Coronavirus Quarantine Causing Kodi Streaming Slow Down

By | March 29, 2020

Coronavirus Quarantine Causing Kodi Streaming Slow Down
The Coronavirus Quarantine is causing bandwidth usage to spike on streaming video sites.

With many people at home, streaming videos has become the main way to stay entertained.

This has caused Netflix, Disney+, YouTube and others to lower the video quality as demand spikes.

  • U.K. internet service providers have seen double-digit increases in traffic amid the virus lock-down.
  • Streaming services including Netflix, YouTube, and Disney+ are lowering video quality to help stop buffering.
  • In many parts of Europe Netflix has stopped 4K and 1080p streaming and now streaming 720p or lower.
  • YouTube has video quality defaulting to 480p which can still be set higher manually.


Kodi users are also seeing a slow down as links scraped from the internet are causing videos to buffer or not connect.

While finding good links has always been an issue for Kodi users it is becoming more of a problem as servers are overwhelmed with traffic.

The popular service Real Debrid announced a huge increase in traffic and has been adding servers to meet the demand.
Coronavirus Quarantine Causing Kodi Streaming Slow Down Real DeBrid
Real Debrid has seen a 30 percent increase in traffic.

Many popular Kodi add-ons are also having problems finding good links that work.

Keep in mind most Kodi add-ons do not store any content they only search the internet like Google for available links.

What Can Be Done to Find Good Links?
The free links many add-ons provide do still work and can pull in a working stream.
Coronavirus Quarantine Causing Kodi Streaming to Slow
While the free links still work it will require more patience to find a good stream that does not buffer.

Real Debrid and Premiumize are popular services that for a fee will pull in the best links.

Torrents are also making a big come back with the big Torrent sites The Pirate Bay and 1337x seeing huge jumps in traffic.

For those who use the free Kodi links, good streams can still be found but it will take a bit more time looking.

Also, the most popular add-ons are currently being overwhelmed with lesser-used add-ons working better.

Using a less popular add-on that can find different links can make a big difference.

For example, the Crew is currently the most popular add-on is having problems with links since they are being overwhelmed quickly.

See Here for a List of the Current Top Add-ons.



8 thoughts on “Coronavirus Quarantine Causing Kodi Streaming Slow Down

  1. Butch Cassidy

    I’ve been using a new add-on called Discovery. I found the link on a Kodi forum. A proper Apk. Devs are jsergio and Benny Bronx.

    1. Michael

      Ive never heard of this “Discovery” is it good how can i get it? What things does it include? Can yoi send a link to that forum?

  2. Wayne Gambell

    The Crew and Resistance are 2 good working addons right now. I seen to be able to stream quit well even with the free links.

    1. michael L fortenberry

      hello can will all be big boys n girls,
      my kodi is working good with real-debrisd. but let’s not forget all the people around the world that wish that was there only problem,lots of people are losing their lives,jobs let’s remember what’s important,and unite to help one another,try and make it thru this horrible time,and if no one
      told you they love you today I do,

      1. Roberto Pecina

        Thats the spirit .!! Stay positive. The helk with slow servers !!! Were are going thru a pandemic. !!!! God bless us all. , our families .practice social distancing. And pray for our loved ones and families .god almighty…will bless us all and figure out what essentials we need in life right now like ..hmmmmm????🤔
        KODI…. Haha ..god bless america .and the whole world. Stay safe everyone .

  3. Bill

    I have had success letting the link play for 40 seconds and then pausing until some grey shows up ahead of the blue bar. It is definitely about being patient. Thanks for all your work.

  4. Adam Phillip

    I’m having to watch shows at crazy hours in the morning when there is less demand.

  5. kungfudog

    I havent had any issues with my kodi streaming. Still watching 4k without any issues. Pay for Real Debrid. It’s very worth it.


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