What is a TV Dongle Stick?

By | October 14, 2015

What is a TV Dongle Stick?

A TV dongle is a generic name given to the many TV sticks roughly the size of a USB flash drive that are available in today’s market.
These small TV sticks are basically small computers that plug into a TVs HDMI port and can than display a multitude of content.
What is a TV Dongle Streaming MOvie Stick
Most all will come with a remote control for input.
They also come with built-in WiFi that after connecting to a router will stream TV shows or movies from popular sources.
The type of content that can be played on a streaming TV dongle depends on how fast the hardware built into it is.
Most can play and stream popular content such as HULU, Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube and so on.
What is a TV Dongle

Each TV stick will come with it own advantages over another that a user can choose from.

For example, if you only want to stream HULU shows or YouTube videos be sure it had them listed as being cable.

There are more specialized TV sticks that come with Kodi Media Center pre-installed and can stream content from many sources.

Also always read the reviews to see how well it does what it is supposed to do.

Amazon Fire TV Stick is one of the most popular TV dongles.

Like the others TV dongles it comes with built-in WiFi and can stream most any kind of online video content.

The Roku Streaming TV Stick is also a popular option.

Like the Amazon Fire Stick it also has built-in WiFi and can stream online TV shows and movies.

Since, these small TV sticks are just small computers the hardware they come with is always something to keep in mind.

Most TV dongles will be able to play most any online video content and comes down to user preference as to which is the best.

Reading reviews on Amazon is always a good idea when considering which one to buy.

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  1. Daniel Furmanek

    Actually more of a question than a reply. I have an Android cell phone that I watch YouTube videos on for free. Will a dongle allow my television to see the videos on my phone?


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