How To Install Ares Wizard Into KODI

Ares Wizard makes it easy to install all the popular Kodi Builds and Add-ons.   After it is installed most any top add-on or build can be installed with a few clicks.   Below is the step by step install of Ares Wizard into Kodi.   Name: Ares Wizard URL:     Step-by-Step How To Install Ares… Read More »

How To Add a VPN to a KODI Android TV BOX

Setting up a VPN (virtual Private Network) while using Kodi is a good idea for a variety of reasons.   A VPN can do many things while you are online most of all making you anonymous by bouncing your IP off another changing your location.   What Type of VPN Service is Needed? A good VPN will also… Read More »

How To Install Pulse CCM KODI BUILD

Pulse CCM is a popular Kodi Build that has a nice layout and add-ons pre-installed.   It is located in Ares Wizard so if you have Ares installed simply skip to the steps needed.   For those who don’t have Ares than below is the step-by-step procedures to install Ares than Pulse CCM.   A Pin is needed… Read More »

How To Install the Beast Build Into KODI

    UPDATED: October 24   The Beast is a popular Kodi Build that has been around for awhile and is continuously updated.   It has all the popular add-ons installed and a nice user interface.   A Username and Password need to be registered first to install the Beast which can be done here.   IPV… Read More »