List of Kodi Addons and Repos That Have Shut Down or Working

By | December 21, 2017

List of Kodi Addons and Repos That Have Shut Down
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Read Here for Updated List of Working Addons
Kodi has lost a some major contributors for popular Repositories and Addons including, Ares Wizard, Smash, and Colossus Repo.
One of the biggest losses is the developer Jsergio who maintain the URL resolver many addons use.
A URL Resolver is what scrapes movie websites to get links that a Kodi Addon can pull in and display to users.
Without it being updated it will slowly stop working.
Jsergio Tweeted early that all development of the URL Resolver and metahandler was stopping.
List of Kodi Addons and Repos That Have Shut Down 1
Currently other repositories and Addons have also started to shut down.
All the shut downs seem to be from a wave of cease-and-desist letters from MPA & ACE.
The Github page for Colossushas been deleted. This means there will be no further development of it from the current developers.
Colossus Repo contained the popular Bennu and Covenant addons.
UPDATE: 11-18-2017: A new repository called XvBMC is storing Covenant for installs.
The addons will continue to work but will not receive any more updates. This means as things break they will slowly stop working.
(Note: If you do already have addons installed it is a good idea to turn off automatic updates until more is known. To turn off Automatic updates go to Setting–>System Settings–>Addons–>Updates–>Never or Notify)
Ares Wizard the all-in-one Kodi tool has also shut down due to a cease-and-desist from MPA & ACE.
Ares had become one of the best and most reliable ways to install Add-ons and Builds for Kodi.
Repositories Currently Down
Here are the Repos currently down. It is unknown yet which Repos will come back or not.
Colossus Repository Github page has been deleted which was the main source the developers sent new versions for the popular Covenant and Bennu addons.
Smash repository is down
Ares Wizard has shut down due to cease-and-desist from MPA & ACE
Alpha Repository has gone down after a threat from the MPA.
UK Turk’s Playlists Repo
Mucky Duck Tweeted he has shut down his Repo.
List of Kodi Addons and Repos That Have Shut Down or Working Mucky Duck
Soulless Repository
Origin Repository
Dandy Media Repo
Caz Wall has pulled most addons
Pulse Build / Wizard
Project D will be joining Looking Glass Repo (No Addons have been installed yet)
Rockcrusher Vortex has removed Special Events section
Addons Currently Down
If you have these addons installed they will still work. The Repositories they are installed from have gone down.
Fear of the Dark
UK Turk’s Playlists
Yes Movies
Duck Pool
Openload Movies
1080p Movies
Addons Currently Still Working
There are still many good addons with working repositories. Here are some of the more popular options along with links for how to install them.
Neptune Rising
Covenant New REPO XvBMC
Genesis Reborn

52 thoughts on “List of Kodi Addons and Repos That Have Shut Down or Working

  1. Lori

    Ok guys. I have very little knowledge about any of this stuff. My sister and I are both nurses who had to stop working due to injuries on the job and chronic pain syndrome. Her husband died 2 years ago, he was her only source of income. There are times the pain is so bad that all either of us can do is lay in bed. Without something to distract ourselves the thoughts get pretty dark. So 2 years ago I purchased each of us a streaming box that had Kodi pre-installed. Everything was great up until they pulled the plug. (I told you all about the pain not looking for sympathy but so you would understand why TV is so important). My question is, where do I go from here? Any help would be so very appreciated. If you could be so kind, explaining it in very simple terms would be great. I am thinking of buying her a fire stick in the hopes that it will be a bit more user friendly. I am paying for Netflix Roo there is that but we are unable to watch the current shows we like. Anyway, the cable/satellite/internet providers make everything so expensive that I am left with no other option but to steal their content. I hate doing it but what else can I do? Thank you for reading the novella I have written and may you be blessed.

    1. Terry

      Lori, they haven’t pulled the plug on Kodi. Kodi is legal BUT some of the addons weren’t. Most aren’t legal because of copyright infringements. Kodi is still far superior than Netflix or Roku. Even though a lot of the addons shut down, new ones go up. Just uninstall any old ones that don’t work and check back here for new ones that might interest you and the list of the top reliable ones here. I don’t have an Android box but several of my friends do and I help them keeping t up to date. I use Kodi on my desktop computer and run an HD cable from my computer to the TV. I have very basic cable so I like to use Kodi. I hated it at first but have learned it and am good with it now. It is like a computer or laptop. You just need to keep learning about things on it. Also, if you have an Android box with only 1GB RAM it will probably freeze up a lot. I recommend 2 GB of RAM. (Memory) Also no lower than version 7 of Android.

  2. Joseph

    Does anyone find it strange that some of the comments from the people who ran the sites and started them are saying stuff like, I have shut my site down and will not be making any more updates and then says and I am not allowed to discuss the details. That to me sounds like, hey you guys sorry but I got paid to shut it down but I can’t say that.

    1. Dwayne

      No, it means their lawyers told the not to say anything stupid that can be used against them in court.

  3. Finnell

    Yes it’s all a trade-off time versus money. I knew When The Fire Sticks and Android boxes became the hottest thing since butter bread… war was inevitable. I’m sure when the MPAA figures out a way 2 create some Revenue from our streaming practices a truce will be established. I’m old school… I come from the time of Napster and dial up… When it took half a day to get a CD… And if the user decided he was going to cut the computer off you had to start from scratch. Eventually, BitTorrent came into play and resolve that debacle. As everything else and this Multiverse in which we exist… This too shall pass!

    1. Vanessa

      Omg you just sent me way back. I remember we burnt our music to cassette tapes cause my house couldn’t afford CDs. Hahaha.

  4. ChevyVanRockin

    I’m super curious about those currently for sale on FB Marjetplace and Craigslist and Ebay…are they unaware or are the sticks getting our results? Any insight?

    1. Sean

      because they bought and paid for them in bulk and they need to offload them to make their money is all

  5. Glenn Condrey

    Probably for Indigo.
    Crossing my fingers…I’m down to using Mobdro…and Showbox.
    Just wait a bit…someone will prop up a new repository somewhere for KODI.
    Bring one site down…another will take its place.

    1. Ry

      On your browser on the box or whatever device you are using and go to google. Look up and Download terrarium TV. I used it a lot more than kodi for the past month or so. It has google video links and the interface is flawless.

      1. Miles

        I Love Terrarium TV, its better then Kodi in my opinion, haven’t used Kodi since I got Terrarium.

  6. a2jack

    Some US towns have free internet ,but for most of us, until an internet connection becomes a public utility like city sewer and water.. we are captive.

    As an old ham radio guy , I had hoped we could do a free internet via radio, but too late, the same corporate interests that control the entertainment business now control the FCC. No hope here.

    Until we find a nation that refuses to honer our crooked legal system, and is willing to host a big free server, it will just be “Whack A Mole” until they wear us out, or we all move to the dark web.

  7. lawrence

    Is terrarium tv in any kind of trouble? I watch terrarium more than anything else.I bought a powerful box (U2C X super) it is not Z turbo.I get absolutely no buffering or crashes. As long as they leave terrarium tv alone,I’m happy.

  8. Jeff Robins

    Kodi got too big and too mainstream. everything was great for years when it was just XMBC.

  9. Jf

    Wanted to turn in my Cable Box but they said if I do that, my Internet and phone would nearly double. So, they gave me a special rate if I keep everything saving me 65.00 per month. I’m on lowest pkg but can pick up missing channels on Kodi and other apk’s.
    They still have all the power because they control the internet, the only source for decent streaming speed.
    They know this, and they know why people are trying to cut the cord. We can cut the cord but they still supply and control the source for our streaming. Glad some good apks are still around.

    1. Jay

      The know about kodi but also is Hulu and Netflix as well that’s hurting their video services. People are getting smarter and are realizing the don’t have to pay so much for cable. I got rid of my 3 cable boxes which I was paying 130 for, now I ordered sling and only pay 25 bucks for the cable channels I actually watch.

  10. Hmm

    A major source of Kodi repo and add ons like the ones who have shut down is from torrents and binaries. Think about that for a moment.

    Also, don’t get conned into the shameless promotion of ipvanish.

  11. Crabby Patty

    This is the same end that’s always come and gone.

    Too many people tired of movie producers making millions and millions, charging more and more and still no end in site for their ridiculous charging – actors and actresses getting more money, same quality of crap out there remakes from originals that they raked money in for twenty, thirty or more years ago.

    Cable companies want their cut and inundate us with useless commercials that pay through the nose to get the spot, but those same cable companies, throttle bandwidth, charge exorbitant rates for people who only watch cable a few hours a day. Plus tons of crap channels that don’t meet the typical household of every diverse family.

    This too shall pass and those smart folks who made Kodi open source will find yet another way – like Napster, like Sharebear and so on ….

    1. Hmm

      except people are getting tired with this continuing interruption. the uk is going to extreme measures with their fear mongering approach…including the latest where they say to unplug your Kodi box because of fire risk. the fire risk is not limited to android boxes but all electronics… but they’re not promoting that, are they?

  12. Genosha

    Superrepo is down
    Noobsandnerds Repo is down
    Rebirth addon don’t install
    StreamHub don’t install

  13. Geonosis

    When all else fails, there are always google apk files that can be added to android devices.

  14. Tracy Burns

    Wow they are deleting add-ons at a fast and furious pace. The only good thing about that is I’m getting to know my firestick very very well and I almost don’t even have to look at the instructions to add on a new Repository. I’ve had my fire stick since early September 2017 and I have now downloaded Covenant for the 4th time. My only advice watch the videos then after you’re comfortable moving around in Kodi go ahead and just look at the written instructions on the web, have your automatic updates turned on and just don’t be surprised if it stops working. It comes down to the old question, do you want to trade your time for money?

    1. Hmm

      the better point is if you want quality and simplicity, you have to pay for it.

      1. Tom

        Simplicity I agree with. But not quality at all. I find quality streams. Mostly 1080.

  15. justin jackson

    we the people should help to fight back against corporate companies such motion pictures. we need to help as to the movie v for vendetta. the people shall not be silence to kodi is a independent from the third party add-ons . we shall not be hurt we shall fight back the URL resolver person needs to get a lawyer to fight back against the company for threatening him as to shutting down this guy needs to get his balls back and fight for is right against these people wanting us to pay money for live TV channels that most of them we don”t even use and they try to raise the price. we won”t stand for this.

    1. barthez

      yes i agree and every one that uses kodi all over the world should stop watching films at the cinema as they are making millions from films and 3rd party addons are not affecting there takings and every one should cut there cable package to minimum as there over priced and under used.

      1. Wallace tomkins

        I agree n u don’t need cable box to get cable just like in the old days plug into your TV the cable I get free cable as long as u have internet u get movie n reg channels like around 50 channels that’s all I need

    2. Vg

      I agree. These corporations call this theft bit what are we as consumers suppose to do? Sit back and feed the greed of these organizations as they make watching movies and television unaffordable? We do need to do something that would at least slow the rapidly increasing prices of entertainment. These recent actions against streaming are nothing more than a self serving crusade masked in the pseudo logic of protecting copyright laws. As aforementioned, if the entertainment available was a little more affordable then perhaps some consumers would be willing to cease the use of such programs. Too bad my request would only be possible in a perfect world….

      1. Alis

        $10 per month for Netflix is too much. We the people should stop staring at bullshit and live. If we want to stare at bullshit maybe we need to feed the people who make the bullsht that helps make us stupid and fat.

        I hate greed and unfairness as well but seriously are you kidding me?

        1. Joshua Hiett

          Alis, most people are not complaining that Hulu or Netflix are over priced we mostly subscribe to them already. We are complaining that cable is overpriced, that there is a growing trend for every network to buy into the greed and pull their content from Hulu and Netflix to start their own steaming service, subscribing to Hulu and Netflix is fine being asked to subscribe to every individual networks streaming service becomes excessive and unaffordable, take CBS all access for example they charge about as much as Netflix but do not meet the burden of having the value for cost netfl is has had.

  16. Goce

    Ouch project d is down.. Any suggestions for nba games on demand.. Another kodi adonot?

  17. Freddie Mitchell Jamal Brewington IV

    im still trying to figure out what they are talking about when they say the addon has gone down. ive used all of these so called down addons 2 mins ago and they all work

    1. Tomt

      The Repositories they are located in have gone down. If they are already installed they will still work, at least for now. If you try to install them on a new Kodi setup you will get errors.

    2. Danny Gonsoulin

      Your add on is simply a series of IP addresses that guide you to the repository which is an actual server that holds the movie you watch. As long as those addresses don’t change you will still be able to get your movie but if any address changes you will no longer be available get the movie and no maintenance will be done to repair it. IP addresses which are assigned by every router between you and the server can change because of many factors. Simply rebooting a router could change an IP address and cause it to go down.

  18. bill

    The page for Bennu is completely gone, so nothing to see if you wanted too.. I knew this day, was coming when Kodi firestick went mainstream. Can you imagine all the people who just ordered firesticks from Ebay sellers?? I mean they all all going request a refund, because they aren’t going to be able to see anything they advertised on Ebay.

    1. Marlon

      There’s multiple forks for Covenant, Poseidon is one and a very good one, better than Covenant in my opinion. Use it instead.

  19. Shannanna

    Indigo configuration was always good for refresh sites but has shut down, I wonder is this the beginning of the end?


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