphone or tablet to an Ethernet line is easy to do, with Android Marshmallow or higher.

While most will not have any issues the phone or tablet must have the drivers for the chipset in the Ethernet adapter to work.

Every manufacture customizes the Android OS for their devices and may remove or add drivers.

Simply be sure to read the specs of an adapter and the reviews to be sure it works with your smartphone or tablet.



62 thoughts on “How to Connect an Android to a Wired Ethernet Connection

  1. Stella

    I have a Samsung A9 phone that I brought in March 2019. It worked fine with an Anker USB-C ethernet adaptor up until around two months ago. A software update led to it stopping working. The ‘ethernet’ option in ‘More Network Connections’ is now greyed out.
    Samsung have been very unhelpful and say they cannot do anything to help.
    Amazon have said I can have a full refund on the phone.
    Ideally, I would like to get it working with an ethernet cable again.
    Is there software I can instal or a different connector that I could try?
    Many thanks.

  2. Sheila

    Doesn’t work on my Samsung Galaxy S5 – so frustrating, and can’t work out why?

    Anyone know?

  3. Mike I

    Just tried it on Mi 9T Pro and it works great. Yeah, made an overseas phone call too. However, trying it on Xiaomi Note 10 Pro did not work, same adapter.

    1. fafa

      Hi Mike,

      My Usb lan adapter (Ugreen) does n’t work on my Xiaomi Note 10 pro (Android 10/MIUI11) too?
      Have you find any solution ?
      Thanks in advance,


  4. Samwel

    I bought the adapter yesterday (USB C to Ethernet) and it worked fine on my Xiaomi Pocophone F1. Make sure to turn off WiFi and just plug in the adapter. The phone does not give a clear indication that the line has been connected to. Once you plug in the adapter, open a browser and you’re good to go.

    1. Boostmobile

      I have been trying on the Coolpad legacy from boost mobile. I brought the uni brand ubc to Ethernet but nothing happens help or more info please

  5. João P Ferreira

    Can it be used with POE to charge the phone at the same time?
    I want to use for a wall tablet, wherein the cable charges and gives fast internet access

    1. David

      There a adapters for this which provide both Ethernet and power to your device. Make sure the adapter is compatible with your tablet.

  6. Marissa

    Can I connect my Note5 to my computer to use my phones internet to connect to my VPN?

  7. vicolodo

    is this adapter compatible for Teclast T20?
    It has Android 7.1.1 (Nougat)

  8. Ry-Guy

    Whoever comes to this post looking for answers first know this. Your android device needs to have the Ethernet drivers installed to use usb wired internet. Second, the type of usb Ethernet chipset matters in the adapters you buy. Some phones are compatible with different chipsets. It’s good to see before you buy an adapter if you’re phone or tablet is compatible.

    1. Lee

      Can you let me know what USB Ethernet adapter is compatible with Android tablets and phones.

  9. Ladislav Josephs

    I just bought one in Shanghai at low reputation shop, plugged it in to Samsung ROG 2 phone and it worked like charm. Only thing is, I was expecting higher speeds that WiFi, but is about the same or lower than WiFi.
    So, I am thinking, why did I do it?

  10. Stewart

    I tried this with 3 different otg-ethernet adapters, on 5 different smartphones, without any results. I suspect most carriers remove the ethernet drivers to keep the users locked into their service model. So if the bootloader is not locked, or IF it can be rooted… is this the path to getting it to work?
    Or will a custom ROM be needed and installed to get the ethernet driver?
    I find it difficult to determine which ROMs include the necessary drivers. Has anybody made a list of what works?

    1. Ladislav Josephs

      Stewart, it’s all about money. I have locked phone purchased in Shanghai and bought OTG to Ethernet connector and it’s working fine. So, I figure, you buy it , you plug it in and it works, or not. The only thing you can do is try to turn on Airplane mode. Anyway, it’s really useless, unless you have only wired internet; meaning, no access to WiFi

  11. Sean

    We have Lenovo ThinkPad Hybrid USB-C with USB-A Docks and they will charge & network Android (Samsung at least) phones. Plugging them in does take down our tp-link switch though. YMMV.

  12. David Liu

    I can not find Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 at “Play Store” of my Samsung Galaxy J7 2018, model# SM-J737A but I find 6.0.0 and being installed on my SM-J737A. Does “Plugable USB 2.0 …” will be worked on my SM-J737A to be connected to AT&T -Verse modem? Which hub can be connected to this adapter so that SM-J737A will be charging while Ethernet hardwired Ethernet cable connection to AT&T U-Verse modem via this adapter? I chat with samsung technical support and they tell me “Plugable USB 2.0 …” on this posting will not work on my SM-J737A because of SM-J737A its hardware will not be compatible to “Plugable USB 2.0 …” adapter? Does “Plugable USB 2.0 …” adapter will work on AMAZON fire tablet 7″ I purchased three years ago AMAZON Fire tablet 8″ I purchased one year ago? Does “Amazon Ethernet Adapter” I ordered 2 years ago for my AMAZON Fire TV will work for my SM-J737A?

  13. Leslie

    Ditto on Marcelo’s question:
    “Is it possible to use a hub to connect both the OTG and the power cable? Leaving the device plugged into the power AND ethernet cable?”
    I’m trying to find a way to charge the phone when concurrently using the adapter, as the phone only has one USB C port (Samsung Note 8).

    1. gogglebot

      No it isn’t, Ethernet does not carry power unless modified to do so and this is not going to work in this situation, you will try either the connector, your phone, or both.

  14. Bob Palmer

    what tablets have you tested this on? that way i can look for one of those and not be getting tablets just to find out they do not work with your adapter. i have all my cameras on the network but the table is still on the wifi and i have issues with dropout on the tablet. it must be overwhelming the wifi and dropping out. my cameras did lots better after i wired them into the network. thanks

    1. Rukbat

      If you’re still reading this more than a month after you posted it, the router will assign the IP address, gateway address, mask, DNS, etc. If you want to assign them yourself for some reason (like running the phone as a server accessible from outside the LAN), make sure you learn how that works first – then you’ll know how to do it. (Just assigning an IP address out of the blue – say the same one your PC is using – won’t work. With some routers, even assigning an IP address in the router’s lease range won’t work.

  15. Nut Head

    The TP-link ue300 ethernet adapter works fine plugged in via an OTG cable on my Nexus 7 running 6.0.1 Android.

  16. Annonymous

    Dear Sirs,

    Many thanks for the article…

    If my mobile phone does not have a ethernet driver, any advice on what I can do?

  17. Gsquid

    Hmm…. It doesnt seem to work on my poco f1. Does anyone have any solution?

  18. Marcelo

    Is it possible to use a hub to connect both the OTG and the power cable? leaving the device plugged into the power and Ethernet cable?

    1. David

      Yes if the hub can do that and your phone can do that too and if the phone supports the hub then this works.

  19. Darinka

    Hi ,is it posible to conect Lenovo TB-X103F Tablet with ethrnet.i have bougt rj45 adapter but doesn’t work,does not recognise usb device and my tablet does not have ethernet option only WLAN and bluethoot and usb conection.My adapter is Smays micro usb

  20. Vanessa

    Hi I tried all this and I also found a micro-ethernet adapter. It works perfectly on my samsung tablet but not on my samsung S6 smartphone which apparently would need to be rooted. Anyway, I’m giving up on the phone, now I’m just looking for another brand of smartphones that could be compatible with ethernet connection. Thanks a lot.

  21. Rogelio Nota

    We have several Samsung Galaxy Tab A T285 with firmware version 5.1.1, Will the tab work for this adapter?

  22. Jackie

    Hi, I have a Lenovo Tab 4 which i would like to connect to the internet using an RJ45 to microUSB connector. I cant get it to work and Lenovo customer support say that a wired ethernet connection is not supported – that the micro usb port is for data transfer and chargng only. However, the connector came with a driver disc. So, knowing little about how it all really works, do you know,
    1 – do micro usb ports have different ‘functions’
    2 – if is it possble to install the driver that came on the disc (I’m assuming it’s the folder ‘sr9700_android_2.6.35’ as that’s the only driver that has android in the file name, onto the tab 4? If so,
    3 – does it matter where it’s installed on the tablet? I have used ‘send to’ to send the three driver files, Makefile, sr9700.c and sr9700.h from my laptop to the tablet and when i search for them in the storage the two numbered files have been sent to ‘Development files’ . Ive tried plugging it in again using the ethernet cable but it doesn’t reconginse it (either in aeroplane mode or not).
    Hopefully, many thanks in advance.
    Many thanks

    1. Peter Keet

      On my tab4 plus it works IN AIRPLANE MODE.
      So: settings, airplainmode, switch it on, connect.

    2. gogglebot

      Simply copying the files across is not enough. The .c file is likely raw C code and the .h something else required to compile it (My understanding of C is limited). The makefile is something that tells a compiler what to do I believe.

      Your file explorer is not really telling you where things are, it’s just gathering them together based on the file extension (e.g. “.c”) and visually showing them together as “development files” but they’re all likely dumped in a default downloads folder somewhere.

      You would likely have to root your device to get it to work and figure out how to compile the driver directly on the device, it’s roughly what you’d have to do on Linux (which android is based on) though it’s interesting that there are drivers for Android at all! So that’s a good sign That’s it’s possible but as I said, you’ll have to root your tablet and do a lot of googling to work out how to compile and install the files you downloaded. (Perhaps one could compile it on a PC and install the result but you’d still need root) Almost for certain the files are intended for phone firmware developers to add the functionality but I don’t see why, given the proper googling and tools it shouldn’t be possible to stick it on any (rootable) device. Good luck! The XDA forums will probably be helpful

  23. Dian

    I have to view , where is lan settings? Where is DHCP settings, and where is IP Address .
    I connect usb lan to my xiaomi mi6 phone , and nothing happens- no internet.
    I expect to see anything app ,or anything seting , but you dont show this.

  24. Pinaki

    Hi, I tried to connect my Nexus 5 device using USB2.0 to ethernet. However I am using private network and I want to set Static IP address for my Nexus 5 device. So that it can only communicate within the same local network. I do not have wifi router with me. Is it possible ?

  25. James Robert Deal

    The question not answered is whether I could use this connection, turn the phone on airplane mode, and receive email, connect with the internet, AND ALSO TALK ON THE TELEPHONE.

      1. Michael Lind

        You could redirect calls to an VOIP phone that is installed as an app on the cell phone. That way you would still be answering the phone 😉
        that is what i hope to do, cause i get sick from Rf frequencys

        1. Diane

          Michael, does this setup work for you? We are in the process of some home remediation for RF, dirty electricity, etc and are going back to ethernet, only. I’m trying to figure out if or how we can still use our phones and tablets connected directly to ethernet. I see adapters for sale, but I don’t know if it’s as simple as just plugging them in. We are using mostly our phones, now, and have an LG Stylo 4 and a Samsung S9 Note.

    1. steve Wilcox

      James. Yes. you can do all that and recieve calls and make calls, its also very fast and emits no Rf microwave radiation. Even when not used a cell phone pings the tower every 90 seconds at a level that exceeds many countries radiation limits. In the U.S. and Canada we have an allowable standard that exceeds other countries by a factor of 100X. The non thermal health effects of Rf frequencys are not considered here.

  26. ahmed

    I have samsung Galaxy j7 and otg adapter and etherner usb adapter but recognized from phone
    what can I do

  27. Trevor Hughes

    With a PoE switch can the phone be charged using that adapter?

  28. Karsten

    Interesting article (and comments, too), thanks. The key seems to be that there are many brands and models of adapters, but few chipsets.

  29. Uday Ukidwe

    I am trying to connect GALAXY J7 to wired ethernet using TP LINK TL-UE300
    This is to get higher internet speed through wired RJ45 connector.
    No success so far….any help from any one ? Thanks

  30. AI

    Hi, my question is: suppose I have a smartphone for which all works fine with this adaptor and my intention would be to turn it into a wifi hotspot (wifi thetering is called, I think..). Namely, to use the smartphone in order to on one side, pump the internet from the ethernet network and on the other side prolongate the signal through a phone’s private wifi network, in such a way it becomes usable by some other devices …
    In other words make the kit: adaptor & phone replace, for instance, this: TP-Link Wireless N300 2T2R Access Point

    Would it be possible ?


    1. asdasasdasd

      That would of course work, but only if your adapter is compatible (which is an common issue).
      In any case, you can bypass this by using an old lappy, feed it with data through Ethernet and have the lappy feed the phone through a USB cable. Not sure if this is also handled by RNDIS, or by something else, but most phones should be able to accep its USB as a source of data (internet).

  31. John Beutler

    Is there a way using this cable to use my phone as the internet provider per say? I want to use my wifi from phone to feed a camera system to view on another phone.

    1. Anon

      Yeah most phones have a hotspot feature you can try that idk this will just share data and most companies have a limit to how much hotspot data you have (Some unlimited plans have limited hotspot) if this is the case go about rooting your phone and doing it from some way through there. There are many guides of how to root most phones online and many different guides and apps to help you with getting a hotspot done online just look around a bit.

  32. lisa lowy

    I am looking for an earthnet adaptor for my Samsung A5 6 Samsung Galaxy. I’m not at all technical and would really appreciate it if someone could advise exactly which one I need.
    Thank you.
    Best wishes, Lisa

  33. Ernest W. Masters

    Can someone help me. I can`t get any information about compatibility of the plugable adapter mentioned above with my timmy m20 pro from china.
    I recently contacted Timmy Mobile in Shenzhen China as well Asix in Taiwan about this issue, but i received no answer.
    I want to be sure before purchasing the adapter at amazon.
    If anyone has suggestions, please let me know.
    Thanks a lot in advance and best wishes.

    Ernest from Munich, Germany

    1. Ken Fisher

      Try the other direction. Look for information about your device and see if you can find out what Ethernet chipsets are supported. This is because the ROMs on devices are different and there is no easy way to modify hardware support.

      Some might not support ANY. Good luck.

  34. Gary

    Ive done this before the marshmallow update, glad to see native support.

    Btw. You’re not correct regarding the USB bottleneck. USB is 480mbps. However, the adapter is only “Fast Ethernet” which is 100mbps. You’d need a gigabit Ethernet adapter for higher speeds, however I do not know what chipsets if any are natively supported by Android.

  35. Manue SCano

    Thanks for this useful video, your test was with a Nexus 6, I guess.

    I have the same plug-able adapter, and others, and get Ethernet connection to my Motorola Moto G, Moto X Play and Moto X Style, (tablets xiaomi mipad, pipo p1 etc.) but I can´t get it working in other android mobile phones (eg. lenovo k3note, xiaomi redmi note 2, sony xperia M, meizu m5 pro)

    On Motorola, android 6.0, settings, IU system config. I have the new ethernet icon , you can see in the status bar when it is ethernet connected,

    My question is if you now other android 6.0 (or 7.0) devices working this adapter such as Nexus Pixel, Nexus 6p, 5x, Samsung, etc. (I know the android compatibility list for this device in www., but as I want to change my mobile phone I want to know if this will work…

    Thanks a lot


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