3 Options for Cheap WiFi Extender To Boost Your Wireless Signal

By | July 1, 2020

3 Options for Cheap WiFi Extender To Boost Your Wireless Signal
Does your WiFi signal need a boost but you’re on a budget?

Below are some low-cost options to help give any wireless internet connection some much-needed bars.

3 Options for Cheap WiFi Extender To Boost Your Wireless Signal

  1. Use an Old Router
  2. Cheap WiFi Extender to Boost Your Signal
    Most any old router can be used to boost a signal.

    Some routers are better than others since they have more features.

    Some can install aftermarket firmware such as DD-WRT or Tomato which gives many more features and options.

    The upside to going this route it is basically free if you have an old router laying around. They also can be picked up cheap at swap meets, yard sales, and thrift stores.

    The downside is you will need to have some technical skills.

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  3. Use a Wireless USB Adapter
  4. Cheap WiFi Extender to Boost Your Wireless Signal
    There are many good long range USB WiFi adapters that can greatly improve a signal for a given device.

    The downside is they will only work with one laptop or computer and other devices would still be left out.

    This is a good low-cost option if you only need one device to get better wireless signal.

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  5. Buy a Low-Cost WiFi Extender
  6. Cheap WiFi Extender to Boost Your Wireless Signal 2016
    There are many low-cost WiFi extenders that can help give your wireless more strength.

    Some less than $20 dollars, especially if bought used.

    This is the best option if possible since an existing signal can be boosted for all devices.

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    The above is just some options to help a bad wireless network get better.

    If you have some technical skills using an old router is the best option since most will have an old router lying around, which makes it basically free.

    Even if you are not a technophile depending on the router it still may be something you can do.

    Every router has a different interface and options, but if you have set up a WiFi password or port forwarded a port you will likely have no problems setting up an old router to boost your network.

    If in doubt using a wireless USB adapter or cheap extender is always an option.

    Many times they can be bought used such as on Amazon or eBay.

    Do you have a good way to boost a wireless signal cheaply? Let us know in the comments below.



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