Backtrack / Kali Linux Compatible USB Adapters

When looking for a USB adapter for Backtrack 5 or Kali Linux, the main thing to look for is the chipset the wireless USB adapter uses. Here are chipsets known to work with Backtrack 5 or Kali Linux.
1. Atheros AR9271 IEEE 802.11B/G/N
2. Ralink RT3070 IEEE 802.11B/G/N
3. Realtek RTL8187L- IEEE 802.11B/G
The 8187 chipset was good but adapters with this chipset are wireless G and becoming dated, so if possible go with the other chipsets. The following are adapters have been tested and are know to work with Backtrack and Kali Linux.

The following are Backtrack 5 / Kali Linux compatible USB adapters / dongles with Links to Amazon and AliExpress if available.

Adapters that use the Ralink RT3070 Chipset

Alfa AWUS036NH 2.4 GHz…….Amazon

Alfa AWUS036NEH 2.4 GHz…….Amazon

Panda PAU05 2.4 GHz…….Amazon

Adapters that use the Atheros AR9271 Chipset

Alfa AWUS036NHA…….Amazon

TP-LINK TL-WN722N 2.4 GHz…….Amazon

Adapter that use the RT3572 chipset

Alfa AWUS051NH Dual Band 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz…….Amazon

Wireless G only USB adapters, Realtek 8187L chipset
The following USB adapters are dongles that were best sellers in the past but since they only support wireless G they have become dated.

Alfa AWUS036H USB adapter 2.4 GHz…….Amazon

Netgear WG111v2 USB adapter 2.4 GHz…….Amazon
Sabrent NT-WGHU USB adapter 2.4 GHz…….Amazon

64 thoughts on “Backtrack / Kali Linux Compatible USB Adapters

  1. moataz

    plz some one help me i want to get (TP Link TL-WN822N 300Mb ) is it work with kali linux 2.0 good ?

  2. sandeep

    Dear sir,
    I install back track 5r1 but i want to my wifi password. I face some problem
    1-Wifi network adapter?
    2-where i can buy in India?
    3-how much rupees in Indian currency?
    Sir plz help me .


    it should support monitor mode but it is not detected when i type airmon-ng

  4. luckybhojwani

    Any type of WiFi is used on Kali tell me .
    So I have comfast rt8188eu so this is a compatible usb or not

  5. Justin

    I want to get a TL-WN722N ver. 1.8 but not sure if it’s the right chipset. It says Fcc id is TE7WN722N

    Any advice?

  6. Carlos Henrique

    Friend, how to install the the ralink 3070 chipset driver on kali ?

  7. Leona Huang

    I have a Tp-link WN722N. I want to hack wifi password of Dasan Router. But wps of it is locked. I can’t use Reaver code..
    I see Wifi fisher Script, but I have only usb adapter, requirement has to 2 adapter, so what kind of adapter usb shoud I buy more?
    Any ideal to hack Dasan router ?

  8. Kraako

    Aren’t those fakes ones that you linked here? ….

    Alfa AWUS036NH 2.4 GHz Amazon
    Alfa AWUS036NH 2.4 GHz

    1. WirelessHack

      Fakes? The links are to Amazon and aliExpress. I used to post links to eBay but they are constantly changing.

      Amazon is mostly used in the USA while aliExpress is popular in Russia, South America, and other countries. If you are afraid of fakes know the site that you buy from has a good return policy.

      I always buy from Amazon since I can return anything if there is a problem.

  9. Patrice Harapeti

    Hi, i’m running Kali Linux through VMware but all is going well, I dont know how to install the drivers for my BL-Link BL-lw06-AR. I have tried to use the instructions in the file I downloaded but when I type make it just doesn’t work. THANKS!!!

  10. Sam

    I’ve bought a TP-link WN722N. I’m able to detect the usb in Kali when I execute the command “lsusb” but Im unable to see it in wlan0 when I type “airmon-ng” or “iwconfig”. I’ve tried updating also. (apt-get update) Please help my through this.How do I make it work for my Kali Linux?

  11. HyperX

    Which Adapter is best for WPS cracking? I ususally want for High Strength and Long Range! TP-LINK TL-WN722N or Alfa AWUS036NH? Thanks!

    1. WirelessHack

      When is comes to WPS it realy depends on the router what is best. I use the Alfa AWUS036NH adapter all the time and it works well for me and Kali.

  12. Prit

    Hello Admin,
    I wanna know with the help of backtrack5 is it possible to crack wap2 if wps is disabled.
    Near my area all the users are wps diabled.
    That’s why i wanna know that before buying a wireless adapter is it possible to crack.
    Thank You.

  13. sahitya

    pls reply admin.. im going to buy tp link tl- wn722n as u have suggested.. will it be able to run perfect with reaver and pixiewps (kali tools). have any one tested it?

  14. WirelessHack

    Any of the above wireless N dongles will work with Kali. As far as antennas most go with Yagi style antennas such as this one 2.4 GHz High Gain Booster Directional WiFi Antenna
    It is a good idea to understand how antennas work though before buying one. For example A high 13-18 dBi antenna doesn’t work well when close to a target while a small 3-5 dBi will. Having multiple types is often the best option if a target is not set.

    1. rewas

      That antenna is absolute crap. It isn’t tuned for 2.4GHz, very badly made and coax it uses really sucks.

  15. Victor V

    Hello im in need of an AC antenna for my PC (want something futureproof), is there any AC antenna dongles on the market that would work with Kali Linux (backwards compatible chipset?) not in terms of AC but the wireless N part of the antenna?

  16. har

    Hey I have a linksys ae1200 (n300) wireless-n adapter which came with a CD and I don’t know how to install it, can you help me with this?

    1. WirelessHack

      I’ve never used that adapter before. You need to find out if it is Kali Linux compatible. It uses a Broadcom BCM43235 chipset which looks to be unknown with Kali.

      You might be able to find something about it and Kali in a forum.

  17. Bablu Bilhor

    I had recently purchased a TL-WN77N adapter work fine on kali Linux, can I upgrade to high gain antenna for better wide range coverage signals. If YES how much dbi antenna it will support maximum . . . . . .??? I am waiting for purchasing a perfect antenna that support my device.

  18. Bablu

    I have TL-WN722N adapter work with kali. Can i upgrage the antina so i can get wide range coverage. If yes what should be the max dbi of that anteena should i use???

  19. pradap

    Can you suggest to me the cheapest WiFi card that works on Kali Linux….

    Thanks in advance

  20. Shubham

    I have Sony Vaio with BroadCom BCM434142 Network Adapter.I can’t get mine to work in pentesting wifi.Is it not compatible? If Not I want best adapter that can connect to long range wifi and that is fast enough.

  21. naveed

    hey admin i have prob i brought new awuso36nh adapter i am running kali from vritual box and my kali dont support adapter when i try to install 3070 driver it gives make*** [linux ] error 2 in installation

  22. Wans7

    Heloo.. Need Help… ADMIN… i want using my Alfa Awus 036nh in Beini 1.2.1… i run beini in my Virtualbox… first using i scan it… and get Wifi… but now.. when i scan i didnt get any wifi… how can this happen?? help me out please…

  23. tamim

    Thank u… What about tp-link tl-wn822n does it work with kali linux

        1. Robert

          Are you using the tp-link tl-wn822n ? I don’t think that one is Kali or Backtrack compatible.

          1. Venshen

            Hi, I had my own tp-link wn821n v4 , it doesnt work,
            after i got my wn722n . Everything goes great. But I’m still reaching for better adapter.

  24. Barao

    Hey do you guys know if the Altheros AR5007EG works on backtrack 5 r3??????

    1. Robert

      I had the same Atheros AR5007EG as the internal wireless on my old Toshiba Satellite. I could never get mine to work. Unless they have new drivers for it than more than likely you will have to buy a compatible USB adapter.

  25. shubham

    I am using external wireless adapter tp link TL WM721N is it compatible for backtrack 3.0?

  26. Abhinav

    Hey i wanted to know why should i conaider buying these if i get bundeled adaptors working in my lappi in kali linux
    what are benifits of buying these technically ?

    1. WirelessHack

      Wireless Pen Testing requires a wireless adapter that can be put in monitor mode and do packet injections. Most network cards can not do this. If you simply want to surf the internet while using Kali a laptops built in wireless card will likely do that. But to do the things Kali was created for, specific adapters with correct chipset need to be used.

    1. WirelessHack

      An adapter that has a bigger dBi antenna will have better range but many use boosters in combination with bigger antenna to get real distance. Boosters and bigger antennas can always be added later if needed. Here is a post about this.

      Also it is possible to increase the transmitting power of an adapter but doing it manually can heat up a adapter and burn it up. Here is more information for doing that.

  27. Wanscr7

    now i’m confuse… which adapter i should buy can you give sugestion… Alfa Awus036h , alfa awus036nh or Alfa Awus036nha……

    1. WirelessHack

      Any of the above adapters will work with Kali, It simply depends on what your setup is. Are you looking for long range? Then you will need an adapter with a good antenna. Are you running Kali in virtualization with Windows 7 then it will have to be compatible with Windows 7 and so on. Reading the reviews on Amazon is the best way to see if one fits your setup. The list above are Kali compatible adapters and are known to work well with Kali Linux and wireless pen testing.

  28. Wanscr7

    Hello… Can you give me tutorial how to install driver for Alfa Awus036nh and where i can download Alfa Awus036nh driver (for Kali Linux and Windows 8)…

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