What is the Best Android TV Box USB Camera?

By | February 5, 2022

As Android TV boxes become more-and-more common in homes as a media center, some would also like to use it with a USB camera.

So Can an Android TV Box Work With a USB Camera?
The answer is yes, it can, provided the camera is compatible with Android OS.

Like all electronic devices, a USB camera needs the Drivers installed on the operating system to work.

Luckily Android TV comes with some Drivers installed and ready to work with certain cameras.

There is no list of compatible cameras, and manufacturers often don’t list whether they are compatible or not, so it’s a bit of a hit-or-miss if a camera will work.

If you have an old USB Webcam lying around, it will not hurt anything to try it out and see if it works with the many video camera apps available.

So far, it has been mainly Logitech cameras that work with Android TV boxes.

Below is the USB camera I have found that works with Android TV boxes.

If you find a camera that works well for you, let us know in the comments below.

The Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 has worked well with many Android devices, including TV boxes and smartphones. It is listed as working with Android 5.0 or above.

Many Nvidia Shield users have used it successfully on their units.

The Nvidia Shield support page has this to say “SHIELD supports webcams that have Android TV support. Logitech’s family of webcams offer this support.”

There are YouTube videos showing the C920 in action with a Shield and Android smartphones, so it is safe to say it will work. Smartphones and tablets must use an OTG adapter cable.

It streams video at 720p HD and has a built-in mic.
So far, I can only recommend the Logitech HD Pro C920 since it has been shown to have wide Android compatibility.

With that said, I did plug in an old Logitech C200 Webcam, and it also worked, but since it is so old, the resolution was very bad. The Logitech C200 is a very old unit and only operates at a 640 X 480 resolution; hardly the resolution needed today.
Android TV comes with built-in drivers that support certain USB webcams, so If you have an old USB camera, definitely give it a shot as it might work.

If you do find a USB Cam that works for you and your Android TV box, let us know in the comments.

As always, be sure to read the reviews on Amazon or elsewhere to be sure a unit is a good fit for you.

32 thoughts on “What is the Best Android TV Box USB Camera?

  1. Rick Hazen

    I use c920, the quailty is good but it sometimes hangs my android 6.0 system when using skype/google hangout. I replaced it with c930e, same symptioms. The other issue is sound quality, i barely hear it at 2-3 meters distance. not worth the money. I really want to find a good android tv box but still can not find it in the market. why ?

  2. Christian S.

    Hi, I have a Sony Android TV X957G series and my webcam C920 tried connecting it to each USB port but the TV does not recognize it.
    Has anyone had this same problem ?, you have solved?

  3. Lyn

    Just bought a Nexigo N680E on sale from Amazon for $75cdn. Hooked it up to the Shield & it worked “plug & play”. Worked flawlessly with Skype – audio comes through the TV – video including orientation were perfect. Maybe a second of lag, but that could be our internet.

  4. Mohammad

    Hi, I have a Sony Android TV KD-49X7000D model can any one help me out which web camera work perfectly for this TV

  5. Adhi

    Got old Microsoft Lifecam NX-6000 attached to Akari AX512 Tv Box. Using camera on system apps, both camera and microphone worked fine, but don’t expect too much from that old 2M pixel webcam 🙂 I tested it for Zoom, the camera worked but I didn’t hear anything from the microphone (?) I want to test it for Skype, but the app cannot be installed on the system 🙁

  6. Baker Mohd

    I used my old Sony CMU-100 camera and microphone unit that came with the TV several years ago. It is working fine on my mi box android tv; not high resolution but very acceptable Video and sound when I tested video call with son.

  7. Stuart Turvey

    Has anyone tried a Logitech C922 HD Pro and got the built in microphone to work? You’d think that the latest kit with an NVidia Shield Pro on Android 9 with the latest firmware updates should work no? Its a lot of money to spend if it doesn’t resolve what I want to primarily use it for …

  8. Adrian Palmer

    I have an old Logitech C920 Webcam. I’m using Zoom on a Beelink GT King Pro. My Webcam Video works fine, but the Mic never seems to work. I used it on Houseparty last night and again the Mic didn’t work. I unplugged it and plugged it back in again and it worked. Not sure what’s going on there!

  9. Aaron

    I have a tx6.can I get my Logitech c615 to work for zoom
    Cheers aaron

  10. Brandi Kelly

    How can I get Logitech 920 webcam to work on Nvidia Shield and what will be compatible to get it work ?

  11. Martin

    Logitech B910 HD works well with latest firmware update from Logitech.
    Getting loads of FPS settings for up to 720p video and more than 1080p Picture settings.
    All the above is simply plug and play after update 2.0.1.
    Running MECOOL BB2 PRO Android TV Box – Android 6.0
    Quality is everything.

  12. Kamal

    Hi There,

    I am using Logitech C920S and android box, however the video seems too far how can i zoom in camera in android box?


  13. Ruan

    Hi, I’m using a x96 mini tv box, connected the logitech c270 webcam.

    I’m use app called Zoom, it’s for video conferencing, webcam connects good & gives video but there is no sound, checked all sound setups/settings.

    1. Francois

      Hey! I’m literally using the exact same setup!
      x96, Logitech c270, Zoom – and no sound – well in particular, no microphone.
      Did you ever solve this??? Would love to get sound working.


      1. Nigel Healy

        Go into shield accessories and forget controller and remote and mic will work. It’s the mic in the controller/remote overriding the webcam mic.

  14. Nicasio

    I have a a Android TV BOX x96-w s905w and C920 PROHD Webcam,

    When plug the camera work fine but the mic no work.

    T have tried with skype o cisco webex meeting, the video work but the mic is not working.

    Any idea for the problem??
    Thanks !!

  15. David

    It would appear the issue is with the OS if the box. If your box is pure android is most will work. If it is android TV OS this is where the issue lies. Funnily enough my webcam that worked in 5.1 won’t work on 6.1 after flashing the OS. Bloody nightmare.

  16. Naren

    Hi Could any one suggest a really good Android box for TV available in India that’s best for the buck ?
    Major requirement is to use video calling app.

  17. Simon Roberts

    Hi guys, interested to know what software is used to do the video calling with? Is there an app or is it used within a browser?

  18. Brian

    I have a h96 pro plus and use the logitech webcam and have to use a usb audio device with microphone support to get audio from a external mic.

  19. Josafina

    I too have found that my android box is only compatible with certain USB webcams. I have heard that Logitech cameras work the best for the box, but I have discovered that my Microsoft USB webcam also works on my android box. I have about 4 or 5 USB webcams and so far my Microsoft is the oinly one to connect properly to my box. Just a helpful hint for those struggling to find a compatible camera mate for their box.

    1. erik

      Hi Josafina,,,may i know the exact detail of Microsoft camera that you have.
      Thank you so much.

  20. Sarat Mohanty

    Hi Team,

    kindly find the model no of our Android TV- IFalcon55-TCL.

    What we need is your suggestion for type of camera which would enable video using blue jeans conference calls.

    Expect a positive reply !

    Thanks and regards,
    Sarat Mohanty

  21. Christian S.

    Hola, tengo un TV Sony Android de la serie X957G y probé mi camara web C920 conectandola a cada puerto USB pero, el TV no la reconoce.
    Alguien ha tenido este mismo problema?, lo ha solucionado?

    Christian S


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