How to Connect an Android to a Wired Ethernet Connection

By | February 1, 2023

How to Connect a Android to Wired Ethernet Connection
If you have an Android tablet or smartphone and want to use a wired Ethernet connection, it is easy to do.

There are a few requirements.

UPDATE: While the below option still works for many Android Smartphones, there is a new, better way to connect to Ethernet. Using a Type-C Hub can add many ports, including HDMI, VGA, Ethernet, Old USB standards, and SD-Card port. Type-C Hubs also have much better compatibility.

Read Here for More on USB Type-C Hubs for Android Smartphones.

Android Ethernet Requirements

  1. First, Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 which was released in October 2015, must be installed.
  2. Android Version 6.0.1
    To see which version you have, go to Settings –> About Device.

    Previous Android versions needed to be rooted which is no longer the case with Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 and above.

  3. Second an OTG to Ethernet adapter will be needed.
  4. Ethernet To Android Smartphone
    OTG stands for On-The-Go and simply plugs into an Android micro USB port. It is mainly used to copy files to external storage such as a flash drive but also can be used for a LAN internet connection.

    The Ethernet adapter will transmit the signals over the network. These items can be bought separately or in one package ready to go.

    Not all the adapters are compatible with every Android device and should be verified that it works with your device.

    While most will not have any problems, the Chipset in the adapter and the phone/tablet must be compatible. Simply be sure an adapter will work with your Android device before getting one.

    Be sure to know what type of port your phone uses, old Micro-USB or the new Type-C.

    Most older Android smartphones use a Micro-USB port with the new Type-C port now on the Galaxy S10, S20 and similar units.

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Example Micro-USB OTG to Ethernet Adapter on Amazon
Plugable USB 2.0 OTG Micro-B to 100Mbps Fast Ethernet Adapter Compatible with Windows Tablets, Raspberry Pi Zero, and Some Android Devices (ASIX AX88772A chipset).
Example Type-C Android Ethernet Adapter on Amazon
UGREEN USB C to Ethernet Adapter Gigabit RJ45 to Thunderbolt 3 Type C Network 1000Mbps LAN Converter

Most Android devices simply need to be plugged in and will automatically connect. Be sure to turn off your WiFi to know for sure it is only on Ethernet.
How to Connect a Android to Wired Ethernet Connection 2017
Some devices require it to be in Airplane mode in settings and depends on the ROM.

Hooking an Android smartphone or tablet to an Ethernet line is easy to do, with Android Marshmallow or higher.

While most will not have any issues, the phone or tablet must have the drivers for the chipset in the Ethernet adapter to work.

Every manufacturer customizes the Android OS for their devices and may remove or add drivers.

Simply be sure to read the specs of an adapter and the reviews to be sure it works with your smartphone or tablet.



33 thoughts on “How to Connect an Android to a Wired Ethernet Connection

  1. Anonymous

    just fyi but Doogee phones have real issues with drivers and terrible support.
    v20pro will ONLY work with a UGREEN CM420 usb-c ethernt which is long out of production and not available anywhere.
    doogee will tell you loads of nonsense and then just refuse to help.
    (can’t track ethernet connections so “they” hate it on phones)

    if you want a serious phone buy a pinephone as they work perfectly.

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  3. Seth

    Can you make calls and text via Android while using an ethernet connection? iPhone has blocked this feature, and we’re looking for another option.



  5. Stella

    I have a Samsung A9 phone. It worked fine with an Anker USB-C Ethernet adapter up until around two months ago. A software update led to it stopping working. The ‘Ethernet’ option in ‘More Network Connections’ is now greyed out.
    Samsung have been very unhelpful and say they cannot do anything to help.
    Amazon have said I can have a full refund on the phone.
    Ideally, I would like to get it working with an Ethernet cable again.
    Is there software I can install or a different connector that I could try?
    Many thanks.

  6. Robert

    i use ugreen, can’t connect to poco m3 pro 5G smartphone.
    what should i do about this so that i can connect with lan cable…?
    even though in poco x3 pro can connect smoothly without changing phone settings

  7. Matt

    Yes, this works great. However – the moment the LAN link is detected I am no longer able to use my WiFi connection. I’d like to keep the WiFi on to connect to the internet, while communicating with a Raspberry Pi etc. via the wired LAN. Is it possible to use both? Thanks!

    1. Andreas Jansson

      When you connect the phone to a LAN port in your router (or a switch or to a network jack on the wall), you ought to have the access to the same network as you had with wifi, just more stable and at higher speeds. If the Raspberry is connected to the same network, either by wifi or with an ethernet cable of its own, to another port in your router, switch or similar, you should be able to communicate with it.
      There is no need to connect the phone to wifi when you have already connected it to the internet with an ethernet adapter and cable.

  8. mitrios

    I have ubs-c to lan adapter and my Honor V10 (with Android 10) successfully connects to home LAN and i gets internet access. But i need to set manual network setting (IP, mask, router, dns) to this ethernet (rndis?). How can i do that? Thanks

  9. Tobias

    Hi there!
    a network dongle with ax88772a chipset might help you out.
    Supported by most Linux dists. and even HPE ILO usb-port without drivers.

  10. vicolodo

    is this adapter compatible for Teclast T20?
    It has Android 7.1.1 (Nougat)

  11. Gary

    Ive done this before the marshmallow update, glad to see native support.

    Btw. You’re not correct regarding the USB bottleneck. USB is 480mbps. However, the adapter is only “Fast Ethernet” which is 100mbps. You’d need a gigabit Ethernet adapter for higher speeds, however I do not know what chipsets if any are natively supported by Android.

  12. Ry-Guy

    Whoever comes to this post looking for answers first know this. Your android device needs to have the Ethernet drivers installed to use usb wired internet. Second, the type of usb Ethernet chipset matters in the adapters you buy. Some phones are compatible with different chipsets. It’s good to see before you buy an adapter if you’re phone or tablet is compatible.

    1. Lee

      Can you let me know what USB Ethernet adapter is compatible with Android tablets and phones.

    2. Kim

      where do you download the Ethernet drivers from? How do you know what type of usb Ethernet chipset ph has?

  13. Marissa

    Can I connect my Note5 to my computer to use my phones internet to connect to my VPN?

  14. João P Ferreira

    Can it be used with POE to charge the phone at the same time?
    I want to use for a wall tablet, wherein the cable charges and gives fast internet access

    1. David

      There a adapters for this which provide both Ethernet and power to your device. Make sure the adapter is compatible with your tablet.

        1. Jop

          I want to charge a Samsung a7 tablet and use ethernet at the same time.
          What adapter do you recomend?

  15. Sheila

    Doesn’t work on my Samsung Galaxy S5 – so frustrating, and can’t work out why?

    Anyone know?

    1. Robin

      As far as I’m aware, Samsung does not include Ethernet drivers and therefore most if not all Ethernet Dongle’s will not work with Samsung. It’s the reason I switched to an LG G5. It supports Ethernet with Android 8.0.0 . I also have an LG G5 SE with Android 7 and it doesn’t work. The Ethernet adapter turns on for 1 sec and then goes off. Not sure if it’s the adapter or the phone. It’s a Gigabit adapter so maybe it consumes too much power.

  16. Mike I

    Just tried it on Mi 9T Pro and it works great. Yeah, made an overseas phone call too. However, trying it on Xiaomi Note 10 Pro did not work, same adapter.

    1. fafa

      Hi Mike,

      My Usb lan adapter (Ugreen) does n’t work on my Xiaomi Note 10 pro (Android 10/MIUI11) too?
      Have you find any solution ?
      Thanks in advance,


    2. Dan

      I have mi9t without pro and it’s not working at all 🙁
      I would have loved it for faster ping in gaming.

    3. Toni

      i think you must activate developer option menu on your phone then turn on usb debugging,
      i try on my redmi note 10s it’s work great,
      but unfortunately i can’t set manual ip address (static ip) from ethernet cable, if anyone can help?

  17. Samwel

    I bought the adapter yesterday (USB C to Ethernet) and it worked fine on my Xiaomi Pocophone F1. Make sure to turn off WiFi and just plug in the adapter. The phone does not give a clear indication that the line has been connected to. Once you plug in the adapter, open a browser and you’re good to go.

    1. Boostmobile

      I have been trying on the Coolpad legacy from boost mobile. I brought the uni brand ubc to Ethernet but nothing happens help or more info please


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