Best Working Kodi 19 Matrix Add-ons List

By | November 15, 2023

Kodi 19 Matrix is Released Which Add-ons Work
Kodi 19 Matrix is a version of Kodi with that came with some big changes.

The most significant change is the update to Python 3, which add-ons must now use, or they will not work.

Below is a constantly updated list of the best Kodi 19 add-ons that work with Python 3.

This includes video add-ons, sports, IPTV, Live TV, Program add-ons, and more.

Best Working Kodi 19 Matrix Add-ons List

Kodi 19 Matrix Overview?
When Kodi 19 was first released, only a few add-on were available so it was not recommended to update.

Kodi 19 Matrix now has many add-ons available so an upgrade will have many add-ons to choose from.

If Kodi is updated to the new Matrix, some add-ons will no longer work.

The add-ons are not working because Kodi 19 uses Python 3 instead of Python 2 it had used for older versions.

Until the add-ons are updated to use Python 3, they will not work with the new Kodi 19 Matrix.

We are testing which add-ons are working with Kodi 19 Matrix and will update here as they are found.

How To Revert Back to Olde Kodi Versions
If you do not like the new Kodi 19 Matrix old version can be installed.

Reverting back to Kodi 18 Leia can be done by uninstalling Kodi 19 and downloading and installing Kodi 18.

Previous Kodi versions can be found here at

Read Here for How To Revert Back to Kodi 18 Leia

It is recommended for Android users to turn off automatic updates from the Play Store.

How To Turn Off Android TV Automatic Updates

  1. Open the Play Store App
  2. How To Turn Off Android TV Automatic Updates Step 1.1

  3. Click The Account Icon at the Top Right
  4. How To Turn Off Android TV Automatic Updates Step 1

  5. Go to Settings
  6. How To Turn Off Android TV Automatic Updates Step 3

  7. Select Auto-Update Apps
  8. How To Turn Off Android TV Automatic Updates Step 4

  9. Select Don’t Auto-Update Apps
  10. How To Turn Off Android TV Automatic Updates Step 5

Official Statement from Kodi Team
Addons and Scrapers
Python comes in for some major changes in Kodi 19. Because the old Python 2.7 has gone out of support, we’ve finally made the wholesale move to Python 3 and ported our addons across. Much of the community has come with us, so, hopefully, your favorite add-ons will still function, but we’re at the mercy of third-party contributors to update their work.

Kodi 19 replaces the old XML metadata scrapers with new default Python for movies and TV shows; there are also new Python scrapers for music, Generic Album Scraper and Generic Artist Scraper. Binary addons in general get improvements to system documentation, cleaned up settings dialogs, and better help text.

Other Kodi 19 Matrix Features

  • Playback
  • Some Skin Changes
  • PVR and Live Television
  • Security
  • Platform Specifics



60 thoughts on “Best Working Kodi 19 Matrix Add-ons List

  1. John

    Fix your working addons it’s been wrong for a while
    Here goes
    No one repo does not work
    Same for kingpin addons
    Gen x and schwifty are down because no one repo doesn’t work
    Hope this helps

          1. John

            Using nvidia shield pro
            Just checked it
            It installs no problem
            When I click on it says
            I Know what I’m doing

            1. Don

              I tested on a new install and it does gives “Can’t connect to repository” but add-ons uninstall/install from a previous setup. Guess I got the dependencies on the previous setup. Thanks for the info

  2. Dan

    Excellent site. One of the only ones on the web that doesn’t publishes recent articles full of dead repos.

    1. John

      You can install repository but when you click on it
      It says cannot connect to repository

  3. Longshanks

    I have an Nvidia Shield loaded with Matrix 19.1 installed The Crew, he Oath, Tempest, The Boys. all worked fine through Realdebrid. Just recently the TV listings have disappeared the movie listings are still there and work.
    I am at a loss working this one out, I do have Fusion along with Indigo also installed could there be conflict between The Crew and Tvaddons as I have read about online?. Some advice please.

    1. Manu

      Remove Indigo and anything to do with the TVaddons. Any app you installed through fusion repo should be removed including the fusion repo itself. Always install addons from the original repos. The convenience to get it all from one repo is tempting but you will have problems. TVaddons is especially dangerous because they temper the original addons and Indigo itself is spyware. If i was you i would simply do a new clean install of Kodi. Start from zero.

      1. Cindy

        ? I have 6 fire sticks and never had a problem used Dr venture I believe now no having trouble with all is there uninstall reinstall step by step directions. For kodi on the fire stick

  4. suzanne

    why cant I get catch up tv to work?I have kodi19.2 but never could get it to work on all the others either

  5. evets

    What’s becoming sad is that even with pai”d accounts apps display hundreds of linsks but in the end, “No Links Found”…

  6. Bud

    What does “Remote Communications Server Failed” mean?

    1. Manu

      This means you have multiple Kodi instances running at the same time. Make sure you have only one instance running. If you have different Kodi versions installed on the same machine make sure to always quit the Kodi app properly before opening other one.

  7. Sebastian

    My dear, The Crew work on the Kodi 19 Matrix or not?
    I install repository.thecrew-0.3.4 zip and work the other video-addons but not THE CREW!!
    What to do?

  8. Romeo

    That’s how it is! The Crew Sports and IPTV is not working.
    Nothing works on IPTV.

  9. Steve

    Just tried the Crew and Revolution and neither one works with Matrix.

  10. Rodger B

    Aliunde now updated for 18 and 19 compatibility. s://

  11. d-_-b

    n00bs when you uninstall 19 and install 18.9 you must clear out data and do a reboot for it to clear all extra info then install kodi 18.9 and disable kodi update checker and fresh start if installed. and it wont auto update anylonger
    on sheild you have to click your user name and settings and uncheck auto update apps

  12. Mikeyp

    Kodi 19 keeps coming back on I lode kodi 18.9 and 19 matrix’s just lodes back by it self help

    1. Al

      In Android, go to play store and turn off auto update, where the account tab is in upper right corner in play store, tap that and click on settings, in settings turn off auto update.

  13. Rodger B

    Diamond Builds repo has been updated to 19. A small addon list but it’s a start at:

  14. Baccaraty

    From my experience, I couldn’t go back to 18.9 and had no choice continue with Kodi19, even I uninstall kodi19 and I reset my device to factory reset, even so, I continually get the Error “App Not Installed so I had to live with Kodi19, and worked with one app to watch my soccer games and that is enough for me, hope to see back my favorite app
    The Crew back to Kodi family, by the way there a good app, watch it yesterday call PlutoTV, great app.

  15. Dianne

    I upgraded to Kodi Matrix and whenever I try to install the addons Oath and Revolution, I get this error:

    the addon is not compatible with this version of kodi. the dependency on xbmc.python version 2.25.0 could not be satisfied

    I am no techie in the slightest but am hoping for some layman help THX

    1. Joel

      This could be late but try xenon matrix build it has Oath. sources is “”. its working in my kodi matrix I will try to look for Revolution addon

    2. Don

      The old data from other Kodi installations needs to be cleared out. Uninstall Kodi, if using Windows check the box to delete profile data and reinstall.

    3. Mario

      Scarica (SPMC) c’è kodiondemand
      Rising tides..c’è tutto il calcio

      1. Damion Tucker

        Is there any add-on for Jamaica tv?? Arawak is not working ANYMORE.. is there an alternative to carribean tv?

  16. Hermes

    My hard drive connected to Home Network just disappeared tried but couldn’t access it again went again to browse for it though windows network (smb) cant see nothing , my main use for KODI is a media player if i cant use it whats the use of the update ? hope this get sorted it out soon my developer team

    1. MX

      Try this, I use SMB to connect to my pc network and had the same problem. it worked for me.

      Oddly enough, when I simply put a single blank space in both the username and password columns after it asked me, it worked just like 18.9. Hope this helps some other people with SMB share problems after the upgrade.

      1. Michael

        Go to Settings>Services>SMB client.
        (May need to toggle advanced settings option).
        For “Minimum protocol version” change “none” to SMBv1.
        Kodi will restart to accept the new setting.

        1. Hermes

          thanks a lot mate i finally upgraded to Kodi 19 Matrix and your fix worked

    2. Michael

      Go to Settings>Services>SMB client and set “Minimum protocol version” from “None” to “SMBv1” and restart Kodi.

  17. damorsoft

    Just stay away form Matrix
    Network is screwed no addons
    19.0 is just a bad release!
    Not even sure if passthru works as the network did not work so no movies to test.

  18. Buzz

    Oath is working for me but can’t get Seren to work. I add my debrid and all for it but still says no providers available. Anyone have a fix for this?

    1. Neil

      You need to set-up Seren. Search Seren 2.0 set-up. Works brilliantly once configured

  19. Dj Tiler

    Thanks to wirelessshack for the info.
    My Shield auto updated to Kodi 19. Everything went black!
    Came here and installed Oath. Job done.

  20. Geiri

    Elementum works with k19 on my win 10 machine.
    Go to Elementum – Settings – Restart addon
    it works for me. Everything else is disabled

    1. Ryan

      Just installed Kodi 19 Matrix and says addon is not compatible with this version of kodi

    1. Heidi

      I agree, when searching for something Kodi, i always add wireless in the search. Good, reliable information. Great job people!

  21. Keith

    Tried to load Oath, however one of the dependencies does not have a valid source. “script.module.openscrapers” not available. 2/22/2021 Keith

  22. Eddie

    Kodi matrix 19 doesn’t work on my windows system.
    It runs like being in a remote session with mouse shutters.
    Can someone tell me if Kodi is working on this problem?

      1. Eddie

        I’ve tried matrix 19 on 2 different machines running win 10 pro x64 and have had the same problem on both. Both machines run it like being in a remote session with mouse shutters. I’ve tried everything I know to do with no luck. Any suggestions?

        1. Brian T

          Be sure not to install 19 over 18 as that seems to cause problems. Uninstall 18 first

      2. Damion Tucker

        Is there any add-on for Jamaica tv?? Arawak is not working ANYMORE.. is there an alternative to carribean tv?


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