Review: The Dragon Box Quad Core Media Streaming Device Db4 Android TV Box

By | October 26, 2015

Review The Dragon Box Quad Core Media Streaming Device Db4
A multitude of Kodi android TV boxes have been introduced in the last few years with the Dragon Box being one of them.

The Dragon box originally came with a dual core CPU but has since been upgraded to a quad core.

With many android TV boxes having a quad core or even octa core CPU such as Idroidnation I-Box, lets look at what separates the Dragon Box.

The design of the box is good and solid compared to many android boxes that come cheaply made. A digital clock is displayed on the front which is a nice touch.
Dragon Android TV Box Review With Kodi

Along with HDMI out it also has composite out for older TVs which is a plus.
Dragon Kodi TV box review

Kodi comes preloaded with add-ons ready to run.

There is a support line to call if there is a problem.

Bluetooth is built into the box so no dongle is need to use a Bluetooth device such as a Bluetooth keyboard.

Dual band WiFi is built into it so it will work in the 5 GHz band as well as the 2.4 GHz band.

Over-The-Air updates make it easy to update it.

I ran into problems getting some of the popular add-ons such as 1Channel and Genesis working.

Although I did get them working it didn’t happen automatically for me.

The installer the Dragon Box came with did install the popular add-ons but nothing displayed inside them when selected.

I let the box sit for an hour since most add-ons will update automatically but they still did not want to work.

After I got tired of waiting I went into the repositories and uninstalled than reinstalled 1Channel and Genesis and they started working.
Dragon Box 1Channel Kodi Setup

The Dragon box does make a good Android Kodi Streaming TV player after it is setup correctly.

It is possible I didn’t wait long enough for the add-ons to update by themselves.

The box while nice looking and works good I think is currently too expensive.

While the price may have been good a year ago there are much faster android boxes that cost less.

If the price does drop to a comparable price of other players than it is a good box to use with Kodi.

8 thoughts on “Review: The Dragon Box Quad Core Media Streaming Device Db4 Android TV Box

  1. Steve Anderson

    hey can you tell me where I might find instructions on how to wipe the box clean and install the correct firmware and get rid of the dragon box and just have apps and kodi


  2. Jose lemus

    I return my Box is being a list to most I don’t get my money back

  3. Scott

    Do not buy this box. I’m a kodi expert and create my own builds. When I tested this box before I wanted to be a reseller I couldn’t be more disappointed. Half the add-ons installed did not open, the ones that did didn’t function very well. Live tv service was not watchable. When I contacted the owner about fixing some issues and even helping I was met with a rude, dumbfounded attitude. The owner of the company has delusions about how “good his box is. We were selling Stream smart boxes and loved those but wanted better. Dragon box was not that, far worse. We did change over to Gosurf box.

    While creating this i was talking to the owner via text, he continued to threaten me. Acted like a child throwing a hissy fit. I would not do business with this company. Bad kodi build, and horrible owner per my experience.

  4. Tim

    All the good add ons don’t even work anymore and quality of movies aren’t great! Disappointed in this purchase.

    1. stephen lac

      I use kodi on the computer and Exodus has 1080p for many streams. Genesis and 1channel is quite obsolete these days after the release of Exodus.

  5. Ray

    While watching a movie it drop out and my tv will turn off. I have no control with the tv remote to turn it back on. When I unplug the HDMI cord the tv will come back on. Sometimes the movie will come back on if I wait long enough. Any suggestions to this issue

    1. WirelessHack

      Its not working at all? I would return it or contact their support.


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