Our Picks for Best Network Ethernet RJ45 Cable Testers 2021

By | May 4, 2021

Best Network Ethernet RG45 Cable Testers
Ethernet RJ45 cable is used in many homes and businesses to carry data.

Wireless is also a good option but is prone to errors and the speeds are often much slower compared to Ethernet.

Running Ethernet is also much more secure as data can not be picked up as it can with wireless.

After Ethernet is installed throughout a home or business tracking which cable goes to which room or finding a bad connection can be difficult.

This is a task that is made easy with a good network Ethernet RJ45 cable tester.

What is a Network RJ45 Ethernet Tester?
A network RJ45 Ethernet tester can help to troubleshoot problems in a line as well as track down a wire.

Network testers will have different features such as a toner which makes a noise on a single Ethernet line.
Best Network Ethernet RG45 Cable Tester
A unit with a toner can connect to one side of a line and beep when close to the other side, tracking down a connection.

Using a network RJ45 tester makes working with Ethernet much easier.

There are many available with some of our favorite picks below.

As always be sure to read the review on Amazon, forums, or elsewhere to be sure a unit is the right pick for you.

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Our Picks for Best Network Ethernet RJ45 Cable Testers 2021

  1. ELEGIANT LAN Network Cable Tester
  2. Wire Tracker RJ11 RJ45 Cable Toner Line Finder Multifunction Wire Tracer Ethernet LAN Network Cable Collation Telephone Line Tester Continuity Checking with RJ11 Adapter, Toolkit, eBook

    The ELEGIANT is a multi-function tester for those on a budget.
    Best Network Etherent Tester 111
    It has many features including network, scan, tone, continuity, and more.

    If you are professional another unit will no doubt be better as this is built for a homeowner needing to do some basic network cable test.

    The kit comes with everything needed to trace down an Ethernet run and test a cable for a short or open.

    While low-cost it does work well enough tracking down lines in other rooms or broken runs that need patched or replaced.

  3. Fluke Networks IntelliTone Pro 200
  4. Fluke Networks MT-8200-60-KIT IntelliTone Pro 200 Toner and Probe Kit, IntelliTone Probe and Toner Kit

    Fluke makes many good network tools and is one of the top manufactures for professional network testers.

    The IntelliTone Pro 200 is one such toner and probe kit that makes tracing down a line easy.
    Best Network Ethernet RG45 Cable Testers IntelliTone Pro 200
    The kit comes with an RJ45 breakout that quickly hooks up and puts a signal on an Ethernet line.

    The unit is easy to use with an audible beep and led light that gets stronger when toning a wire.
    Best Network Ethernet RG45 Cable Testers IntelliTone Pro 200 2

    To test a cable run is good or not the ends are connected and set to map.
    Best Network Ethernet RG45 Cable Test Fluke

    It also has an Ohm setting that will display if an Ethernet cable is shorted.
    Best Network Ethernet RG45 Cable Testers Shorted Wire
    The Fluke IntelliTone Pro 200 is a good RJ45 Ethernet tester built for a professional.

  5. NOYAFA AT226-C Multi-functional Cable Tester
  6. Network Cable Tester AT226-C Multi-functional LCD For RJ45, RJ11, BNC, Metal Cable,PING/POE Tracker NF-8601W

    The NOYAFA AT226-C is a professional cable tester that can test Ethernet RJ45, Telephone RJ11, Cable BNC, and more.

    It is a very nice multi-functional tool for those who need to test a lot of different types of cables.

How Do I Test an Ethernet RJ45 Network Cable?
An Ethernet network scan tool is needed to run a test on the cable.

A network scan tool will have features to help troubleshoot an Ethernet RJ45 connection.

The tool will have several test that can be run such as toning a wire to find the other side or continuity to check for a break or short.

Can a Tester Find a Shorted or Open Wire?
Yes, most network testers can test a cable for an open or shorted connection.

One side of the kit will have an emitter that sends a signal down a cable while the other side is plugged into a receiver.

The two work together to test each wire for an open or short and display the results.

If you need to test or find the other side of an Ethernet wire there are many good network scan tools.

They can help to track down a long cable run that goes behind walls or attics to other rooms.

They can also test if one of the wires is shorted or open helping to troubleshoot any problems.

There are many types of network test tools with those above some of our favorite options.

Do you have a favorite network Ethernet RJ45 cable tester? Let us know in the comments below.



2 thoughts on “Our Picks for Best Network Ethernet RJ45 Cable Testers 2021

  1. james landry

    However, I do have to note that this tester doesn’t come with circuit protections. Just make sure that the cable connections you’ll test aren’t carrying strong electric currents that could tinker with the test result, and you’ll be fine.

  2. james landry

    With extensive experience working as an electrician, I can confidently say that Elegiant’s network cable tester is among the best tools to test cord connections. I came across this product while working on a LAN connection set-up for a local company.


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