5 Causes and Fixes When Apex Keeps Crashing PC

By | May 22, 2024

Fixes When Apex Keeps Crashing PC
If you are trying to play Apex on Origin or Steam and it keeps crashing, there are several cand and fixes that can solve the issue.

Often there is no single fix but various fixes that can vary based on the PC hardware, OS version, and more.

Why Does My PC Keep Crashing When Playing Apex?

The most common cause of Apex crashing is the video card or power supply.

Installing the latest drivers for the graphics card and adjusting the settings can often help out greatly.

The video card settings can be adjusted to help reduce the strain on the card and power supply.

If the power supply Watts are too low or it is starting to fail, it will also cause a crash.

Below are common fixes when Apex keeps crashing on your computer.

If you have a fix not on the list be sure to let us know below.

5 Causes and Fixes When Apex Keeps Crashing PC

  1. Update Graphics Card Driver
  2. 5 Causes Fixes When Apex Keeps Crashing PC Update Graphics Card Driver
    Updating the video card Graphics Driver can often help solve crashing problems.

    Even if you have the correct driver installed, there may be a new update that fixes the issue.

    The best way to update the driver is to go to the manufacturer’s website and download the newest version.

    For example, if you have an NVIDIA card, go here to Driver Downloads and enter your card details.

    If you do not know which video card you have, type in Device Manager in the search bar and select it.
    xes When Apex Keeps Crashing PC Update Graphics Card Drivers 1

    Under Display Adapter will be listed the videos card you have installed.

  3. Lower Video Resolution and Refresh Rate
  4. Fixes When Apex Keeps Crashing PC Lower Video Resolution and Refresh Rate
    Lowering the video resolution and refresh rate can help a video card that is being overloaded and crashing.

    Graphics card manufacturers will usually have their own video management software, or the Windows default settings can also be used.

    How far lower to set the options will vary and sometimes need a bit of trial and error to get the settings correct.

    Often it is best to google your card and Apex, then read through forums or Reddit for the best settings.

    To change the settings, right-click an empty area on the Desktop, which will show available video options.

    Under Display Settings, there is an option to set the video resolution.

    The Advanced Display Settings will have an option to lower the Refresh Rate.
    Fixes When Apex Keeps Crashing PC Update Graphics Card Drivers 3

  5. Use Windowed Mode Instead of Full Screen
  6. Use Windowed Mode Instead of Full Screen
    Running in Windowed mode can greatly reduce the strain on the video card.

    The shortcut key and options for switching between full screen and windowed mode will vary on how Apex is being played.

    Windowed Mode may not be as good as full screen but can sometimes get Apex working and stop crashing.

  7. Power Supply Low Voltage (Check Watts)
  8. 5 Causes Fixes When Apex Keeps Crashing PC Power Supply Low Voltage
    If the power supply in a computer does not supply enough Watts, it can crash when under a load.

    The Watts needed will vary and depend on the computer and video card being used.

    Most gaming computers will have an 800-1000 Watt power supply or higher to give an extra boost when needed.

    If you can not upgrade the power supply, reducing the load can greatly help a computer use less power and make a game playable.

  9. Bad Ram Memory (Re-seat RAM)
  10. 5 Causes Fixes When Apex Keeps Crashing PC Bad Ram Memory
    While rare, if the RAM is going bad, it can cause a crash.

    Often when the RAM starts to go bad other crashes will also happen when using Windows.

    The RAM can be removed and reseated back into place, which can sometimes clear problems.

When a Apex crashes, it can no doubt be very frustrating.

The main thing to check is the video card drivers and the Watts the power supply has.

If your card is very old it may be time for an upgrade.

If an upgrade is not possible, lowering the video resolution, refresh rates, and other settings will help reduce the power requirements.

While a new video card can be expensive, a new, higher Watt power supply is usually affordable.

Have you had issues with Apex crashing? Let us know your thoughts below.



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