How To Install a Digital TV Antenna and Watch Over the Air TV Channels

By | October 11, 2020

How To Install a Digital TV Antenna
Installing a digital HDTV antenna is a straight forward process that most any home DIY type of person can do.

A few things are needed to start watching over-the-air TV signals.

Below are the items needed and steps to start watching over-the-air TV channels.
Steps To Install a Digital TV Antenna

  1. TV with a Digital Tuner Signal Converter
  2. A TV with a digital TV Tuner will be needed to pick up over the air signals.

    This is not much of a problem as most any TV made in the last ten years is likely a digital TV.

    For TVs that are not digital a digital converter box can always be bought.

    Some new TVs don’t come with a built-in TV Tuner and need an external unit.

    If your TV doesn’t have a built-in TV Tuner there are many external signal converter boxes available.

    Read Here for Our Picks for Best TV Tuner Signal Converter Boxes.

  3. Digital HDTV Antenna
  4. An external TV antenna is usually needed for a good signal but if you are close to the TV transmission towers the TV may pick up a signal without one.

    These can range in price from low-cost units to high-end long-range antennas.

    The type of antenna needed will depend on the location you live in.

    For example, a home in a city will be closer to broadcast towers than someone living in the countryside.

    There are many good antennas available. Read Here to See Our Top Picks.

  5. Coax Cable
  6. It will depend on the antenna bought if coax cable is needed or not.

    Small inside antennas don’t require long lengths of cable and can be simply plugged into a TV.

    Long range antennas are usually mounted on a high place such as a roof which will require coax cable to be run.

    The cable usually used is RG6 which has been around for many years.

  7. Antenna Installation
  8. Installation can vary depending on the type bought.

    For example, a long range big external antenna will mount on a roof or a pole and run coax cable into a home located where the TV is.

    There are also small indoor antennas that simply sit close to a TV and plug-in. Of course, small antenna will not pick up a signal from far away.

    Indoor antennas are low-cost and usually work well especially if you live in a city.

    Most all cites have TV towers that boost and rebroadcast a signal.

  9. Scan for Signals from the TV Menu
  10. After an antenna is plugged into TV channels are searched for in the TV settings.

    The location in the TV menu system varies from TV-to-TV but as long as it has a built-in tuner it will be there somewhere.

    Scanning for TV stations will pull in any signal found and save it to the TV memory.

    It is common to pick up 30-50 channels or more once a scan is complete.

Installing a digital HDTV antenna is easy to do and will depend on the distance you are located from the TV broadcast towers.

Those who live within a city will be much close to TV towers and likely will simply need a low-cost indoor antenna.

Those who live outside a city likely will need a larger outdoor unit that can pick up a signal from farther away. Also, terrain can affect transmissions.

After an antenna is plugged int a TV scanning for channels from the menu system will pull in and display movies and TV shows to watch.



4 thoughts on “How To Install a Digital TV Antenna and Watch Over the Air TV Channels

  1. Joe Wagner

    I just canned cable did a scan and it found 2 stations by the same company. I would like to know where the other stations are since they are local.

  2. Gilles racine

    My plastic blue connector is broken from the sun can I plug my antenna to the rods with out goin true that blue plastic connector

  3. Gabreil Ortiz

    I have a budget TV antenna and I get quite a few channels (I’m in a major city) and is as if a had cable cause now the signal is digital HD…only thing is I do have to adjust antenna for some channels and, so I’m shopping for a more potent one that will give me stronger signal for channels who might not be that close to me and I won’t have to keep adjusting.


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