How To Install Kodi 18 Leia on the Fire TV Stick Without a Computer

By | July 2, 2020

How To Install Kodi 18 Leia on the New Updated Fire TV Stick
Installing Kodi 18 Leia to a Fire TV Stick is not difficult and does not require a computer or any other device.

A computer can be used if the main install method does not work for your Fire TV version.
How To Install Kodi to a New Fire TV Stick 2018 Box

The first method does not require a computer only an Amazon account to get a free App called Downloader.
How To Install Kodi 18 Leia on the Fire TV Stick
A free Amazon trial account can be used if needed.

The Downloader App is used to go to the Kodi Download page and get the necessary install file.

This is the most popular method and the most widely used.

There have been a few updates that have stopped some previous methods from working with the Downloader App method working very well.

The second method uses an App called File Commander which allows a computer to copy files to a Fire TV.

Installing with a computer is not usually used since the first method works very well.

Page Table of Contents
1… How To Install Kodi 18 Leia to a Fire TV Stick Without a Computer
2… How To Install Kodi Addons To a Fire TV Stick
3… Does Kodi Work Well With the Fire Stick?
4… What is Kodi?
5… What is an Addon?
6… What is a Build?
7… Should You Install a Build or Individual Addons?
Using a good VPN with Kodi is always suggested for privacy and security. If you need a good low cost VPN to use with Kodi Try IPVanish it has multiple high speed servers with no throttling or logs, along with an easy to use Fire TV Stick app.

How To Install Kodi 18 Leia to a Fire TV Stick without a Computer

  1. At the top go to Settings
  2. How To Install Kodi 18 Leia on the New Updated Fire TV Stick Step 1

  3. Go to My Fire TV
  4. Select Developer Options
  5. How To Install Kodi 18 Leia on the New Updated Fire TV Stick Step 3

  6. Turn On both ABD debugging and Apps from Unknown Sources
  7. How To Install Kodi 18 Leia on the New Updated Fire TV Stick Step 4

  8. Go Back to the Home Screen.
  9. Click to the left for the search option to come up.
  10. Type in Downloader
  11. How To Install and Setup Kodi on the Updated Fire TV Stick Step 7

  12. After typing in Downloader scroll to it and click it.
  13. How To Install and Setup Kodi on the Updated Fire TV Stick Step 8

  14. The Downloader App should come up click it.
  15. Click Download for the Downloader app to download and install.
  16. After it installs click Open
  17. How To Install Kodi 18 Leia on the New Updated Fire TV Stick Step 11

  18. Be sure to click Allow for the Downloader app to work.
  19. A notification may come up showing the Apps features and updates click OK.
  20. How To Install Kodi 18 Leia on the New Updated Fire TV Stick Step 12

  21. Click on the http:// address box section.
  22. How To Install Kodi 17.4 Krypton on the New Updated Fire TV Stick Step 17

  23. A box will come up Type In and click Go
  24. How To Install Kodi 17.4 Krypton on the New Updated Fire TV Stick Step 1818

  25. If this box comes up click OK
  26. How To Install Kodi 17.6 Krypton on the New Updated Fire TV Stick 2018 Step 13

  27. The Main Kodi Download Page should come up.
  28. How To Install Kodi 17.4 Krypton on the New Updated Fire TV Stick Step 2020

  29. Scroll down on the Kodi page to Android and click on it.
  30. How To Install Kodi 17.4 Krypton on the New Updated Fire TV Stick Step 2121

  31. Select ARMV7A (32BIT)
  32. How To Install Kodi 18 Leia on the New Updated Fire TV Stick Step 19

  33. The file will download.
  34. How To Install Kodi 17.4 Krypton on the New Updated Fire TV Stick Step 23

  35. After it downloads click Install at the bottom right.
  36. It will start the Install.
  37. Kodi will now be installed. Click on Open at the bottom right.

If Kodi does not show up in Apps after closing it go to Apps scroll to the right to See ALL and scroll down to find Kodi.
How To Install Kodi 18 Leia on the New Updated Fire TV Stick Step 25
Alternatively it can also be found from Settings–>Applications–>Manage Installed Applications–>Kodi–>Launch application

How To Install Kodi Addons To a Fire TV Stick
After Kodi is installed Addons will need to be added to watch movies and TV shows.
How To Install Kodi 18 Leia on the New Updated Fire TV Stick Step 24
Popular Add-ons include Exodus Redux, Venom and many more.

Add-ons can be installed individually or there is Builds that come with all the best plugins that install everything.

Read Here for the Top Kodi Add-ons and How To Install Them.
What is Kodi?
Kodi is a media center that is free to use and install.

Since it is free to use and can play most any video or music file it has become very popular.

It is also very easy to modify and change the interface and other features.
Does Kodi Work Well With the Fire Stick?
How To Install Kodi 17.6 Krypton on the New Updated Fire TV Stick Mach
Yes, Kodi works well with the Fire Stick.

It does need to be side loaded with another program since it is not available in the Amazon App Store.

While the Fire Stick runs Kodi its low cost hardware can limit it at times with many other options available.

Read Here for Our Picks for the Best Hardware to Run Kodi
What is an Addon?
An Addon is a program that can be added to Kodi to expand its abilities.

There are many popular Addons with the most popular being Video plugins that stream videos.

Read Here for the Current Best Up-To-Date Addons
What is a Build?
A Build is a pre-setup Kodi install that comes with all the best Add-ons and artwork.

Anyone can create a Build by backing up a Kodi setup and sharing it with other users.

While Builds are nice they do come with more code and artwork that can slow down an install on a Fire Stick.

Most will only need a few good Addons. If a Build is used be sure it is made specifically for the Fire TV Stick.
Should You Install a Build or Individual Addons?
While Builds are nice, since they come setup with all the latest Addons, often it is best to simply have 3-5 of the top Kodi Addons installed.

Builds always come with more code and artwork which can slow things down.

Installing a few good working Addons is all that is really needed and makes for a faster performance.

With that said many there are many good Builds that work well.



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    If you get a low storage message do a system restore make sure you don’t have photos or anything else you want to keep. System restore will wipe it clean you will have to reinstall Kodi but it will free up a lot of space.

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    Step 21: link broken
    Brand New HD firestick- we are trying to jail break it like our other firestick-, but when I reach step 21 nothing happens when I press the Android avatar. Any suggestions?

    1. Helper

      Same here – as others have mentioned, you can install the Kodi .apk file from ES File Explorer.

      So – I downloaded the ARMv7 .apk file onto a Windows PC, uploaded to a location that the Firestick could access (WD My Cloud) and installed it from there via ES File Explorer.

  16. Kevin

    Attempting to install kodi on the new firetv 4k. After the file downloads I don’t get the screen at Step 24. I get a dialogue box with “Install” “Delete” “Done”. When I click on “install” I get the error “No App to Handle this file”

    1. oconnk

      I received the same error, but was able to get around this by installing the downloaded apk through es explorer.

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      1. Honphinor

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          Use the Downloader App to Download Kodi, and Use ES File Explore to Install it.

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    it back on, is the Downloader not working?
    I have my Amazon address password in the stick.

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    1. Juni Perez

      You are “purchasing” it at a price of FREE. Doesn’t mean you’re paying money.

    2. Amazon is free

      You arent signed up for amazon. You are required to register an account. The purchase price is free. If you dont have an amazon account you will have to make one, which requires registering your address before you can “purchase” the free download.

    3. Josh

      It is free but you have to have an amazon account. Create one, it is free

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      1. oscar

        My guess would be your wifi connection has dropped out. reconnect and retry. Also could be that your ISP has soft blockers to protect you from the evils of streaming free content( sky, virgin bt sometimes do this). whilst installed without permission they are voluntary and can be removed by logging in and removing/ adjusting parental controls and security settings. also try clearing the cache in addon tools section as they can store info that says no streams when it had no connection. Hope this helps

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    I’ve added Kodi and the icon is on the home screen , but how do I get movies to play?

    1. court

      You have to load Kodi with content, it comes empty. There’s a learning curve. Ask any question on a google search, and you’ll find all kinds of help. Start with “getting Kodi set up for the first time” There are super generous & knowledgeable people out there who take the time and effort to post easy to understand help.

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      Go into apps on firestick & launch/open it & it should then be under recent, or go yo setting & apps then manage apps & go down to kodi & launch from there, & its should show in recent. If not go to apps scroll to the right to show all & all the apps will show up then find kodi & click the option button & click option to show first in apps… Hopefully that helps u

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    I have the two icons in the app section for downloader and KODI.
    I then tried to add on Exodes, Fusion and was not able to… so then I went to add on Ares Wizard.. It showed was downloading but then never exported the info.
    I do not know what to do next. Anyway of checking to see if the KODI is (or has been ) Completed on the stick? I read that you should not uninstall KODI, It that true? Am I able to uninstall everything and start over?

    1. Susan Carney

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    1. Jac

      Log into your amazon account and updated credit card on file. Your credit card may have expired. Don’t worry it will not bill you for updating.

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    My fire stick dose not give me the app ES explorer…. is there a nother way around? Or why my fire stick is not giving me ES explore ?

    1. Nelson

      Use the downloader application from Fire Stick. Do not need ES Explorer.

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    1. Jason

      Unless I misunderstand your question, what you need to do is this: When your cursor is on the line underneath “Enter the URL that you want to download” (see step 13 above), click the select button on your remote (it’s the middle or inside circle on the remote). This SHOULD bring up an onscreen keyboard. You can then just move the cursor around and type what is needed (http://

      This is how you’ll type many things on the firestick. Think of it like text messaging on a phone. You’ll bring up the onscreen keyboard when you click on the empty text line.

      Hope that helps.

    2. Bob

      Download the amazon fire tv app on your phone and it will have a keyboard you can use

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    1. J

      Firestick needs to be updated, then do a factory reset, then you’ll be able to download kodi all over again. I’ve been running into those issues with the first generation firesticks


        My moms fire stivk wont go pass the download part if she factory resets it. Dose she just staft over tthe steps to get kodi she had the old version but now she want kodi 17 help!!!!

  72. John Woodbridge

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    Following your method for Kodi 17.3, I get to the same point, ‘Preparing to run for the first time…please wait. then it returns to the download screen! I have attempted fresh install about 5 times and via ES and downloaded and the kodi site.
    Can you help?

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    I have tried installs of kodi on amazon firestick using several guidance videos. This was BY FAR the best I’ve ever come across. The clear step-by-step instructions are second to none….great job!!!!

  90. Brandy Cundiff

    PLEASE HELP both on my Fire TV and my Fire Sticks the new ones they just came today which is May 18th 2017 I can download the ES File Explorer then I can download Kodi but once I open Kodi it brings up all of the options such as shown in the picture but each of the icons the windows Linux Mac OS Android all of those things have nothing underneath them therefore I cannot go to the ARM. Do you know how to fix this issue or what is going on. It’s all that it’s doing it with both my Fire TV as well as the new Fire Sticks. Thank you for your help in advance period once I can get to the ARM I can follow the directions from there but I can’t even see those options 🙁

    1. Joshua

      Go to the link for old releases, then click Android, then ARM, then click on the newest, as of now it’s from March.

    2. Ashlee

      Im having the exact same issue! And then i get a “unsupported browser link” message when i try the “open in browser” tab!

      1. feyjga

        I had the same issue.
        I downloaded the file with my laptop. Then i shared the directory with the files. After this you go to ES and connect to the laptopshare. Now you can choose the file and install it.

  91. cj christian

    You are awesome!!! Tremendous video!!! I know nothing and you walked me thru it!!!

  92. Annie

    Hi all, please can anyone help….I have watched loads of videos on how to put kodli on the fire stick I tried through es..file …downloader, I get kodi on fully and I can even get a build, but I can’t get any open links or streams on anything exodus salts velocity Zen….same message ..on all no stream available no links..i have gone through tools and removed as suggested but still nothing….is it to do with my connection …I don’t have a vpn..

    1. KodiIsKing

      I have a similar issue, I do not see any movies on search or in any of the categories. This is in Zen and Exodus. MP3 Stream works…

  93. Matt Teague

    This was a great instructional!!! Work fantastic thank you

  94. Paul

    Hey thanks a lot, i bought a new fire stick and it wouldnt download, install couldnt highlight the android etc, tried apps to fire etc, came across your video instructions and bang- sorted. Nice one.

  95. Chip

    Everything was great except for I cant seem to play any content. Any suggestions?

  96. Ken

    Thank you so much your instructions were right on my question is iif I get a add on your provided will I still have my build?

  97. Tom Smith

    I have accidentally removed Kodi from my amazon fire stick via the remote control. Is there a easier way to install it back on or do I need to follow all these instructions
    Thank you

  98. Charlie

    I had tried four other jailbreak instructions and all four had different steps. I was getting tired and ready to give up when I came across this one , I figured I would give it a try . The instructions were very clear , she spoke slow enough that you did not have to back the video up every two seconds. I followed it step by step and every one was right on the money. Try this one and you will not be sorry.

  99. Steph

    Thank you followed every step and got it to work. Thank you again

  100. newzeaman

    I made it to step 12, but there are only the various icons (linux, apple, android, etc) but no visible links below each icon to highlight or select?? It looks slightly different than the screen shot, but basically the same. Am I in the wrong place? Should I try and reload kodi? And if I ever see links below the icons am I suppose to choose the android ARM?

    1. Katie

      I’m having the same problem! Did you ever figure it out?

    2. scott

      had same problem. watch video on top of this page. she shows you how to download “downloader”. this app has a cursor that you use to click on the android icon.

    3. D

      I had to go to Older Versions> Andrioid/ > and only the 16.1 apk would download and install for me

  101. Ayesha Miles

    Thank you so very much for your help. I was gonna be charged $30 to get my firestick broken. It was super easy and you explain in great detail! You are such a big help girl!!! 😃🙋👍💗

  102. Gary

    I got as far as installing Kodi. Then it gives me the option to open. When I go to open it shows the new Kodi screen, then it says “clearing cache” then “preparing first run” then it goes back to the downloader.

  103. Ricky Shaw

    Many thanks to the provider of the walkthrough tutorials. I have messing around with upgrades and builds since Feb 2017. I don’t know how to code but it sounds challenging. Anyway to those who have problems with Kodi …. Go back and start over.😯

  104. Jan

    Getting message
    ‘Text File for builds not formated correctly’

    Cannot see any Krypton Builds

  105. Pam B.

    Thank you so much for your clear and concise instructions! I would hedge never figured it out without your directions.

  106. Kelly Embert

    THANK YOU!!! I previously had this jailbroken for my mother and father before my mother decided to update the system and cause Kodi to fail. This was so easy to follow and works great. I really appreciate you posting this. Thank you again!!!

  107. Beulah

    Purchased fire stick. Says will not open in browser. Please help

  108. Damien

    Im trying to upgrade and I get the kodi webpage to install it and my Amazon remote won’t let me click on any of the platforms to install it! I see a yellow box on all the things I can click on on the website, but I get down to the platforms and it won’t click/highlight them?? Please help!!!!! Someone!

  109. Gail M

    This was a fantastic video…thank you SO much! Can’t wait to try it out!

  110. Mike R

    Has ANYONE figured out why 17.1 won’t load after being installed after this new Amazon update? I was running 17.1 beta, then the Amazon update came last night so I updated to the stable version of 17.1 but now my firestick won’t start Kodi…i got the “initial load” message but then it goes to a black screen. I’d really rather NOT delete and reinstall…i had a really nice customized install of Titan and I don’t want to have to redo it all…even with the Titan backups I’ve saved.

    Anyone figure this out yet?

    1. Sallyf

      This happened to me when I deleted cache. I went into Es explorer, favorites, kodi, download original kodi DL. Came back. Been working ever since

  111. Ron Andrews

    Oh God that was fantastic….it was your soothing voice that got me through this!
    Thank You

  112. me

    old stick, make favorite use http://
    open in browser if needed

    new stick use troy instructions and ‘downloader’

  113. Tina

    It was successful for me however I can not figure out a way to save the app quick link to my home page. I have to go to my settings > manage installed apps > Kodi and launch how do I just have it on the main home screen?

  114. Vance

    Thank you so much! I’m new to Firestick, Android, and Kodi. Could not have done it without you!

  115. Delon

    Perfect option for anyone that was using complete kodi setup before it stopped working for the new version of kodi 17. Great job

  116. Tracy G. Buenrostro

    Just wanted to say thank you so much for posting it saved me a lot of money I didn’t really have to pay someone else to do it so thank you.

  117. Danny

    Hi, help anyone. I thought the video was great and very easy to follow, although something went wrong as it`s not installed. I got to the page where the three dots were highlighted to clear the cache, packages & thumbnails, then after clicking the build menu option, there was no builds in the build menu, the page only showed 4 lines.
    Kodi Version: 17.1
    Save Data Menu
    Long line like this ================
    Text file for builds not formated correctly.
    Any help would be appreciated.


  118. Thomas T5

    This video was awesome, perfect directions even a two year old could follow this. Thank you very much.

  119. Sally

    For people who can’t click on the Android icon:
    – scroll down the webpage until you see the section ‘Older Releases’
    – at the end of the paragraph, ‘here’ is clickable
    – everything after is clickable, you just need to decide which release you need
    – I went to android/arm/old/
    – here you can find the Jarvis 16.1 releases that seem to be recommended

    1. Jessica

      Using your directions, you can go to android, arm, kodi 17.1 🙂 thank you!

    2. Shani

      I’m using the original fire stick. I Went to the older releases as recommended and it’s still not letting me click on it. Any ideas?

    3. newzeaman

      Thank you! Was starting to get worried. I wasn’t able to do 17.1 (but hopefully 16.1 will work)

  120. michelle

    I just watched the entire video and did every step including adding the build. I don’t like the build and need to know how to restore to default. Anyone know how to do it? Please help!

  121. Lisa

    Use to have version 16.1 now updated to 17 but having problems still watching movies like get out (still cam copy) but can get newer movies are fine any tips please.

  122. george foreman

    To remove the bubble at right side
    es file explorer and settings, remove notification bubble

  123. Coops29

    This is seriously the most helpful how too on the internet. I’ve been trying to get kodi on my firestick ALL DAY! Seriously, this is the only you tube video that got me there. Thank you so much!


    Get as far as clicking on the Android app but there is no ARMfile link below it All is shows is Android. The GooglePlay or APK Arm install is missing so there is nothing to click on. Please help – don\t know what to do now

  125. Michael McCurrie

    I get as far as trying to download kodi, but the Web page it brings me to istop not showing any download links. Only the different sources. How do I get the file links to appear?

  126. Dave

    Did Kodi redesign their webpage? I can’t click on the android icon to download ARM. I can if I use a PC but on fire stick.

  127. Karyn tighe

    Brand new firetv with alexa. Can’t access android version to download kodi.

  128. Bailey

    After step 10, entering https:// and navigating to kodi for step 11, instead of being brought to the download page, I’m receiving an error that says “the page you are looking for cannot be found”. I have also tried “http://…” – does anyone know what to do?

    1. Andi

      I’m having a similar problem but after step 10 it takes me to a promo type page for kodi that says “join millions using kodi” & won’t let me scroll for android icon?

      1. The Frenchman

        Your issue is my issue. I can’t cluck the Android icon.

        1. ruth scott

          For this to work, I had to install the downloader and type exactly the same into the browser there. I then put the circle over Arm64bit, clicked it and the kodi download started then I installed it from files on left hand side. Hope this helps

  129. Tuty

    I can’t find kodi 16.1 Jarvis, all the ones I have are 16.0.. I refreshed it to see if I get the 16.1 but nothing.

  130. Dan

    I have the latest fire tv box, just got it today. Did everything exactly like you showed, I get the page you are looking for cannot be found. Any ideas on how to fix this?

  131. Deb

    When I tried to download webpage.. could not be loaded because,,…. net::err_connection_refused. What would I do. This is for Alexa Vic, 802.11ac memo wifi, 1080p he, quad core. Is this amazon fire stick not jail breakable?

  132. Cicily

    I do not have a fire stick. I only have the new firetv. So are there any new directions that you can give people who don’t have the stick? I really would like your help. Thanks.☺️

  133. Jon

    Everything worked perfectly with the current (at least for me) Krypton 17.1 version of Kodi. Like a couple other people have said, there is a little bubble that appears on the right side of the screen in Exodus. Is there any way to get rid of it!? If not then it can definitely be lived with, but it would be nice if it was gone. Any help would be awesome, thanks!

  134. sandra fairman

    after i installed kodi exodus and fusion i still cant watch anything without signing up signing in or pay some dues what else do i need to do so i dont have to pay for all those apps?

  135. Kasy

    I’m trying to add new file source (Fusion) to Kodi, but it keeps giving me error: “Couldn’t retrieve directory information. This could be due to the network not being connected. Would you like to add it anyway?” I click on NO and ensure that the URL is entered correctly, and it is. I click OK again, and it just goes to the File Manager screen and acts as if Fusion is loaded fine.

    If I go ahead and go to Add-Ons > Install from Zip File and choose Exodus, it installs. However, if I click on Install from Repository, next, and try installing Exodus, it gives me the message: “the dependency on script.module.metahandler version.”

    Subsequently, it’s also not letting me go into any repository, even the Kodi Add-on repository.
    This is installed on a brand new Amazon Fire Stick – just bought it today – and I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling Fusion, Kodi, and resetting the firestick. My internet is working fine and Kodi works fine on my laptop.

    Any thoughts on what may be going on?

    1. Kasy

      I figured it out; well, I at least got it installed. It wasn’t working with the new Krypton version. I installed Jarvis and it worked perfectly!

  136. Paul

    When I load Kodi I get this Message which says “Your library is currently empty. In order to populate it with your personal media,”………..

  137. Kim

    I got all the way to the end, and instead of Kodi being installed I am getting a message of App not installed. All instructions were followed step by step as laid out. What do I do now?

    1. Ray

      Hi Kim I’m having the same problem did you figure it out??

  138. Dave Rusch

    Followed instructions to the letter. After completing all the steps I clicked on my Kodi icon and all I get is a blank screen. Help?

    1. Brian McCarthy

      I have the same issue. Everything loads, then starts to fire up for first time use, then the screen just goes black and nothing happens.

    2. Andy

      Open Es explorer click on the android robot with the word app and click to open click to kodi and click to open. Permission will open go to full network access and click it

      1. Jane

        I can find this, but none of the options are highlighted, so I can’t click on full access network.
        What do I do now?

  139. Nat

    When i get to Kodi, all i have is Kodi v17.1 “Krypton” version. There is no Jarvis. Suggestions?

  140. Bob s

    I just received the new fire tv stick. Followed all you structions got to install to zip file went to fusion then click begin here and only one line came up plug in indigo 1.0.2zip. I can’t got to wizard. What should I do ?

      1. marsh

        Load Indigo. It’s the new configuration wizard. Works well.

  141. Bea

    Current release: Kodi v17.1 “Krypton” Release Candidate.

    Will this hack work for “Kodi v17.1 ‘Krypton’ Release’ “

  142. Sally McDaid

    Installed both, but it just asks for files videos etc…. should I have done something else so I can see tv, netflix etc options….? many thanks

    1. sal

      same issue thinking i made a mistake in buying fire stix. seems to be a big waste of money.

  143. Michael Washington

    I also got kodi 17 and don’t have install from zip. I am stuck and dont know if anything works. I need some assistance that would be appreciated. Thanks

  144. Artie

    I got kodi 17 loaded on newer stick works great. Only thing is i now how small circle on right side in middle is there a way to remove that cirlce in settings or something? Thanks

    1. Alex

      I have the same little circle on the right side. Did you figure out how to get rid of it. Or am I stuck with it?

      1. Bernie Allan

        Its in the config of es explorer. Something like, disable annoying little widget

  145. Edna

    To find Jarvis 16.1 you have to continue clicking Down through the kodi webpage. Towards the bottom there is an option to click an older version. in case you have trouble scrolling the screen With the remote, You can open any URL that leads directly to any .apk file with es explorer instead of trying to navigate web pages.

  146. John schipani

    I can download Kodi until it gets to where you’re supposed to download Jarvis only problem is Jarvis does not exist on my Version I have 17.0 krypton. Please help.

  147. Terryll Bright

    I got kodi and my build on but it kept kicking me out to the Amazon homescreen!

  148. Jeanette

    I get as far as installing kodi the first time and when i git install the 2nd time its says it cant be installed. Could someone help me please.

  149. Kerry

    Works perfectly! Thank you! How can I add Exodus via Kodi to my recent file? A short cut would be great.

  150. Jesse Richardson

    Susan and Bryan,

    Did you follow step #3 and turn on the function that allows the device to install apps from unknown sources?
    Settings > Device > Developer Options > Apps from unknown sources

    1. susan

      I got ES open but i wont let me install kodi….says I don’t have permission to install unknown apps.

      I’m lost.

      1. Tom

        You need to go to ‘Settings’ and enable the ability to install from unknown sources.

    2. grltalk

      You don’t need to use ES FE on the new Fire Sticks. Use Downloader and the included browser. Use the TroyPoint instructions.

  151. Daisy Stotts

    Followed instruction word for word… worked great for me! ??????

  152. Terri Gonzalez

    I got to the last part of installing ARM….but I get a message saying it’s blocking downloads from unknown sources. I think it’s because of the update.

  153. Melissa

    Worked perfectly! I did have to open in browser as the instructions warned I might have to do. But it worked! Thank you for the easy, step by step instructions. Now I just need to figure out how to get the add ons I want and need!

  154. joan smith

    help….I have the program but not the movies; that the only way I can explain it…..I was following the u tube video and somewhere; actually when he named the path is where I got lost…can u help me??? Also if I erase kodi and the files that are there will that allow me to install kodi?

    1. Janet

      You have to install the add on as well to get movies.. Xodus is how you watch content

  155. paul e

    i followed those instructions but got a message “App not installed”.
    Can anyone advise why and what I need to do to install kodi???

    1. Sykgaiden

      I get the same message when trying to install anything. Someone said reset to factory device and then do it. Idk looking for alternate options before i do that..

  156. Angela Estlack

    If you are using the original fire TV stick and you want to install Cody where are the instructions for that install? Also, can you initiate the install on and iOS device or does it have to be on a Mac or Windows device?

  157. Woody

    I seem to have a newer version (purchased Dec 2016) and although I have made it through the fusion add on, I do not have an “install from zip” option in my menu. So I am now stuck. Is there a “newer ” how to video that addresses the latest version?

    1. Jerriel Hale

      Tried but keep getting error message cloudflare what do i do about that when https url

  158. dave rollinson

    hi I have done the following word for word but when i click to open .kodi i get the error that it is not associated with my amazon account? thanks in advance

    1. Bert

      I get the same message but that doesn’t stop Kodi from working. That’s all it is…a message

    2. Kym

      I got as far as clicking on the three dots then got a message that “Amazon Fire TV does not open browser links. try opening URL in the web browser of another device”. How does that help?

      1. ruth scott

        For this to work, I had to install the downloader and type exactly the same into the browser there. I then put the circle over Arm64bit, clicked it and the kodi download started then I installed it from files on left hand side. Hope this helps


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