How To Install The Oath Kodi Addon

By | April 14, 2022

How To Install The Oath Kodi Addon

UPDATE: The Oath Addon Is Currently Unavailable; Repo is Down

The Oath is currently unavailable and looks to have received a take-down request.
The Oath Kodi Addon Take down Request
On Reddit, Host505, the developer of The Oath, stated that the Github page received a take-down request.

It is currently unknown if another Repo URL will be available or not.

See here for the current best working Kodi addons.

A new addon called The Promise that is a Fork of the Oath is available. See here for how to install The Promise.


The Oath is a top Kodi video add-on that is currently working very well pulling in many free links.
How To Install The Oath Kodi Addon 2022
It has sections for Movies, TV Shows, My Movies, My TV Shows, New Movies, New Episodes, People, Tools, Downloads, and Search.

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Name: Host505 Repository
How To Install The Oath Kodi Addon

  1. At the top left click the System Settings Icon
  2. How To Install Kodi 18 Leia Addon Step 1

  3. Click File Manager
  4. How To Install Kodi 18 Leia Addon Step 2

  5. On the left click Add Source
  6. Click where it says NONE
  7. How To Install Kodi 18 Leia Addon Step 4

  8. Type in the URL:
  9. How To Install The Oath Kodi Addon Step 5

  10. In the next box down name it Oath and click OK
  11. How To Install The Oath Kodi Addon Step 6

  12. Double check everything is correct and click OK
  13. How To Install The Oath Kodi Addon Step 7

  14. Go back to the main menu and click Add-ons
  15. Click the Add-on Package Installer Icon at the top left
  16. Click Install from zip file
  17. Kodi 19 users click Yes on the Warning popup and be sure Unknown Sources is set to on
  18. How To Install Kodi 19 Matrix Step 11

  19. A box will pop open select Oath
  20. How To Install The Oath Kodi Addon Step 11

  21. Click
  22. How To Install The Oath Kodi Addon Ver 25 Step 12

  23. Wait for the Repository to download and popup at the top right and say Repo Installed
  24. How To Install The Oath Kodi Addon Step 13

  25. Click Install from repository
  26. How To Install Kodi 18 Leia Addon Step 14

  27. Click Host505 repo
  28. How To Install The Oath Kodi Addon Step 15

  29. Video Add-ons
  30. How To Install Kodi 19 Matrix Step 17

  31. Click The Oath
  32. Click Install
  33. How To Install The Oath Kodi Addon Ver 41108 Step 19



84 thoughts on “How To Install The Oath Kodi Addon

  1. Terry

    This addon is weird. It seems to work on some computers that have Kodi 18.9 but not others

  2. Brian

    I have successfully loaded kodi matrix 19.2 on to my fire stick but the recommended addon’s wont load and kodi reports not compatible with version, addons tried so far the oath and the crew. Are there any addons that are compatible and work?

    1. Don

      Old Kodi versions leave behind files that have been causing issues. Completely remove and uninstall Kodi and then reinstall the newest version.

    2. David

      The Oath was taken down, but will work if you have the repository installed.
      If you go to Wayback (google it) then input URL: “” you will be able to find the ZIP file and install it.

  3. bluefender

    i have opensubtitles enabled, but oath never seem to pickup the correct subs, but crew addon i have no problems with subs..

    1. Diego Harhuis

      i kept on click the install button and it installed everything after

  4. Glenn S Kessler

    New install of Kodi 19 on Nvidia Pro box today. When I get to install TheOath stage, get message “the dependency on script.module.six version 0.0.0 could not be satisfied”. Same error message for Crew add on. Help??!!

  5. Jason

    Strange, random problem: Lucifer S06E09 is playing as an earlier episode. Can the link be fixed?

  6. Donna

    I added it and got nothing! I had uninstalled then reinstalled from fresh, added Crew and Oath and have nothing in my video add-ons. Nothing works. Can anyone help me?

  7. Heliooso

    Thank you! This worked for me. Uninstalled Kodi, make sure you check the checkbox “uninstall personal files” or something like that and reinstall kodi from the offical website and follow THIS guide.

  8. Bhaaltazar

    Kodi 18.9 – Raspberry PI
    The Oath addon.

    It worked great until yesterday ( Oct. 2nd ) for like couple of months now and today I only get 1 stream link that is not working ( before that I got like 10 or so fast search everything working smoothly – TV Series Squid Game – which should have lots of links for example. )
    I did cache clean, turned providers off and back on, reinstalled the addon and still the same results.
    I am running same build and addon on my laptop and android and they both are still working fine same as before.
    Anyone has any suggestions what should I do?

    1. jose miguel

      same thing with me ..i don’t know what the hell happened for servers stopped to appear…only 1 server (direct) but doesn’t work

      same happend with other addons i have that stopped from working…Nole cinema, deja vu, fight club (i use to watch wwe)

      1. Bhaaltazar

        I actually reinstalled everything, OSMC(kodi) fresh install on new SD, Reinstalled The Oath and also installed URL Resolver – but still the same result – only getting Direct Link.
        Funny thing is when I do it on PC or Laptop at the same time I still get most of the links like before.
        It seems like it just skips over provides instead of getting links. Hope authors sees this.

  9. Cheryl

    Using Matrix 19….have an android tv so Kodi is from google playstore….have used it for years, minor hiccups, but now everything is say. Playback Failed….why……using Oath…….have uninstalled a reinstalled twice today….help

  10. J

    After HOURS!!!! of trying to find a build and working add ons for matrix. This finally worked.
    Its more simple than I expected but I am beyond happy right now

  11. John

    I have a question : How do I delete movies or tv shows that have already been watched?

  12. Ray

    Is there a way to add subtitle to Oath? Interested in trying to find English Subtitle to Korean Drama: “Crash Landing on You” Unless of course there are better Add-On for Korean Drama with English Subtitles

  13. Mimi Maruri

    I get a message Could not connect to Repository . I uninstall it and install it again and it is not working.

  14. Robert Straub

    first tried 19.1 and the oath and the crew didnt work, installed the oath on 18.9 and works perfect !!!!!

    1. Jason

      Yes this still works, I have just reinstalled on 18.9 kodi on a xbox one s with sky Internet fiber and no problems what so ever. Thank you unloader and to all those that upload for us.

  15. Gary Slade

    Is the oath working?I keep getting no stream ,no matter which tv show I try,it was working,I took a break and when I came back,nothing would stream.Anyone know what is wrong,I’m running kodi 18.1

  16. debust10

    Does not work on a fresh clean install of Kodi 19.1 on Debian buster.

    1. Way1

      Unistall kodi 19.1 and do a fresh install of kodi 19.
      That worked for me

    1. GREENFIRE88

      Yep I concur. I can’t pause a movie tho. But FF and REWIND are fine.

  17. Fred

    I loaded this addon and tried to run a movie and my antivirus app picked up and blocked a coin tracker virus called coindozer. I have never experienced an addon to be able to attempt to download a virus. I have removed Oath from my PC and will not reinstall it. Even though my antivirus detected and blocked I have still run a deep scan of my pc and I strongly advise the same !

    1. bo

      right click on the series episode and click watched in trakt. Then its marked as watched.

      1. Just1fix

        Do you get your list of episode from The Oath – My TV Shows – Progress or not?
        As I said no episodes been fetched from Progress. Yeah I know there are other way to search for episodes.

  18. Graham

    Fingers crossed after several attempts with other repo things Oath installed and is working Cool Well done from NZ

      1. Fredo514

        Je viens de le faire, merci pour ceux qui bossent dessus. Enfin un Addon qui fonctionne pour les débutants sur X96

  19. Darcie

    Stupid android box decided to ignore me and updated kodi to 19 again on me. After 3 tries I’ve managed to get the add on installed. I had to uninstall YouTube (which wasn’t compatible anyways) and delete all related user data. Worked like a charm after that!

  20. Grigorios

    Today the android kodi app updated automatically (without asking me) in version 18.9 in my TV box.

    Now Oath, Crew and Venom doesn’t work. I tried to unistall and install them again but the problem remains.

    Can somebody help?

  21. Leo

    New update does not working tv shows (series), please fix. Thanks.

  22. Jay

    Movie trailers on the main screen are not working correctly. It keeps playing the wrong movie trailer. And when I ask to select the trailer manually, the list of trailers are not relevant to the movie at all.

    1. Jay

      Also on kodi 19, no images show up for trakt widget shortcuts om the homescreen.

  23. Mark Galesloot

    installed the oath and it seems to work on Matrix. Provided a long list of the sources, the first few of which didn’t work, but eventually one of the sources work. i like that subtitles have automatically installed themselves, which had not been happening with Leia where I had to browse for a working subtitle set, despite having put in the addon which would apparently do this automatically. So Matrix seem friendlier to the hearing impaired.

  24. Nay

    I have installed the oath add on no problem finds the sources but playback fails!!

    1. Leartes T

      Hello, my version is matrix already, but when i install this addon, it says this is not compatible with my kodi version…

  25. Steve

    Hi, just like to thank the Devs from Oath on a fantastic addon. 👍 I was automatically updated on Kodi to the new Matrix and lost all my addons, so I panicked ( like you do) and so I searched for a good Matrix addon, and well, I saw this addon and I must say, its excellent, so thanks again to the Devs for all your hard work. SteveO.

  26. Zoid

    Removed 18 and all mentions of KODO on Windows 10 laptop. Loaded fresh version and Oath still will not function.

    1. Don

      When uninstalling Kodi be sure the box is checked that says delete all user data

  27. Kerri

    I had no choice with the update, it happened automatically and all my addons disappeared.
    I uninstalled the V18.9 and reinstalled V19 and the Oath is working now.

  28. venik212

    The “solution” of uninstalling the old 18 and then installing 19 is useless for me, since I shall have to re-install all the addons, and make all the little changes that I have made over years on older Kodi versions.
    Is there a way to save all those somewhere, and then load them into a fresh install of 19, ass I do in Linux– use Synaptic to write a text file with all the packages that have been installed on my system, which I can then read back into a new version?

  29. Kevin

    I was getting the “not compatible” message with Kodi 19 as well but after clearing all data from Kodi and starting fresh, The Oath worked for me

    1. me

      Just uninstall previous verision of Kodi 18. And do a clean install of Kodi 19

    2. JAMIE

      I installed the oath. Now it need a to be updated but it can’t, as it says. The dependant on xbmc.python version 2.25.0 could not be satisfied

  30. Brad

    Confirmed working on Nvidia shield with Kodi 19 AFTER uninstalling 18, fresh install from Play store.

    1. Cathy

      I have noviciate also and it won’t work. How do I uninstall and re install?

  31. Terry

    I use the Oath it on both Kodi 18 &19. It works well for me on Android and Windows 10.

    My biggest complaint is that it doesn’t handle similar named shows properly. For example I have both Antiques Roadshow & Antiques Roadshow US in my trakt watchlist. It only shows the US one. Same for House Hunters & House Hunters International.

  32. Brrr

    This is one of the few that supports kodi 19. I have used it once on my desktop just to test it, it worked fine. Also on kodi 18.9 on my shield,.

  33. Robert Montes

    Been using is it for a couple of days , and works flawlessly on Kodi 19.

  34. Bruce Carr

    Does not work. Openscrapers module version is incompatable, a dependency for the python version 2.25 could not be satisfied

    1. JT

      Same problem here too. Has anyone found a solution, other than uninstalling & starting fresh?

  35. Sidney

    The Oath installs and is working with 19 Matrix. For those having issues uninstall Kodi 18 before installing 19.

    1. jmar

      I did delete the previous version but now I get script.module.resolveurl as the issue

  36. rochelle

    does not install, the first item and the last arent available
    too bad this is the only one what should work with matrix

    1. Michelle

      Installed kodi 19, then installed Oath. Six is not compatible with 19, nor is the oath dependency.

      1. bo

        i use kodi 18.5 works.
        Uninstall the other version, and the appdata kodi folder should be also removed to clean.


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