4 Fixes when PlayStation Network Sign In Failed on the PS4

By | March 19, 2023

How to fix PlayStation Network Sign in failed on the PS4
If you get a PlayStation Network “Sign In Failed” on a PS4, there are several causes and fixes.

First, be sure the PlayStation Network is not down, and your internet connection is up and working.

If the PlayStation Network is down or your PlayStation is not online, you will not be able to sign in.

The four fixes below are the most common problems the PS4 has when it fails to log into the PlayStation Network.

If you have a fix not on the listed below let us know in the comments.

4 Fixes when PlayStation Network Sign In Failed on the PS4

  • Check for Updates
  • fix PlayStation Network Sign in failed on the PS4 Check Updates
    There may be a known sign-in issue with an update ready to fix it.

    If there is an update installing it may fix the problem and get you back on the network.

    Go to Settings–> System Software Updates and see if there are any updates to install.
    Fix PlayStation Network Sign in failed on the PS4 Check Updates 2
    The screen will display any updates or if the system is up-to-date say the latest version is installed.

  • Turn Off the PS4 Completely
  • Many users set the PS4 to go into Rest Mode or simply Restart the system, but turning it completely off can help solve issues.

    Hold down the PlayStation button and go to the Power Options to bring up the power menu and select Turn Off PS4.
    Turn Off the PS4 Completely
    After the unit completely powers down, wait 10-15 seconds and power it back on.

  • Remove PlayStation Account and Log Back In
  • Deleting and removing a user from the PS4 and adding it back in can sometimes fix the problem.

    Keep in mind, when a user is deleted, all saved data, screenshots, and video clips will also be deleted.

    Since all the data will be deleted this method will not be for everyone.

    If this method is done be sure to have your sign-in email and password as it will be needed to log back in.

    How To Remove PlayStation User and Log Back In

    1. Go to Settings–> Login Settings
    2. Remove PlayStation Account

    3. Scroll down and Select User Management
    4. Remove PlayStation Account 2

    5. Choose the option Delete User
    6. Remove PlayStation Account 3

    7. Select the User to delete
    8. Remove PlayStation Account 4

    9. Click Delete
    10. Remove PlayStation Account 5

    11. Click Yes
    12. Go to New User
    13. Add New User PS4

    14. Go to Create a User and accept the terms (Skip the PlayStation Network)
    15. Add New User PS4 2

    16. Go to Settings–> Account Management–> Sign In to Play Station Network
    17. Type in your email and password to sign back into the network
  • Change DNS Server
  • The DNS Server can be changed which can help in some scenarios.

    A DNS is a Domain Name System which is a server that converts names into numbers computers can understand.

    While humans use names such as PlayStation, computers see only numbers.

    A DNS server stores both in a very long ledger to point a network where to go.

    Sometimes a DNS server can not be reached or is down, causing an issue.

    Changing the DNS Server to another Server will help if there is a DNS problem.

    How To Change the DNS Server on a PS4
    Go to Settings–> Network–> Setup Internet Connection–> Use Wi-Fi–> Custom–> Choose Your Network–> Automatic–> Do Not Specify.

    The DNS Settings option will come up Choose Manual.

    Change the Primary DNS Setting to and the Secondary DNS Setting to

    Save the settings and test your network connection.

How Do You Fix a Failed Sign in On a PS4?

There can be several fixes for a PlayStation 4 that has failed to sign on.

The most common fixes are to check for updates, do a complete reset of the PS4, remove the PlayStation account, and then sign back in and change the DNS server.

Network issues can sometimes be difficult to solve since so many components must work together.

Finding which parts are working, such as the PlayStation network or home network, can go a long way to narrowing where the issue is.

It can no doubt be very frustrating when the PS4 sign-in failed to log you into the PlayStation Network.

When a PlayStation network sign-in fails, there are different ways to solve the problem, including rebuilding the ps4 database, changing the DNS settings, factory reset

If you are having this problem, there are several fixes to get you back up and playing again.

First, be sure the PlayStation Network is up and working. Checking PSN Twitter or Facebook page often shows if other users are having a problem or there is any server maintenance.

Checking for an update can also help solve an issue as there may be a known problem with a fix ready to be installed.

The next thing is to completely power down the PS4 and restart it.

Often the PS4 is left in Rest Mode or Restarted when it should be powered down and then powered back on.

Powering down and restarting your PlayStation allows the system to clear out bad data and have a fresh, clean restart.

Rebuilding the database can also work many times and solve PlayStation the network sign-in failed error.

Last, the DNS server may be having a problem, and changing the Server PS4 DNS can help in some scenarios.

Have you fixed a PS4 that fails to log into the PlayStation Network? Let us know your thought below.



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