How To Install Kodi on an Android Smartphone

By | April 2, 2021

How To Install Kodi On a Android Phone 2017
Kodi is a very popular media center that when combined with Add-ons allows for streaming all kinds of content such as TV shows and movies.

In the past Kodi was confined to a media center box such as a dedicated computer. Now Kodi can be installed on an android phone or tablet, and play the same media anywhere bandwidth is available to stream content.

Kodi 19 Matrix is the newest version to be released and has some major updated and interface changes.

Kodi should install on any Android smartphone or tablet that has at least Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher installed.

To install Kodi on an Android phone or tablet and watch your a TV Show/Movie is a two step process.

First we need to install Kodi then we need to install a program called an Add-on to stream the content.

Be sure to be connected to a WiFi signal unless you have an unlimited data plan as streaming movies uses a lot of bandwidth and data.

Below is written step-by-step instructions for how to do both first installing Kodi then the popular Covenant add-on.
Steps For Installing Kodi To an Android.

The first step is to install Kodi from the Play Store or from the Kodi site.

Kodi Play Store Link

Kodi Website Link

It is much easier, and automatic, to install from the Play Store than the Kodi download page but either option will work.

How To Install Add-ons
Once Kodi is installed on your android, add-ons need to be added to Kodi to stream content.

The Oath Addon has been recently updated and a good one to use, but there are many more available.

Steps to Setup Unknown Sources in 19 Matrix
Kodi Matrix needs a box checked called Unknown Sources to install add-ons.

Click the Settings Icon in the top left corner
Steps to Setup Unknown Sources in 18 Leia Step 1

Steps to Setup Unknown Sources in 18 Leia Step 2

Steps to Setup Unknown Sources in 18 Leia Step 3

Turn ON Unknown Sources

A warning box will come up click Yes

Keep in mind there are many add-ons and it is best to have a few if one stops working.

Read Here To See a List of the Current Top Kodi Add-ons

Using a good VPN with Kodi is always suggested for privacy, security, and being anonymous. If you need a good low cost VPN to use with Kodi Try Express VPN it having multiple high speed servers with no throttling or logs.

* is not affiliated with Kodi, or any Addons or Builds. is a news and informational site which does not support or condone copyright infringement. Kodi should only be used with content that is bought and owned personally or is in the public domain.

How To Install The Oath Kodi Addon

  1. At the top left click the System Settings Icon
  2. How To Install Kodi 18 Leia Addon Step 1

  3. Click File Manager
  4. How To Install Kodi 18 Leia Addon Step 2

  5. On the left click Add Source
  6. Click where it says NONE
  7. How To Install Kodi 18 Leia Addon Step 4

  8. Type in the URL:
  9. How To Install The Oath Kodi Addon Step 5

  10. In the next box down name it Oath and click OK
  11. How To Install The Oath Kodi Addon Step 6

  12. Double check everything is correct and click OK
  13. How To Install The Oath Kodi Addon Step 7

  14. Go back to the main menu and click Add-ons
  15. Click the Add-on Package Installer Icon at the top left
  16. Click Install from zip file
  17. Kodi 19 users click OK on the Warning popup and be sure Unknown Sources is set to on
  18. How To Install Kodi 19 Matrix Step 11

  19. A box will pop open select Oath
  20. How To Install The Oath Kodi Addon Step 11

  21. Click
  22. How To Install The Oath Kodi Addon Ver 25 Step 12

  23. Wait for the Repository to download and popup at the top right and say Repo Installed
  24. How To Install The Oath Kodi Addon Step 13

  25. Click Install from repository
  26. How To Install Kodi 18 Leia Addon Step 14

  27. Click Host505 repo
  28. How To Install The Oath Kodi Addon Step 15

  29. Video Add-ons
  30. How To Install Kodi 19 Matrix Step 17

  31. Click The Oath
  32. Click Install
  33. How To Install Kodi 19 Matrix Step 19

  34. A box will popup showing all the dependencies and add-ons that will be install Click OK
  35. How To Install Kodi 19 Matrix Step 20

How to Stream A Video With The Oath and Kodi
After The Oath add-on is installed it will be located from the main menu under Addons–>Video Add-ons.
Kodi 17.6 Krypton Setup and New Exodus Install 2018 777
Finding movie or TV show within Exodus is easy to do what confuses most is how the servers work.

Once a video is selected to play a server list will come up with available streams. The Oath will take 60 seconds to pull in all the best server links.
A Guide To Kodi and Streaming Movies or TV Shows Server Links
Servers can become full and kick a connection or start to buffer, if this happens simply move on to another server.

Sometimes 4-5 servers will need to be tried before a good one is found.

The servers are simple enough to understand, basically if one becomes full and doesn’t allow any more connections, then a server that is not full needs to be found.

Sometimes a server will come up that ask to PAIR with it. Simply hit the cancel button on any Server asking to Pair and move on to the next on the list.


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  1. Shawna K Steele-hesson

    Thank you so oo much I have used configurations and had to uninstal and reinstall kodi twice. I followed your instructions, did it once and PERFECT. FRUSTRATIONS OVER THANK YOU

  2. Chuck

    Thanks so much for your great instructions! My buddy told me about KODI briefly, but wasn’t able to offer any installation instructions (I think his kid installed it for him, lol). After a quick internet search I found your instructions. I followed them, and am currently watching one of my favorite series! thanks again!

  3. Ankur Prasad

    Could anyone help me with step 12? I followed all the steps, rechecked it but I can’t see any .zip file there. So what should I do next?

  4. Michael

    Exodus isn’t installing. Stuck on srep 19. Please help.

  5. Michael Wilkinson

    Thanks a lot. Installed Covenant on firestick and tablet via your instructions. Both work brilliantly,better than Exodus now.

  6. Nicole

    I have tried restarting Kodi twice and every time I click Ares Project from step 15 and it says it can not connet to the repository. Any help?

  7. Durkster

    I’ve had a digixstream streaming box that was preloaded with all the great Kodi apps. I can’t live without that box. I recently upgraded my cell phone to a Samsung Note 8. Thanks for this fantastic step-by-step installation tutorial. It couldn’t have been any easier! I never would’ve figured this out myself. Now I can watch my favorite shows and catch up on my teams in bed or on the go. The world is a better place now. Thanks again!

  8. Jaime

    Can you download movies on an android device? I can download movies using the Velocity add-on from my computer, no problems, but when I try to do it from my Android TV or on any of my Android devices, nothing happens. Is this possible to do? It would be nice to have them right on my tv rather than transferring to a USB.

  9. David M P Davies

    New to mobile phones – installed the base kodi ok but have difficulty in navigating particularly whn heeding to do those operations which are kode by a back up button on a remote.


    Many Thanks


  10. Jason

    I am familiar with kodi and have it on all my devices but for some reason on step 12 nothing appears! I can’t click on a zip file cuz there isn’t one there, never had this issue before

    1. April

      I am having the same issue. I click the correct file on step 11 but nothing is there to unzip. I have uninstalled kodi and repeated the steps but still nothing. I’ve even waited to see if it was just slow accessing it but after 15 minutes, still nothing. I have double checked everything. This is frustrating!

      1. Crystal

        I uninstalled kodi and reinstalled it and it worked fine.

    2. Hope Marie Hester

      Did you figure it out because it’s doing it to me too.

  11. Anton Chetty

    Hi thanks kodi works fine

    I need some assistance please , I have an LG smart tv to which I want to screen share kodi from my android phone , I can watch kodi on my phone but cannot share to tv ….hovever I can share my you tube videos on screen share to my lg smart tv.
    I had tried chromecast but it does not pick up my tv .

    Please kindly assist

    1. Manny

      Both kodi and exodus add on installed perfectly only issue is static in tje audio as soon as I start up kodi and it continues on in tje streaming any suggestions on how to get rid of it?

  12. Nolly kouwenberg


    I try to do this, but with step 11 (click xvbmc) nothing happened.

    Can you help me out?

    1. Sonia Ellis

      It seems like nothing is happening but if you wait awhile you will see at the top right when it is installed

  13. tommy

    Im getting the error unable to connect after I name ares wizard and click OK. says couldn’t retrieve directory info. won’t do it on wifi or cellular data. galaxy s6

    1. Casey Lamperez

      You are having problems because Ares wizard is dead . Try no limit or wookie lee

  14. H. P. G.

    I used to use kodi on a galaxy j7,but when I installed localcast for the chromecast, my factory video player doesn’t work anymore. The only option that’s works is to use it thru chromecast. I uninstalled localcast, and videos still won’t play thru my device! What the hell just happened!?
    How do I get add ons to play thru my device again?

    1. Bob Genos

      Yeah same, the folder xvbmc wont open and it always redirects back to the original menu.

      Please send help

  15. Lindsi Agnew

    Okay so I got it to download, but for example the movie Snowman is literally bringing up a Santa Claus movie. Does that mean that none of the links have the actual movie yet?

  16. Josh

    I trying to install colossus from the respository and stated that it cannot connect to repository..

    Please help

    1. LaKendra Verner

      Go back a step and redo what you already did and try it that way I had to and after that it worked perfectly

  17. Jesse

    Best For Ah NetBox, I Think!!! Never Had An Easier Way For Android Solfware Till, Now. thank You!

  18. Taylor

    Can someone please help, I followed directions and got it to work for one TV episode. When clicking on TV shows now I get a …….. and when clicked on it pushes me back to the selection screen

    1. Kizzie L Baker

      I tried to do it step by step not working for me I keep having to install it over again it’s like it’s not connecting to the respos.itory

  19. Lake

    Thanks ,it works flawlessly on my S8 plus.
    For those complaining… Make sure your phone setting no just Kodi unknown apps are also checked or allowed. Other than it was easier than I thought.

    1. Taylor

      Hi what do u mean by making sure phone setting not just kodi unknown apps are checked and allowed? I’m thinking this might help my problem. TIA

  20. Kristina Nolen

    Woot!woot! I’ve had kodi on my firestick and finally got it on my Samsung galaxy s7. Love it. I also got it on my tablet an ellipsis 8 (I had to update it to lollipop but it was simple after that.) No issues installing or streaming. Thank you guys for putting these steps out there. Amazeballs!

  21. Kristine

    I’ve followed your instructions to the letter …I get to the part to open zip file and there’s nothing in the folder for me to continue I’ve checked person says remove an S (what s)… this is frustrating the hell out of me now.. I’m on a Samsung g7 tablet and fone… my hubby can’t work it out either…. any step by steps to rectify this would be very helpful please

    1. Stanielle King

      Make sure you are in expert mode… That was my issue also.

  22. know about aadhar

    You make it seem really easy together with your presentation but I in finding this matter to be actually something which I feel I would never understand.
    It seems too complicated and very broad for me.

  23. Henrietta

    Hey guys, I updated to Kodi Krypton the other day but it hasn’t been acting right since. You about have to do a performance of the Fonz from Happy days to get it to work. Kodi keeps reverting back to the home screen after booting up. Also, my box is full and I have cleared stuff out and it keeps showing its full. I know I can’t clear data for Kodi because it will delete content. Please shed some light on this issue and what I can do. Thanks!

  24. Cassandra Bergeron

    I tried downloading it on 2 different tablets. A ZTE tab and a acer tab. Both tablets crashed after a few minutes. I uninstalled the app.

  25. Choco-latte

    I have an Oppo F9. Whenever I try to install the Exodus Add-on it comes up with a little tab saying “The dependency on script.module.metahandler version”. How do I fix this to install the Exodus Add-on?

  26. John

    Everything seems to work until the final install step. I go to video add-ons, exodus, install. But then a notification pops up saying “Exodus: The dependency on script.module.metahandler version” and then nothing. The same for Pheonix. What am I missing?

  27. Maggiexxxx

    I love keep kodi on my Galaxy s7 but it’s driving me mad I can not find how to save my programs to favorites can you help please

    1. JC

      Press on the program icon for few seconds and a menu will popup to allow you to save to favorites.

  28. Chucky

    Thank you. I kept running into roadblocks with the addon installer not being able to be installed. Your site was one of the few that recommended for the android phones to set the system settings to ‘Expert’. I believe that made everything work.

  29. Samuel Arzate

    Have galaxy s6 edge plus

    Did step by step but still cant get exodus to appear in video add-ons? Can you help

  30. JB

    tried to install on samsung galaxy s6 edge and get to step 12 and get error installing.

  31. Ashley

    I’m trying to download spectrum on kodi for an lg phone. I keep getting to the section where you have to download from repository under video addons but nothing is showing up? has anyone else had this problem? Can anyone help?

  32. Nicholas

    work like charm on note 4, android box, and IPad mini 2 . Thank u very much

  33. Martin Lindström

    I’ve installed this on a Samsung Note 7. I’m trying to install a remote app on another android phone, but neither the yatse or the Kore apps can seem to find the media center… Is there a general problem with using two android devices or am I just doing it wrong? 😀

  34. Aqeef Aniq

    Hi, I’m using smartphone galaxy tab 10:1. But I unable to install kodi. Did I must use 4.4.2 kitkat android or higher than that?. Currently I’m using 4.1.2 lolipop. Can I have also zip file for kitkat android version? Appreciate if u can help .thanks

  35. Joseph A ScottI

    Can’t get CODI orEXODUS to work on my cell phone. I get bored working security and like to watch a movie from time to time. I have a flip phone from 2002. I don’t know why it’s not working but I know it’s not my phone cos I can still make calls and even text on just my little old flip phone, any one have any ideas, would be appreciated

    1. Hugh Jardon aka: Mike Hawk

      yes, i can help. Here is step by step directions on how I can provide assistance:
      The word SMART in smart phone is there for a reason!!! I hope this helps!!

  36. jambo

    Thank you so much. So easy to follow your instructions and works like a dream!



    I am trying to get exodus on my mobile phone on KODI how ever it gives me no menu options so I cant install
    for example if you look at step 7. You can see he is clicking in add ons. Mine is completly black. so is the other options. so clicking on something is complete guess work.

    how do I get the text on? so I can actually see what I need?


  38. desperate

    trying to install kodi on Samsung 10.1 but it keeps saying not compatible. How do I update software to 4.2 so that I can install kodi? I tried doing it from settings on it says its up to date but it is 4.1.2. Anyone please help.

  39. michele

    I bought a kodi box from Amazon worked only for two days I followed these step by step to get kodi again all it has given me was trailers for movies so I deleted the whole thing I want to get kodi but can’t install it right so forget it I will stick to my cable

  40. Joey

    Hey guys love the great work you all do at the wireless shack! Quick question, what would you say is the most stable add on for Android cell phones for streaming as everyone else is wondering this same exact thing? Thanks in advance cheers

  41. Ernie B.

    I’m trying to watch UFC but it says YouTube access not configured. How can I Fix that?

  42. Jonte

    Hi I have fusion installed and navix but I constantly get a message saying no ” sources” found so basically nothing works and I would really like to have live TV without having to pay someone else a fee for the app .please help

  43. Joe Cedatol

    I installed on my elipsis 8 tablet. Followed everything and says cannot connect to server. I’m using my wifi. Shut off wifi and still said can’t connect. I installed it on my phone and it worked just fine. Please help.

  44. Joe Cedatol

    I installed on my elipsis 8 and followed everything. It says can’t connect to server. I’m on !y wifi and my 4g is good. I was able it install on my phone, but not tablet. Please help.

  45. matt

    does it work on a samsung j5 and will it show premier pass and other sport channels ?

  46. joanne

    I have been using kodi for about a week on my MYGICA device. It was working with no problems, but lately it has been difficult opening up movies. It started with cache full, then next i wasn’t able to open certain icons like latest movies or if I wanted to choose a certain genre the Links wouldn’t open. I am at a lost and no idea what’s going on. PLEASE HELP!

  47. Kristen

    Some movie on my kodi app have weird sound like robot sounds. I have tried many links fot this movie and they all do it. No talking Just weird computer like sounds. Not all movies do this

    1. Adelleke

      I am having the same problem with the weird robotic sound and haven’t found a solution yet. Did anybody find or get a solution for this problem yet? And if you did, can you give it to me, please?

  48. conor

    Hi when trying to install when I go to the page add zip file isn’t there super repo from s 6 edge

    1. WirelessHack

      They changed the name to “My Add-ons” in the new Kodi releases. You can also click “Install From Repository”.

  49. Cason124

    When I try to install arm it say app not installed (talking about kodi) and I can’t find anyway to fix this. Does anyone know anything?

    1. admin

      Be sure to remove any previous install and make sure the correct Kodi file for your hardware is downloaded. Also check the space available to install Kodi is enough.

  50. Corey

    does not let me install the software from the kodi website i have the use unknown sources on but will not install the thing

    1. WirelessHack

      Double check the URL is entered correctly. It is the same as entering a URL into a browser and going to the page manually. Downloading the .ZIP file manually can also be done.

  51. chris

    Why does my fire stick restart when I am watching a movie on kodi? It happens every 20-30 min. Any ideas on what’s going on and how to fix?

  52. Michael

    I have installed on my galaxy s5 but it only works with wifi I have unlimited data how can I get it to work when not around a wifi connection

    1. WirelessHack

      5 Mbps should be enough to stream movies. For SD movies and shows 3-5 Mbps is required, more for HD and blue ray. Most the streams are in SD so that shouldn’t be too much of a issue. Keep in mind as Kodi becomes more popular the servers/streams can become overloaded. If that happens just keep moving down the server list until a good one is found.

  53. Rob L

    I’ve side-loaded “The Beast” and other builds on several fire sticks and windows machines. I was pleasantly surprised after loading Chris B “The Beast” on my S-5 – it seems to run very smooth. The 1 issue I have is Kodi is not very friendly to use on a small screen when you are 6ft 2 with large fingers.

    Do you know of any builds suitable for a smaller screen such as a cell phone?

    1. WirelessHack

      Ive installed the Beast on android TV boxes and computers but haven’t done it yet on a phone. I have always used the default Kodi install when I have. May have to try it and see which build is the best for a phone.

      If you find one that works good for you let me know. Others are likely interested also.

  54. Jessica

    superrepo not showing when i pop install from zip file on android why?

    1. WirelessHack

      The same as going to a website in a browser the URL needs to be correct along with an internet connection. You can even download it direct from a browser and than install as a ZIP File.

  55. Kody bennett

    Help! It keeps saying when I go to install it says “Application not installed” and that is it. It just closes.

  56. rob

    After installing kodi 15.2 on my HTC one m8 after following various videos I get no get add-ons option on the addons screen?

    1. WirelessHack

      They changed the name to “My Add-ons” in the new Kodi releases, than click “ALL”.

    1. WirelessHack

      If one server doesn’t work than keep going down the list of servers until you find one that does.

      A server can only handle so many connections before it buffers or denies a connection, which often throws out some vague error.

      Most of the time trying 2-3 servers will get a video started.

  57. Geneo

    Have Samsung tablet 10-5.
    Is there a way to install Kodi or similar device on the tablet.
    Have Uverse 450 plan in house.
    Uverse apps blocks local channels so will not receive local channels can only record but not view recordings
    on tablet. Someone out there has an answer to receive local HID TV stations on the tablet. help
    Jacksonville FL

  58. Lance

    I’ve been in I.T. for more than a decade and have an entire home entertainment LAN setup and configured so that any network-based device that can connect to my home network can access my Drobo 5N for archived movie and TV show playback. I can access my Drobo via my installed Network Browser app on my Samsung Galaxy S5 (which I’m on right now), but I cannot for the life of me get KODI for Android to access my Drobo no matter what network interface or path format I try. The phone can see the Drobo and access it, but KODI is apparently blind as a bat. Any suggestions?

  59. myname

    I’m a 52 year old disabled person on a very tight income. I just want to say thank you for this very easy guide. I’m not computer savvy at all but i was able to install kodi on my phone and tablet thanks to you and it works like a charm. looking forward to many happy hours watching TV and seeing movies i wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford and see. I appreciate this.

    1. Jay

      I got it installed on my note 9 but when I click on a show it doesn’t find any streams just says no streams found every time

  60. Max

    Radio is playing fine but when i try and watch tv i get “One or more items failed to play. Check the log file for details.” on most channels. I’ve only found one channel that works. I’m using a Galaxy note 4 on fast wifi

    1. WirelessHack

      Getting a bad or full server is part of using plugins with Kodi. If you get a bad one than simply move on down the list of servers until you get a good one. Currently Genesis and 1Channel are working best but this can always change.

  61. Richard

    I have a question how come my addons aren’t updating automatically on a samsung tablet

    1. WirelessHack

      The add-ons usually update automatically but if they dont you can press down (dont let you finger up) on the add-on you want to update, choose add-on information and manually update it.

    1. WirelessHack

      To ad a App to the home screen hold the icon down by pressing on it, than move it to the one of the screens that popup on the bottom of the phone. All the while pressing it.

  62. Stephanie

    I downloaded the Kodi app, and had a friend do all this for me. However I just had my samsung 6S phone wiped (thanks to verizon) but I cant seem to get the original download that was done back? Is there any way of retrieving what was once there?

  63. Joe

    I dl kodi on my Samsung s3 and now my ohone is freezing? If uninstall and start over will all the first files come out ?

    1. WirelessHack

      Yes, you can completely uninstall it by going to Settings–> Application Manager–>Select KODI, and clicking uninstall.

  64. Dan H

    I’ve downloaded from Play Store and am now following the guide for adding SuperRepo, however I’m stuck at steo 10. How do I know what version of Kodi I have

    1. WirelessHack

      Its the same version of Kodi that was downloaded. If you are unsure install from a older version the add-ons should update automatically.

    2. Joe bloggs

      I had this problem as well. Restarting kodi seemed to work for me.

  65. WirelessHack

    Do you have a good internet connection, with no firewall blocking it? Also double check the URL.

  66. Jessica

    When I get to the setting I hit install from zip file, then click on superrepo, but no options pop up after that. Any idea what’s going on?

  67. WirelessHack

    To remove a app on a android go to Settings–>Application Manager. Than select the app and click uninstall.


    TO do you set it up.and do you have a phone number so i can talk to a TECH like to have it pls..because i have a APPLE T-V.and i have to pay for different kind of movies..and i was told that KODI was for free..because id like to have my foot ball, hockey, and pls email me back a.s.a.p.with your phone number so i can talk to a tech agent to install KODI.ON MY P-C.AND THEN I COULD HOOK IT UP TO MY T-V.WITH A HDMI pls again send me a email with your phone number so i can talk to a tech agent..and do you need a box like a apple to make it work..pls again email with your phone number so i know what to do..THANKS AGAIN FOR EVERYTHING… RICK PASEK

    1. WirelessHack

      This is a post about Kodi we are not affiliated. Kodi is free and doesn’t have a have a support hot line. They do have a forum to you can post questions to There are also lots of YouTube videos about how it works. If you feel like you need help setting it up dedicated Kodi box manufactures will have a support line such as Idroidnation boxes like this one Idroidnation Special Edition MX3 Kodi Box

  69. James


    I have downloaded Kodi on my nexus tablet but want to send it to chromecast – can this be done?

  70. Harry

    Have installed kodi on noxus 9 no matter what address iadd to file manager add source when I press done it always says unable to connect could not retrive directory information this could be due to network not being connected

    1. WirelessHack

      There needs to be a Internet connection or else it wont be able to find the address.

    1. WirelessHack

      You likely have to enable hardware acceleration for video under settings.

  71. francliff

    I do get “no stream available”whenever I want to watch live football match,am using infinix hot note pro,I installed sportsdevil in it but yet am still getting the same response,pls help me admin…thanks

    1. WirelessHack

      It will depend on the link if you can connect or not. Links can become broken or if too many connections are already made it can reject new ones as to not crash the sever and slow down the existing connections.

    1. Farzan

      I have a galaxy tab 4. It doesnt find anything in the fusion folder when installing from the zip file…. so i am stuck there… can you assist?

  72. Blake parks

    Somehow my android uninstalled it so how do I get 1 channel back on

    1. WirelessHack

      I would check the URL setting of Fusion. I always use SuperRepo so I dont have the Fusion URL handy.

  73. Gary Glover

    Hello I have installed Kodi on my HTC m8 but when I go to do an add on it says “couldn’t connect to network server” I am at home connected to wifi? Any help please

  74. Kevin

    Installed kodi and added football today but I get no stream available for all links. I am on android,samsung galaxy tab s. Installed from Google play. Should I just Uninstaller then reinstall?will I then have to add football today add on again?

    Pretty sure these same links work on my xbmc on my windows pc.

    1. WirelessHack

      I’m not familiar with that add-on. Keep in mind that Kodi addons are coded by third parties that depending on how they are coded may or may not work on some hardware. Most are universal and will work across platforms while some will only work with a x86 computer or only a ARM based phone/tablet. If you do run into this scenario it is best to look for another addon that does the same thing and works with the hardware you are using.

    1. WirelessHack

      I just installed it on a friends computer yesterday and everything is working. The video may be easier to follow.

    1. WirelessHack

      Yes this can be done depending on the phone and TV being used. Popular options are using a HDMI cable or Miracast.

    2. TV Binger

      Works for me by multi screening to tv. I am having some freezing tho which is annoying.

    1. WirelessHack

      Its been awhile since Ive used Fusion but ya they are basically the same. As long as the repository can load up the addons you want into Kodi is the main thing.

  75. Cedric

    I have Samsung S6, and I have downloaded kodi, but cant find genisis or navi x in the add ons , pls help. Thanks

    1. TheTechGuy

      Its under the video section…you have to click add mor videos…then you can find them…i just found them on my galaxy mega

  76. Tee

    Can you watch live tv with a pvr client on android samsung s5 mobile phone

      1. john

        Got it all, but when I’m on Genesis and I click on everything (movies, tv shows) it opens, but when I choose genre, year or whatever it does not open anything, am I missing something?

        1. BigDog

          Yerman your problem is Genesis doesnt work anymore, get 1Channel, Specto or Exodus

      2. marian felix

        please Wirelesshack ..please again show me the best way to install romanian channels and all over the world on my android box mx3 ..ive tried iptv ive tried a lot of ways , dont find the one and the best …help me

      3. Gary Jennings

        I keep getting a no network message when I click on fusion on the install from zip part of the set up

    1. Greg

      You would need to jail break iPad….at least for now that’s how it would only work on Apple devices

  77. Robert Hilf

    Very cool information now I can watch my favorite shows at work, security guard job.


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