Our Picks for Best Winch with Wireless Remote Control

By | May 10, 2019

Best Winch with Wireless Remote Control
Having a wireless winch that work with a remote control is nice thing to have when loading and unloading.

Using the hard wired switch on the winch works but can be a pain to make sure everything is loading correctly.

For example loading a car on a trailer with no remote requires stopping periodically and making sure it is roiling up on the trailer properly.

Using a wireless remote allows you to watch as the it is rolling up stopping and making corrections as needed in real-time.

There are many wireless winches available that come with a remote control.

Below is some of our favorite picks for best units.

As always be sure to read the reviews on Amazon, forums, or elsewhere to be sure a unit is a good fit for you.

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Our Picks for Best Winch with Wireless Remote Control

  2. RUGCEL WINCH Waterproof IP68 Offroad 3500 lbs Load Capacity 1.2Hp 12V Electric Winch with Hawse Fairlead,Steel Wire Rope, 2 Wired Handle and 2 Wireless Remote (3500lb)

    This unit from RUGCEL is waterproof and comes with 2 wireless remote controls.

    It has a 12 volt 1.2 horsepower motor and is rated for 3500 lbs.

    A mounting bracket and bolts are included, of course be sure it will bolt onto what it is installed on.

    The RUGCEL is a surprisingly well built unit for the price.

    It is a good low-cost budget winch that will work in a variety of scenarios.

  3. MegaFlint 3500 LB
  4. MegaFlint 3500LB ATV Winch UTV 12V Electric 3500 LB/1591kg Off Road Kit A Recovery Winch Truck SUV Wireless Remote Controller

    This unit from MegaFlint has a rated 3500 pound capacity and is a 12 volt winch.

    It comes with everything needed to hook up to a 12 volt battery.

    A mounting bracket is included but be sure it matches up to what it will be mounted to.

    The remote control has big In and Out button to easily mange the winch wirelessly.

  5. DCFlat 12V 4500LBS
  6. DCFlat 12V 4500LBS Wire Rope Electric Winch for Towing ATV/UTV/Boat Off Road with Mounting Bracket Wireless Remote Control (4500LBS) (JP-4500)

    DCFlat makes this heavy duty 12V 4500 LB winch that also has a wireless remote control.

    It is a nice unit with a 1.6 horsepower motor that includes a circuit breaker.

    The package comes with everything needed for an install including a bracket for mounting it.

    There is lot to like about the DCFlat winch with many nice features built-in.

Winches are indispensable units in many scenarios from loading a vehicle onto a trailer to loading and unloading a boat.

While a unit with a wireless remote control is not necessary it can make a job much easier.

This is especially true if you are loading by yourself and able to walk around making sure things are going smoothly.

When buying a winch keep in mind what it will be bolted onto, and the bracket the unit comes with.

Also the wiring will need to go to a battery which will need to be thought out.

For example if mounted on a trailer most owners will have a deep cell battery located on the trailer.

With the may winches there is no-doubt one to fit most any scenario.

Do you ave a favorite option? Let us know in the comments below.



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