How To Install Exodus Redux Kodi Addon

By | February 8, 2022

How To Install EXodus Redux New 788

UPDATE: Exodus Redux Does Not Work with the New Kodi 19 Matrix.

Exodus Redux is a Fork from the original Exodus add-on that now uses Open Scrapers to search for links.
How To Install Exodus Redux Kodi Addon Overview
It has movie and TV show sections in a well laid out format.

It has been updated to use the new Open Scrapers with the old version using the Lambda Scrapers to pull in links.

Exodus Redux itself has not been updated in a while and is only compatible with Kodi 18 Leia but the Open Scrapers it uses are updated by other sources.

While Exodus Redux still works there has been no recent development. Until there is new updates it is best to use other top add-ons to supplement it.

Read Here for the Current Top Kodi Add-ons .

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Name: Exodus Redux Repository
How To Install Exodus Redux Kodi Add-on

  1. At the top left click the System Settings Icon
  2. How To Install Kodi 18 Leia Addon Step 1

  3. Click File Manager
  4. How To Install Kodi 18 Leia Addon Step 2

  5. On the left click Add Source
  6. Click where it says NONE
  7. How To Install Kodi 18 Leia Addon Step 4

  8. Enter the URL: and click OK
  9. In the next box down name it Redux and click OK
  10. How To Install Exodus Redux Kodi Addon New URL Step 6

  11. Double Check everything is correct and click OK
  12. Go back to the main menu and click Add-ons
  13. Click the Add-on Package Installer Icon at the top left
  14. Click Install from zip file
  15. A box will slide open find Redux and click it
  16. Click
  17. Wait for the Repository to download and popup at the top right and say Exodus Redux Repo Installed
  18. Steps To Install Exodus Redux Kodi 18 Leia Step 15

  19. Click Install from repository
  20. Steps To Install Exodus Redux Kodi 18 Leia Step 16

  21. Click Exodus Redux Repo
  22. Video Add-ons
  23. How To Install Exodus Redux Kodi Addon Udate 8 Step 16

  24. Click Exodus Redux
  25. How To Install Exodus Redux Kodi Addon Udate 8 Step 17

  26. Click Install
  27. A box will popup showing all the dependencies and add-ons that will be install Click OK
  28. How To Install Exodus Redux Kodi Addon Update 2021 Step 19

How To Use Exodus Redux Add-on
Exodus Redux scraps the internet for movie and TV show links much the same way search engines such as Google search he internet.

Kodi add-ons do not host any files they simply display links to websites found on the internet the same way Google searches for websites.

Since Kodi is a media player it can play any type of video format found.

Like all Add-ons Exodus has categories such as movies and TV shows.
How To Install Exodus 6.0 Kodi Addon Overview

Selecting a movie or TV show will search the internet for possible links and display them in a long list.
How To Use Exodus Add-on 1
Clicking on the top link Exodus Redux will automatically try to play the stream by going through each link.

Sometimes it will kick out if it does start again farther down the list.

If a stream buffers stop the video go back and find a better link.

Once a stream starts if it buffers stop it from playing and click farther down the list of links until a good one is found.

Also if a bad link is played such as the wrong TV episode or a movie trailer simply stop and find another link.

Sometimes a good link will be found quickly while other times it will be harder to find and require a bit of patience.

14 thoughts on “How To Install Exodus Redux Kodi Addon

  1. Janice Rae

    I get as far as no 16 and video add – on is not there on that page,I’m using a nivida shield pro that I’ve just purchased, I’ve allowed unknown sources.please help.

    1. Don

      Exodus Redux has not been updated in a long while and does not work with new Kodi versions. Install updated addons such as the Oath or the Crew which are working well.

  2. JinalBall

    March 1st….2021….
    Not happening…the message delivered (WHILE USING AN ANDROID SHIELD TVBOX)……. says “Disabled….For Security of add-ons from unknown sources is disabled”…
    —-That’s how far I get

    1. JinalBall

      I’m using Kodi.19…
      I have turned on my settings for using unknown sources… have since created multiples…
      It ain’t happening..

      1. Don

        Exodus does not work with the new Kodi 19. Use the Oath which is an Exodus clone that works with 19.

    2. Bella

      You have to make sure you allow Kodi to install from unknown sources. Go to system settings and under add one- be sure to toggle the ‘allow unknown sources’ option.

  3. Margaret West

    I can’t get Exodus addon to load on kodi on my firestick it keeps saying can’t connect I have put everything in correct many times losing the will to live now can you help please

  4. Loustrakos

    Drear friends..don’t bother yourselves with this addon regardless the votes it doesn’t worth it..
    Every month kodi needs attention and changes..
    Try..scrubs..venom.numbers (as stable and trustworthy as always)…and tempest..
    The crew is an awesome addon but in some windows pc s is almost impossible to use..

    1. Sesh

      It uses Open Scrapers that are constantly updated, those add-on are also good.

  5. Jasmin Prnjavorac

    Hi, i am just installed the app and want to play some movie its trying to played search for files and then suddenly doesn’t want it says doesn’t support the file. What to do ? Thanks


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