How To Install Beautiful Soup Kodi Addon Dependency

By | December 16, 2018

Beautiful Soup Dependency is used by many Addons to help simplify the coding required.
Sometimes for whatever reason the dependency does not install and needs to be installed manually.
Since it is used by so many Addons this can be a problem if it fails to install automatically.
Why it fails to install can be any number of reasons from hardware to software versions.
One quick work around is to download and install it manually.
The location the Zip file is stored after downloading will vary depending on the hardware used with it usually in a Download Folder.
Window PC users will need to create a Temp folder on C: and copy it from Downloads since Kodi can not see any Desktop Folders.
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How To Install Beautiful Soup Kodi Addon Dependency
1… Download the Beautiful Soup Zip file to your device. Most new installs need Beautiful Soup 4.

Beautiful Soup 3 Link

Beautiful Soup 4 Link
2… Open Kodi and from the Main Menu and click Add-ons

3… Click the Package Installer Icon from the top left

4… Click Install from zip file

5… Direct it to the downloaded BeautifulSoup Zip file location, and click on it for it to Install.

For PC users create a TEMP folder on C: since Kodi can not see any Desktop folders and copy the Beautiful Soup Zip file to it.
Click on C: and then the Temp folder the file was copied to.
How To Install Kodi NAN Scrappers Dependency pic 1

20 thoughts on “How To Install Beautiful Soup Kodi Addon Dependency

  1. kurt

    I managed to reinstall from (failed to install beautifulsoup icon). hope this helps, saved me some Dicking around anyway.

  2. lee

    hey All, followed all the instructions, the file in on my SDcard, its loaded from ZIP

    went to the repositories to download the MAgicDragon or Exodus and it still says BeautifulSoup4 failed

    the zip (beautiful soup) load hasn’t done anything? still have the issue even after downloading, uploading and installing the BSzip?

    just don’t get it

    1. Anne

      Same issue, I think this is to install beautiful soup version 3, and for exodus we need version 4.
      Anyone know where we can find version 4?

      1. Seth

        Yes, I do.

        First, you’re going to want to download the ‘Downloader’ app from the Fire TV store if you haven’t already.
        Then open the app and type in the following into the bar that appears in the middle of the screen: “”
        And then click the link that says ‘’
        After it says it downloaded successfully, press ‘Done’ and go to Kodi, click Add-Ons, go to the little package box icon at the top left corner, and click ‘Install from zip file’. Go down to ‘Downloader’ and click it, then find ‘’. Click it.
        After that, it should download and you should be all set 🙂

  3. garrikus

    Can anyone help with instructions on how to install this on the nvidia shield? Please and thanks!

  4. Jenine

    Hello! Do you have any advice for downloading this to a fire stick? Thank you!

  5. Lena

    Hey the new update is placenta install or update that and ur good.

  6. Kyle Wilsterman

    When I do this there is nothing in the file. Where do I put the address in and find the download?

  7. Katrina Nuciforo

    I got to install from zip file
    See Blamo,click on it nothing
    the ok isn’t highlighted to press

  8. Edwin

    3 fresh installs and every time, error message “metahandler installation failed” fillowed by “Failed to install a dependency”.

    I have installed (more like updated) beautiful soup and the nanscrapers (I can see they’re installed!), but I cannot install Rebirth.

    What am I doing wrong?

  9. John

    I got to the website and downloaded the file from the site. But i cant see any zip files. Please help

    1. Rmania61

      If installed using the downloader app on firestick, Go to install from zip file and select the folder external storage. Scroll down to downloader folder and its in there…

  10. KayBee

    I cant get the kodi box to download the zip file. Is there any other way to get besides the website?

  11. Olivia

    I tried doing this and I don’t have the link for it when I go to install from zip file. What can I do to cross it over to kodi from downloader?

    1. San

      Bloody thing just keeps Loading….. I have an android smart box, any help would be appreciated!


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