How To Connect Bluetooth Speakers To an Android TV Box

By | May 9, 2020

How To Connect Your Bluetooth Speakers to Your Android TV Box
Connecting Bluetooth speakers to an Android TV box or any Android device is easy to do.

Keep in mind some Android TV boxes do not have Bluetooth built-in.

While most will have Bluetooth there are some that do not so be sure to check your boxes specifications.

Besides Android TV boxes, the steps below will also work on most any Android device.

How To Pair a Bluetooth Speaker with an Android TV Box

  1. Find the Setting Icon and click it.
  2. How To Connect Your Bluetooth Speakers to Your Android TV Box Settings

  3. Under Wireless & Networks will be Bluetooth click it.
  4. How To Connect Your Bluetooth Speakers to Your Android TV Box Wireless Settings

  5. The box will automatically scan for any Bluetooth device in Pair Mode.
  6. Blutoth Avibale Devices Zero X

  7. Set the Bluetooth speaker to be in Pair mode. Most automatically go into Pair mode when powered on, some have a button.
  8. Android TV Pair with Bluttoth Speaker

  9. Select the device you want to Pair with. Here a set of ZeroX Bluetooth speakers have been Paired.
  10. 111 Paired Blutttoh ZeroZ 111

After they are Paired the sound will now go through the Bluetooth speakers.

If you have problems Paring with a set be sure the unit is in Pair mode.

Most sets will go into Pair mode when powered on but some have a Bluetooth button, look at the instructions if unsure.

Most Android TV boxes will have no problems being setup and will be able to play sound wirelessly through the Bluetooth speakers. Sound should carry up-to 33 feet which is the range for most Bluetooth device.



7 thoughts on “How To Connect Bluetooth Speakers To an Android TV Box

  1. Khizar Zia

    I have a device Tx6 android box it has Bluetooth in specification but in settings there is no any option for that

  2. Malay Ray

    I can pair the 5.1 Bluetooth speaker but getting distorted sound. How can i fix the issue?

  3. Jay Tano

    You will have to check the specifications for your Android TV Box, since some have the feature and some don’t. If it doesn’t have the BT capability, the android interface on your TV box will show a Bluetooth option, in which, you can activate, but it’s a useless one.

    1. Rodney

      Hi There

      I have this Problem. My TV box has a bluetooth option but does not turn on. Could a
      Bluetooth Dongel make it bluetooth capable? is there a specific app I would need.

      Please assist as this is extremely frustrating.

      Kind Regards


  4. Grady Hill

    Even in pair mode, my Android TV box will not find my Bluetooth headset, which is what I’m trying to connect to it. What other fixes or methods should I try to get them paired? Or if my Android TV box won’t find my Bluetooth headset am I just out of luck??
    Thank you for any help you can provide.

  5. jim swift

    When I have my bluetooth speaker on my box buffers and freezes. Any ideas?


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