Review: A95X Max Android TV Box S905X2 4GB RAM

By | May 17, 2020

Review A95X Max Android TV Box 4GB RAM
The A95X Max is an Android TV box with a S905X2 CPU and 4GB of RAM.

It also has many nice features including expandable storage with a 2.5 hard drive bay that can hold up-to 2TB HDD.
Review A95X Max Android TV Box 4GB RAM HDD OPen
The top opens up and SATA hard drive can be inserted for extra storage.

Another nice feature is it can record video and has a Root Switch option making it easy to turn on or off Root access.

*This unit was sent to me to review with my honest opinion and results below.
CPU: S905X2 Quad-core 2.0 GHZ
Internal Storage: 64GB
2.5 Hard Drive Bay
WiFi: 2.4GHz/5GHz
Gigabit Ethernet
Bluetooth 4.2
Android V8.1 Oreo
Supports 4K HDR 60fps
5.1 Surround Sound
Review A95X Max Android TV Box 4GB RAM Specs

The packages comes with the power adapter, HDMI cable, User Manual, the A95X Max box, and remote control.

The front of the unit has a LED display that shows the time.

The back has AV, SPDIF, LAN, HDMI, USB, power port and a lever to open the HDD door on the top.

The side has three USB 3.0 ports and 1 SD-Card slot.
Review A95X Max Android TV Box 4GB RAM USB Ports

The top of the box opens and has a 2.5 SATA HDD bay that can have up-to 2TB hard drive installed.

Small screws come with the package to hold the hard drive in place if needed.

After a quick setup that gives language options and WiFi it boots into the Launcher.

The Launcher is simple and works well with big Icons that are all customizable.

It comes with many apps installed which is also very customizable.

The TVMC app is Kodi renamed. The official Kodi version can be installed from the Play Store or Kodi website if needed.

There is no option for AirPlay or Miracast so it has no screen mirroring features.

One of the Apps is called Go Recorder which is screen capture software.
Review A95X Max Android TV Box 4GB RAM Go Recorder
Once started it will capture any images on the screen including game play, web browsing, or any thing on the screen.

It stores the videos in storage in a folder named Screen Recorder as a MP4 720p file.

One problem I had while recording video is I was unable to record sound which may be a setting I am missing.

Doing a video test it had no problems playing 4K @ 60 fps.
Review A95X Max Android TV Box 4GB RAM 4K Video Test

It also had no problems with basic game play.
Review A95X Max Android TV Box 4GB RAM Video Game Test

Testing the WiFi it gave speeds of 48Mbps Download and roughly 9Mbps Upload.

Using Geekbench it gave a score of 669 for Singe-Core and 2001 for Multi-Core.

Using AnTuTu Benchmark it gave a score of 57247.
Review A95X Max Android TV Box 4GB RAM 4K Antutu BenchMark Test

The A95X MAX is a very nice Android TV box built with a lot of features.

The new S905X2 CPU performs very well along with the 4K of RAM make it able to play most any video files.

The hard drive bay is a very nice feature making it easy to store a video library for On-Demand playback.

Capturing the screen with Screen recording can also be done and works well with one downside, I was unable to record sound.

I am unsure if I am missing a setting and am still looking into it.

Overall the A95X MAX is a great new android TV box for 2019 that makes for a nice media player.

I am still testing the unit so far with good results and will update if anything changes.

As always be sure to read the reviews on Amazon, forums, or elsewhere to be sure a unit is a good fit for you.



22 thoughts on “Review: A95X Max Android TV Box S905X2 4GB RAM

  1. ABUBAKARE adeshola

    i appreciate any help i can get to fix my device, i plug a higher voltage to it which make its stuck at booting not coming on any more.

  2. Cecil

    Can this box or for that matter any android box be upgraded to the latest android version?

  3. Adidorin

    I bought two devices of this kind! One in eMag Romania and one in Gearbest. The one in Romania worked 7 hours after which he remained in the logo. The next day no logo came. The second one at Gearbest that worked two days … record.
    I installed an app from the Google Play store, an online radio application. I listened and remained in a repeated echo. Frige enorm! I disconnected it to cool and did not start !!! They seem to have a manufacturing problem! Cooling is not effective. the second I changed, I hope the third to resist! I’m still thinking about buying something like this if the third one goes wrong !!!

  4. Kenny McKenzie

    Every time I try and play videos from flash drives I’ve plugged the box freezes or crashes. I’ve tried the default video player, MX player and VLC and none of them work. Any ideas?

    1. Victor Lee

      Hello Mister McKenzie,
      I am experiencing the same problem.
      Should I say problems because it is problem with glitch everywhere even running builtin web and even Firefox which I installed later????

      I would like to know if you have fixed this problem???

      WHeather you have fixed it or not please let me know what you did to solve out this issue???


  5. Morgan

    My device doesn’t read the 2TB SATA drive that i have installed. Does the drive need to be formatted to a specific file system?


  6. RoNi

    I purchased this box from Gearbest paying well under $100 in January. When recording, make sure you turn the volume all the way up within the 5 second coutdown to capture audio. So far, I have no complains about this device. Playback is great, can format a hdd within the unit, wi-fi connecting issues non-existent. I wish this device came with an hdmi in input. Other than that, great box.

  7. Rijo

    Hi , is there any chance to mirror the phone screen to this device.

  8. Mrs foster

    This is an excellent android box but is severely let down by the remote controller. It is extremely slow and tedious, but this has been overcome by investing in a wifi mouse and keyboard, which makes it super quick and very positive.

  9. Richard

    Mines is skipping a lot and I have it hooked straight to internet box.What am I doing wrong

    1. Victor Lee

      I have the same problem.
      Please let me know what you did to fix it???

  10. Brunel

    Hi I am interested of getting this box how much it wi cost me

  11. Brad

    Great Box Only problem I find is that the USB 3.0’s are not full speed ports faster then the normal 2 ports would be but not even close to 3.0 speed. Now for the first time in 10 months one week after the box auto updated from factory via internet I turned it on and video plays on all apps but can’t get sound. Checked everything and settings to try and remedy and nothing. No mute on etc.. Passthrought etc.. Is there and APK to reset box audio internal settings back to factory in case some app update might have changed them? I am now having to backup everything on the box and most likely forced to reboot to factory to reset internal sound settings to work for playing sound again. Unless of course someone knows of a solution.

  12. Rod

    I have this box and the recording feature is default to no sound while recording. I have tried to record a basketball game that I could not watch at that moment, so I could watch later. I could never get the recording to record for the full game. I usually only got 1:50 plus minutes. I have added an hard drive, SD drive, external usb storage drive and still never got the full game recorded. I love how you can set the apps on the home screen. I find this box to be better than the previous android boxes that I have bought in the past.

  13. Chuck

    I have this box, but have been unable to record anything streaming. I have a 1-TB HD in the unit, a 64-Gig USB, and a 64-Gig TF card installed. I can see all of them, can add folders to all of them, but when I tell it to download a stream, it doesn’t show up on any of the three devices. I have formatted inside the machine, still nothing. It goes through the download progress on the screen, and tells you when it is finished, but nothing gets to the external storage devices.
    What do I need to set for recording to happen?

    1. Steve UK

      Chuck, I have the same problem. The reason I bought this box was that it would take a hard drive so I could record films from Kodi. It recognises the drive, I can set up kodi to download to the drive, I can begin downloading and it goes through the process of downloading to 100% but when I go to file manager, there’s nothing on the drive. I tried it with a USB drive too but it’s the same. I’m aware of all the good reviews of this box on the web, but either I’m missing something or I’ve bought a chocolate teapot!

      1. Victor Lee

        Hi Steve,
        I am no expert.Honestly I am experiencing glitches in TVBOX play of all kind.
        Maybe trying to format HDD with a different filetype will solve out this issue.
        First make a back up of important data from the HDD then try formating in other PC or laptop whatever may help.
        Try out different filetypes.
        LIke I said I am not an expert, but trying to help out a follow man from my own point of view.
        If it works. Well and good. If it does not then we did our best anyway.
        ANd Good luck.

  14. John

    They may be cool. But still way to expensive for what they do. Way to expensive.

    1. Wayne

      Whats a hundred bucks for something you can use for years I sell these boxes there my no 1 seller fast record like 20 movies at a time ?? To ex much money lol


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