Kodi Addons Giving Trakt Error

By | December 13, 2022

Trakt Error
Some Kodi addons are currently giving a Trakt error when searching for links.

This is a known issue with the Trakt Team posting about the issue on Twitter.
Kodi Trackt Error
The message read: “On Dec 11 at 7:30 PST, our main database crashed & corrupted some of the data. This is unplanned & we’ve been working around the clock to restore it. It’s a painstakingly slow process given the scale of data. We unfortunately have no ETA but we’re doing everything we can.

What is Trakt?

Trakt has been available since 2010 and is an application used by many Kodi addons.

It can be used in various ways but is often used as a database to bring up customized links.

When a movie or TV show is selected some addons use Trakt to bring up the links for the video.

What Should I Do If My Favorite Addon is Giving Trakt Errors?

The Trakt team is currently working on the issue, and will hopefully have it fixed soon.

If your favorite addon is giving errors, it will have to wait for the fix.

There is no ETA for when it will be fixed, but there are many addons that don’t rely on Trakt and are currently working.

For example, The Promise addon currently seems to be working without any Trakt errors.

If you have a Kodi addon giving Trakt errors, it is currently a known issue that is being worked on.

There is no known time when the error will be fixed, but the Trakt team is working on the problem.

Not all addons have been affected, with some working normally and others having issues.

Have you been having Kodi addon Trakt errors? Let us know your thoughts below.



22 thoughts on “Kodi Addons Giving Trakt Error

  1. Gary Slade

    Am getting trakt erroe 503 but still works,can watch movies but cannot search for movies that are typed in.

    1. Jon

      I found if you search the name of an actor in the movie then find it, it’ll play from there

      1. JustSomeone

        Me too, it’s the usual ‘cycle’ of things. Searching for “Star Trek’ bring up nothing but, -> actor/movie search for “Partick Stewart” works…

  2. Marc Westra

    The promise addon has the same trakt Error. I cant do anything with kodi nomore i loved this app or addon use it for many year and now i cant find a movie or search for it

  3. R Perez

    Hey guys I found somewhat of a work around. When searching for content, use the “people search” to search for an actor. Say for instance you want to watch John Wick, search for Keanu Reeves and it will pull up all his films. Then you can select the movie from there.

  4. Brash911

    The content I have on my add-ons seem to work, but can’t search for anything new..

  5. JP

    Dec. 16/22 — Can;t watch any movies and some TV series on my Android box using PROMISE! Very frustrating! Hope these people can get rid of TRAKT ERROR 503 soon!

    1. David Munro

      Constantly being asked if I want to authorise Trakt. Gives code but unable to enter in Tract desktop.

  6. Mandobrit

    I’m getting tract error 503 on all my tv and movie videos in each add on. Glad it was posted because I had no idea what was happening. Hope they can fix it soon. Thanks.

  7. Gino Fraser

    This is crazy it’s now 12.35am and I clicked on the promise add-on and when I click on the scrapers menu the pop-up showing trakt error 503 appears but still gives me the links which in turn loads up the film. Yet when I tried loading earlier said no stream available. Beyond me m8 but any input from yourselves would be most appreciated by myself m8 😊

  8. Anonymous

    Good to know. Trakt/watcht keep track of everything for me. Hope they can fix it and it’s not the end of the service

  9. Gino Fraser

    This is crazy it’s now 12.35am and I clicked on another film in the promise add-on and when I click on the promise scrapers menu the trakt error 503 pop-up appears then the provider runs it’s course then I get the 720p and see links. I click on the top link and the film plays. How does that work when the 3 films I tried loading earlier said no stream????

  10. Gino Fraser

    The promise add-on has trakt error 503 problem when clicking on the links

  11. Gino Fraser

    16/12/22 12.10am just tried a few films on the promise and when clicking on the links a pop-up appears in the top right hand corner says Trakt error 503. Was working fine when I downloaded it 2 months ago but never experienced this before. Any input would be most appreciated by myself. πŸ€—πŸ€žπŸ€žπŸ€žπŸ€ž

  12. Anonymous

    Seems pretty serious to me. Probably more going on that what we’re being told. I hope they aren’t done.

  13. jan van den eeden

    Yes, ScrubsV2 has TRAKT error(s) today but my series worked so I am happy.
    Thanks for the info concerning this TRAKR-error, it is very usefull !


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