How To Spy On a Cell Phone or Bug a Room

By | April 17, 2019

Cell phone spying tools and bugs have been around for awhile now, and used mainly by companies trying to get a edge on each other or private detectives working to get evidence of a cheating spouse.
There is no doubt the many uses of listening in on someone else conversations for any number of reasons.

I will leave the ethical implications to the philosophers of you.
Below are some popular spying devices and some of out favorite options.

Our Picks for Best Room Bugs

  1. FUVISION Spy Camera Outlet
  2. This fake electrical outlet sticks to a wall and hides in plain sight.

    It has built in SD-Card slot to DVR video with up-to 32 GB capacity.

    It also is motion activated and starts recording when motion is detected.

  3. DIVINEEAGLE Spy Camera Charger
  4. This USB charger has a built-in HD camera with a resolution of 1920 X 1080.

    It also has a built in SD-Card slot to record up to 32GB of video.

    It gets power from an electrical outlet so there is no need for batteries.

  5. Fomei WiFi Video Spy Camera
  6. This small camera from Fomei has WiFi built-in to easily pick up a feed from a smartphone.

    It also has night vision, motion detection, and remote alarm.

    The case has a magnet so it easily attaches to metal for a quick an easy setup.

    Are Spy Cameras Legal?
    The legalities of spying on someone’s cell phone or location is murky at best. Questions arise such as can an employer spy on his employees company phone since he is paying for it. The same can be said of a boy friend / girl friend relationship were one is paying for the others phone.

    Another example is many people spy on their babysitters all the time with popular nanny cams.

    The bottom line is simply consider that it is illegal or at the very least will raise legal concerns.

    I am not an attorney so I am simply stating every location will be different from country to country checking your own laws to see more about what can and cannot be done.

    What Cell Phone Spying Tools are There?
    The most common spying tools use a hardware device to bug a room, car, or any place it can be physically located.

    They use the cell towers the same as a cell phone to communicate back to a user. Each device will be set to a certain carrier such as T-mobile and need a SIM card to work.

    Prepaid SIM cards can be bought on eBay or Amazon on the cheap or simply bought at the store.

    After the device is setup with a SIM and placed at the spying location the SIM phone number can be called and any voices will be able to be heard.

    Some even have a camera to take pictures or stream video back to the user.

    These spy tools are basically smartphones with software that allows a user to control them remotely.

    Sound / Motion activated bugging tools.
    Some spying tools do not need a cell network to listen to a conversation but can be setup to record audio or video automatically. They begin to record when sound levels reach a certain noise level and begin to record.

    How to Buy a cell phone spying tool?
    Often sold as nanny cams or surveillance cameras they can be bought at any major online store.

    The one mistake many people have when it comes to SIM devices is understanding SIM cards and different cell carriers. Ever country has a different setup when it comes to cell phones.

    T-mobile has international service and their phones can be used in Europe and the USA, which is why many of these devices are designed around them.

    Sometimes though T-mobile service may be lacking in your area so there are other carriers that can be used.

    As you can see setting up a bugging tool is easier than ever and not that much technical Knowledge is needed. Simply working with the right SIM card for a cell phone carrier in your location is what is needed. Here are more such tools.

10 thoughts on “How To Spy On a Cell Phone or Bug a Room

  1. Midastouchrecovery at gmail

    Most of these cheap spywares do not really offer value for money. The IT firm I work with hires two ethical hackers from time to time.They mentioned they offer phone spying services. They are very discreet so I cant share their contact details here. I don’t know which one is the best cos both are always arguing and boasting about their IT skills to me. They always say putting themselves out there will blow their cover so they try to remain anonymous. You can write me

    1. angel wms

      I want to hear and see everything on an apple phone and I want to place 2 devices in two rooms in the house.

  2. Greta L

    Hw can I bug my husband phone without him knowing it and how can I listen to his conversations?

  3. inglomacia

    I want to bug a room without Bluetooth and listen from a distance from my phone I need equipments

    1. CH

      I want to bug a room and listen from a distance from my phone at anytime.but the memory can it be restore from a distance to clear the memory.


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