Top Best Kodi Music Addons

By | November 11, 2018

Top Best Kodi Music Addons 2017
Kodi is best known for playing movie and TV shows but it can also do much more such as play music.
There is many music addons available for Kodi that can play most any music thought of.
Music addon are installed the same way a video add-on is installed from a repository.
Here is our picks for the best Kodi music addons available. If you have found a good one let us know in the comment below.
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Top Best Kodi Music Addons
How To Install Jamzz Kodi Music Addon
Jamzz is a Kodi Addon that is all about music.
Sections include Heavy Metal, Classic Rock, Alternative, Hair Bands, and Search.
How To Install Jamzz
Ravers Unite
How To Install Ravers Unite Kodi Addon
Ravers Unite is a Kodi music Addon from Loki Repository.
Sections include Makina, Happy Hardcore, New Monkey, Colosseum, Venue, After dark, and Wigian Pier.
It pulls in steams from YouTube and works very well.
How To Install Ravers Unite
KNE Rock Video
How To Install KNE Rock Kodi Addon
KNE Rock is a Kodi Addon that streams music videos.
It has many sections including Best Full Concerts, Rock Videos, Classic Rock, Pop Hits, Hard Rock, Alternative and more.
How To Install KNE Rock Video
How To Install JAMZ Kodi Music Addon
JAMZ is a Kodi music Addon from Mancave TV Kings Repository.
It has sections for Artist, Concerts, Hot List, Karaoke, Party Mixes, Live, New, Vevo, UK, and many subsections.
How To Install JAMZ
How to Install Slamming Kodi Music Addon
Slamming is a new Kodi music Addon from the Ukodi1 Repository.
Sections include Top UK Songs This week, Top US Songs This week, Urban, POP, Rock, Country, Latin, Power Ballads, Legends and much more.
How to Install Slamming
Top Best Kodi Music Addons 2017 Juke Box Hero
JukeboxHero pulls playlist from YouTube and organizes them in sections.
Since the feeds are from YouTube they play very well with categories for most anything.
Thunder Struck
Top Best Kodi Music Addons 2017 Thunder struck
Thunder Struck is a great Kodi music addon that basically has it all.
It has sections for Search, Music, Radio, Concerts, Music Videos and Karaoke.
Each section has subsections with many different genres to pick from, it has everything from top songs by year, to 90s club music.
YouTube Music
How To Install YouTube Kodi Music Addon
YouTube is a great source to stream old and new songs from, along with videos.
YouTube Music is a Kodi addon that plays within Kodi and divides songs into easy to find categories.
It is a great addon to have for any Kodi setup to play just about any song one can think of.
BeatZ By Stream Army
How To Install BeatZ By Stream Army Kodi Music Addon
BeatZ By Stream Army is a very nice Kodi music addon.
It also plays the video of a song as long as there is one.
How To Install BeatZ By Stream Army Kodi Music Addon Overview
The menu has, Search a song or artist, UK top 40, Top 50 artist and albums, Disney soundtracks, world radio, music categories, and random list.
MP3 Streams
Top Best Kodi Music Addons MP3 Streams
MP3 Streams is a Kodi addon that has feeds for just about everything from top albums to alternative.
The controls are a little hard to use but it streams very well. It also only plays songs and does not play the video.

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