Review: Idroidnation I-Box Octa Core Kodi Android Smart TV Box

By | September 3, 2015

Kodi Octa core smart TV box reviews
Kodi when combined with the many add-ons available makes it a cord-cutters dream.

One of the problems with Kodi though is that it has been created more for the technophile than someone who wants a plug-and-play option.

Well this is something the makers of Idroidnation are trying to change by bringing a full android TV box’s with Kodi pre-loaded and automatic updates.

Their newest creation the Idroidnation I-Box Octa Core android Box takes things to a new level.

Android Kodi boxes have been floating around now for 1-2 years starting with Dual core CPUs and then Quad core CPUs.

The new the Idroidnation I-Box comes with 8 cores and 2 GB of RAM.

This is a powerful Kodi box with some impressive hardware. So lets break it down and see how it all fits together.

The Idroidnation I-Box comes with everything needed to get up and running including a HDMI cable, power supply, and remote control.
Review Idroidnation I-Box

The box itself comes with many more connections including four USB jacks and a SD-card slot.
Review Idroidnation I-Box Android 5.1

A SD-card can be installed which adds extra storage space if needed. It also has four USB slots that a USB keyboard, mouse, or custom controller can be plugged into.
Idroidnation I-Box SD card and USB slots

The Idroidnation I-Box runs a 8 Core 1.5 GHz, RK3388 SoC Rockchip Cortex A53 . SoC stands for “System On a Chip” which tightly packs components together and improves overall performance.

This not only allows for quicker speeds but up to 4K resolution.

It also has 2 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal storage.

Over-The-Air Updates
OTA updates are good news for anyone who isn’t a technophile and simply want their Kodi boxes to update when needed.

This doesn’t mean that there isn’t some degree of technicality to Kodi but it does make things simpler by automating many steps.

Pre-installed Kodi Add-ons
The Idroidnation I-Box comes with all the popular add-ons pre-loaded.

Pre-installed add-ons have never been a deal breaker for me when it comes to a Kodi box.

It is simple enough to add on a repository such as SuperRepo and install them, but this is unnecessary as the I-Box comes preloaded with all the popular ones, such as 1Channel and SportsDevil.

Setup is straight forward and easy first by plugging in the HDMI cable to a TV and connecting the power supply. The Red button is pressed for power.
Idroidnation I-Box Setup

After powering up it comes to a default screen.
I-Box Smart TV setup

Using an Ethernet connection is always best when possible but for most of us wireless is almost a must. To setup the WiFi click on the setting icon at the far right.
I-Box Smart TV wifi setup

Select the WiFi option, than find your router and enter your username and password.
Kodi Box WiFi setup

The main screen will have all the installed apps. Since this is a android box it will work as any android phone or tablet would. Connecting to the Play Store is easy to do to get customized apps.

It comes with many defualt apps installed such as Netflix, YouTube, Browser and so on.
Kodi IBox Main Screen

The main thing I will be using it for is Kodi which is also pre-installed.
Kodi installed on a  8 core box

It also comes with all the popular add-ons installed such as 1Channel, SportDevil, Genesis and so on. A repository has been added so installing a specific add-on will be easy.

The Idroidnation I-Box is a top smart TV box to run Kodi on. There are cheaper boxes if you are on a budget but for a quality high end box it is tough to beat.

I am still learning with it and binge watching my favorite shows, but will up-date.


40 thoughts on “Review: Idroidnation I-Box Octa Core Kodi Android Smart TV Box

  1. ronnie weaver

    Why won’t my iptv work on my idroidnation. And why can’t I get movies in theaters in says download not set up so how did you set up

  2. Larry W Wright

    Morning, bought for Christmas idroidnation worked beautiful ,not very tech savy can’t figure out how to install streamer thought I had it then went to video add on like genesis Navi movie 25 1channel earth cam, to mention a few it if I go to video/ add ons then hit 1channel my screen says movies, TV shows ,play list ,install 1channel themes/icons ,urlresolver setting,or help.if I hit movies,then hit favorites it shows blue line with 2 tiny squares if I hit that it goes back to favorites. If I hit genres it goes to a list of like action ,comedy crime etc if I hit crime it goes back to blue line what am I doing wrong??

  3. Jimmy

    Hey David, I have had the pleasure of troubleshooting the red mute sign myself. Very frustrating! It’s activated and deactivated with a button on your remote. I think F8. If not, just try every button and you’ll find it. Hope this helps.

  4. david

    this box works awesome, but now i have a red mute sign top right corner. Its not on mute though, can’t figure how to get the sound back on. rebooted, reset modem, and all that crap.

  5. Chris Hudnut

    After hours and hours of research and looking around I settled on this for my next box. I haven’t bought, yet. So after a few months out, what’s the verdict? Still an overall positive box, or do they get bogged dow? Thanks any follow up would be great

    1. WirelessHack

      They recently came out with a new updated version of the Idroidnation running a faster Amlogic s912 Octa Core Processor, 2 GB of RAM and Kodi 17. Here is a link of it on Amazon Idroidnation I-Box II The original still is working great. Let us know how it goes.

  6. Bill

    WoW! Love the site !! Love the box ! First one, guess it wasn’t a bad choice either. Idroidnation’s pre-build “Idroidnation Updater”, although very useful to newbies like me, is not what I used. I just didn’t know what it was and left it alone. I jumped on youtube and sifted through the available videos and unknowingly began my own build. Glad I did. About 3 weeks into it now I have Exodus, Ccloud, and just got SportsDevil last night, which by the way, seemed to be the most daunting, but challenging addon yet. I envy those who can successfully install addons without step by step instruction. I would love to cut the cable and save about $110 a month or more, but I don’t feel I’m ready just yet. Furthermore, the family is so used to the convenience of cable I would probably meet with opposition……until I tell them to pay for it, of course…lol. Don’t know if SportsDevil has “all around” access to UFC/MMA, but if not, I’ll be looking for an addon that does next. Wirelessshack rocks!

    1. Joel H

      You should check out ufc finest. Best add on for ufc content period. You’ll find it in the community repository.

  7. Jose

    I just bought mine and it’s only a few days old ..and already the volume went out. I pretty sure I’m not doing anything different than the last few days and last night I watched 2 movies without issues. Now I can’t even get a chirp scrolling through options…is there something that can be easily resolved or should I just return it and go with another product?

    1. bobbe

      Check the cable or try another HDMI cable to be sure that’s not it. Also be sure the box is not on mute.

  8. Bruce H Brown

    I bought this box . It worked fine for about 3 weeks. Now when I turn it on to Kodi I have a black screen with no Kodi control panel. What do I do? Kodi add ons show up on Kodi Explore but I cannot access them as was so simple before.

  9. venik212

    I have been using my NUC5I5RYK for 7 weeks for several hours every day. It runs Linux Mint 17.3, with Cinnamon 2.8.6. I have installed ALL the add-ons that come with the IdroidNation, and had ZERO problems with stuttering or buffering. I found a workaround the wake-from-suspend bug that has bricked many nucs (wake it through a keyboard plugged into a USB port), since Intel has not yet fixed their defective BIOS. Other than the high price ($504 with 250 gb SSD and 16 gb ram), I love it– it boots in less than 8 seconds, is very responsive, and runs linux. Kodi on it is a pleasure to use. I control it from a Rii wireless keyboard (one hand operation) or from an app on my phone (yatse or kore). It is only 4x4x1 inches, and it’s fan is inaudible. Not a perfect machine, but I love it.

  10. Bill G

    Thanks for the info…I am thinking about buying this octo core Idroidnation….as a second box but it is double my current box in price….is it worth the extra bucks?
    Currently running a MXIII which is a great box…with Kodi 15.2
    In your opinion is there a huge diff between the two boxes?? Quad core with 1g/8g vs. Octo core 2g/8g
    I mean just spec for it looks better….

    1. WirelessHack

      It may be a bit smoother but overall the experience is about the same with a Quad core Vs Octa core and Kodi. With Kodi Jarvis ready to be released soon this may change have to wait and see.

  11. George

    Tip: download showbox directly to the device itself. When I use showbox in kodi, nothing but buffering and freezing. When I use it straight from my apps, PERFECT

  12. Cameron

    Can you use an external HDD for extra storage space through the USB port?

    1. WirelessHack

      I’ve used USB flash-drives and SD-cards so far. I think it is possible but haven’t tried it yet. I have a external hard-drive somewhere I haven’t used in a while. May hunt it down to see if it does work.

  13. Juan Matta

    I also have this box. I have tried every way to add The Beast Built. Has any one tried this and was it successful. If you did tell me how you did it.
    Thank You

    1. WirelessHack

      I haven’t tried it but I think you could.

      The best way to test it is to do a clean Kodi install which you would than have two Kodi installs on the box and test it in the new install.

      You could always delete the new install like any app without touching the default Kodi install.

      Let us know how it goes.

  14. sam gaynor

    i want to know what are the plug and play apps already installed? do you have mobdro , showbox ivue tv channels etc. and can you program ttv, video and programs add-ons?

    1. WirelessHack

      It comes with a ton of pre-loaded add-ons which I deleted most since I have my own favorites.

      I haven’t used any of the add-ons you mentions and mainly use 1Channel and Genesis.

      Keep in mind with any Kodi box you can add and delete add-ons as you want to customize it your own way.

  15. WirelessHack

    When it comes to Kodi boxes they all come with a different Kodi builds, layout, and features. They way they stream movies and TV shows is the same since they all use the same servers.

    I see the Zoomtak is a quad core with 2 GB of Ram. That seems like it would be a good box.

    The only reason to change would be if you didn’t like the way they setup the Kodi Bulid/interface, or you wanted a feature that another box has such as better WiFi, more USB slots, SD-Card slots and so on.

  16. Milton Espinoza

    I’m new to these boxes pre-installed with Kodi. Now I have Zoomtak K5, what do you think about that media box compare to the other ones that you had reviewed? I want to know if I have a good box comparing with the others.

  17. venik212

    Of course I was able to start kodi (otherwise I would have returned it– I only got it to run kodi). In fact, I arranged it to boot directly into kodi.
    However, the hardware limitations that cause stuttering and the fact that I could not install Linux (the company says you cannot install linux on their box) significantly offset the attraction of the low price.
    I am now looking for an Intel-based kodi box… ;-(

  18. Ken

    I installed my box and went to kodi, all the updates installed automatically but now I can’t click on anything? What do I do next? Any ideas?

    1. WirelessHack

      Is the remote control having issues? You can plug in a USB mouse to see if the remote is bad.

  19. venik212

    I got this box a few days ago. Here are my impressions so far:
    1) It is small and easy to install and use.
    2) The “manual” is a joke, and provides almost no useful information. In particular, it says nothing about the function of the optical socket (SPDIF). They also do not tell you whether the USB sockets are USB 2 or 3. They mention a dark bar at the bottom of the screen, but none was visible on my screen; there is a white dot at the bottom of the screen– is that the HOME key of Android? A better manual is essential.
    3) Support– calling the company is a waste of time, but they do respond quickly to email inquiries.
    4) Can I install linux on it?

    1. WirelessHack

      I agree about the manual it even says APP Store instead of Play Store. I haven’t played with the SPDIF socket yet. I haven’t had any problems plugging in USB devices but I believe it is USB 2.0, not sure on that either.

      I’m not sure about a bar on the bottom but it works like any Android phone are tablet basically. The YouTube video I posted hopefully will help.

      Android is based on Linux although it has been modified a lot. A full version of Linux most likely can be installed with the right skills.

      Are you able to start Kodi?

      1. venik212

        I ended up returning this box– it is underpowered for streaming. Whenever I streamed, there would be a lot of stuttering and pausing. The company suggested it might be the sources. However, I replaced it with a (much more expensive ) Intel-based NUC with an i5 processor, and (using the same internet connection, with the same router) I NEVER see stuttering or buffering. I installed Linux Mint 17.3/Cinnamon 2.8 on the NUC, and I love its performance. However– there is a huge cloud under this silver lining: the NUC dies if I suspend it from Linux. Intel said they are investigating the problem, so I am still in holding mode.
        To sum up– as far as I can see, right now the best way to run kodi is to use some old computer. These cord-cutting boxes are not ready for prime time.

        1. WirelessHack

          I run Kodi on everything from a few Kodi boxes to a Raspberry Pi. I still even have an old Xbox with XBMC loaded on it.

          For me the sources/servers are most the problem when it comes to kicking a connection or buffering. I have the same problem across all the devices. A good server can be found it just usually takes trying 2-3 to get a good one.

          With that said though I do think running Kodi from a PC that is at least a Quad Core 8GB of Ram handles things much better. The mouse feels smother and Kodi is much more responsive when clicking about when given the extra power. Also upgrading a PC is easy.

          The problem with a PC is many dont want a big ugly computer next to their TV. I like a few of the Kodi boxes I have acquired and use them in different rooms and they work well for me.

          If you never have any kicked connections or buffering issues I love to hear what add-ons you are running as this is the biggest problem with Kodi right now. Besides installing Kodi and add-ons, buffering is the most talked about subject across all hardware platforms.

          Good job on building your own custom Kodi HTPC though sounds interesting. I always use Windows 7 and Kodi on custom PC builds. If you ever wanted to write a guest post about it with some pictures let me know I’m sure others would love to hear what you did and experiences with Kodi.

    2. rep1968

      The bar is hidden. Just scroll your mouse all the way to bottom and just click and drag it up. It has a screen shot function on bar. Download superSu, busy box and kernel auditor and tweak all the cpu and Governors. One you overclock cpu for performance, this box screams power house. Enjoy

    1. WirelessHack

      It should work anywhere there is an internet connection. Some countries do block some of the add-ons, such as the UK blocks 1Channel. I haven’t heard of anything being blocked in Canada. You can always ask in the Kodi forum to be sure.


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