Best New 2019 Budget Android TV Boxes S905X2 vs S912 Processors

By | November 1, 2019

Best New 2019 Budget Android TV Boxes S905X2 Vs S912 Processors
Android TV boxes were introduced a few years ago and continue to be very popular media centers.

They are mainly used to play videos from storage and online locations such as Netflix, YouTube, or Kodi.

While mainly used to play videos they can also be used for gaming along with many other tasks and make for great low-cost media center boxes.
Best New 2019 Budget Android TV Boxes S905X2 Vs S912 Gamming
The main processors for budget android TV boxes in 2019 are the S912 and new S905X2.

Many are familiar with the S912 with it being a popular low-cost CPU back in 2018.
Best New 2019 Budget Android TV Boxes S905X2 Vs S912 Tanix
The original S905 may also be familiar as it was a good CPU back in 2017 with many older boxes still using it.

The S905X2 is an updated S905 that is faster and has added features.

S905X2 CPU vs S912 CPU
The new S905X2 is close to the same performance as the S912 processor.

The S905X2 is a 4 Core 1.8GHz CPU and is a new processor for android TV boxes expanding on the older S905 architecture.

The S905X2 has an Antutu benchmark score of 57591.

The S912 has 8 Cores 1.5GHz and has been a good budget android TV box CPU.

The S912 has an Antutu benchmark score of 48798.

While the S912 has 8 cores the S905X2 performs better.

This is likely due to software that has yet to take advantage of 8 core SoC processors.

While benchmark testing both CPU’s with two Android TV boxes the results were very close.
S905X2 CPU Vs S912 CPU
Let us know what you think below in the comments on which is better.

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6 thoughts on “Best New 2019 Budget Android TV Boxes S905X2 vs S912 Processors

  1. bunter

    The newer S905X3 on my Droidbox x3mini (4gb ddr4 and 64scores over 78000 on average and 80000 on good days which beats the the S905X2 BY OVER 30% for the same price point oe cheaper which makes the S912 look really old and past its sell by date!

  2. Andrew

    Of course numbers are not everything, but the quad core box wins when it comes to numbers. You’d expect that an octa core box would win from a quad core box. I am one of the people who, strangely, always go for the higher specs on paper..

  3. Torben

    Just wanted to point out that the s912 is better for gaming when playing newer games that support Opengl ES 3.0

  4. Prashanth

    I think both processors are good if i have to choose a box i ll go with T95Q

  5. andrew alderson

    does anybody know about the new A95X MAX cant get no limits magic on it just comes up failed .could you tell me a good build that would work on that type of box thanks

  6. jamie

    Amlogic S905X2 is a 1.5Ghz processor. Amlogic again lied in commercial advertisement at first launch that its a 2Ghz, then now it claims 1.8Ghz. Its the same in the past that they lied many times on their processors speeds.


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