How To Install The Alfa AWUSU36H USB Adapter In Windows 10

By | February 13, 2020

Windows 10 Alfa dongle fix

A video walk through is at the bottom of the page.

The Alfa AWUS036H USB adapter/dongle is a good USB adapter that has been around for many years.

Recently when I tried to use The USB adapter with Windows 10 it wouldn’t work.

After playing around a bit I installed the drivers manually.

Steps To Install The Alfa AWUSU36H USB Adapter with Windows 10

  1. If you don’t have the AWUS036H Windows 7 64 bit driver you can download it from Alfa here.
  2. Extract the folder if you had to downloaded it.
  3. Install The Alfa AWUSU36H USB Adapter In Windows 10

  4. The files we need are located in the Win7X64 folder which is under RTL8287 folder. Don’t click on the install files simply know were they are at.
  5. Alfa awus036h win 10
    Driver install AWUS036h in Windows 10

  6. Be sure the adapter is plugged in and go to Device Manager by typing it in the bottom box. Click on it when it comes up.
  7. Alfa USB Adapter Windows 10 Install

  8. Click the arrow on Network Adapters and you should see the Alfa adapter there. It most likely has a yellow icon indicating a problem. Click on the Alfa adapter.
  9. (I already fixed the problem so it is showing fine in the picture)
    Alfa awus036h win 10 problem fix

  10. A box will come up click the Update Driver tab.
  11. alfa usb windows 10

  12. Click the bottom but that says Browse my computer for driver software.
  13. click bottom tab

  14. Select Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer.
  15. Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer

  16. Click Have Disk
  17. Have disk

  18. Click the browse button and point it to the Win7x64 folder that contains the drivers. It is located under RTL8187–>Win7X64
  19. 64 bit driver windows 10 alfa adapter

  20. After selecting the file click OK than Next and the driver will install.
  21. Windows 10 Alfa dongle fix

  22. Your Alfa AWUS036H USB adapter should now work with Windows 10.

28 thoughts on “How To Install The Alfa AWUSU36H USB Adapter In Windows 10

  1. beba

    right cliclk exe of utility properties then compatibily mode change to windows 7 then run program and working on windows 10

  2. lewisi

    everything worked well. but now there is” no wifi network” showing in the connection bar….

  3. mohsen

    hey. i did as you said. in the end i will receive the installation completed but right away I hear the disconnection sound and I dont have it in network list anymore.. whattttt is wrong?

  4. BILAL

    ok @Tim
    go to control panel -> open select network and sharing center , you will see on the left side of the page change adapter setting click that option now you will see all the networks shares on your computer, the recent you are using is wifi with the name Broadband underneath ; and the Alpha adaptor propbably wifi2 with written RealTec RT 187 ……. beneath it.
    first disable the wifi Broadband which is already connected, then right click on the 2nd with the name of Realtek RT18….. and enable it,,, and it will work inshAllah.

  5. George

    I finally got the alfa wireless adapter to work in win 10 pro on my laptop. I don’t know how it finally happened to work since I was trying evey suggestion from Alfa and this site. But it started to work so whoopee I’m sorta happy.

    I still am unable to figure out how to find and download JUST THE UTILITY! The adapter works but the utility is nowhere to be found, and I WANT IT!!!

    Please anyone, how to find and install the UTILITY ONLY. WINDOWS 10 PRO.

  6. Prashant Pandey

    Thanks for the help buddy!! just need a little more help. actually my alpha awus036h keeps on disconnecting, already changed channel but it still keeps on disconnecting continuously..

  7. George

    I am having the same problem as Inon. The adapter worked well after upgrading from win 7 to win 10. However when trying to initially install it on a new win 10 computer the driver update fails every time. AND, I have followed every step exactly MANY times and it still fails.

    Maybe there is a mistake in the steps of the vidio???

  8. Inon

    I folowd the orders exactly as folowd , and it sais that windows find the drivers but there is an error trying instalation the drivers . i’d be hapy if i get some help , thanx

  9. Fred

    Thank you so much for helping me get back online. What a relief it is to get this to work again. Thank you so much!

  10. MD EID

    i read your good answers, but i have something problem:
    i install already ALFA device its working good as WIFI device, but I’m using it to creat hotspot from my PC, i have another USB wifi device it works very good, but I need more distance coverage so I go for ALFA device. my problem now is that I cant creat wifi hotspot using this alfa device. I’ve tried Baidu and OStoto hotspot but didnt work with me. if anybody can help me to creat stable wifi hotspot using ALFA device, I will be thankful….

    hope caring, THANK U

  11. Tim

    Does not work with windows 10. Adapter keeps cycling on and off.

    1. WirelessHack

      Old style USB adapters sometimes use more amps than some computers built-in USB supplies. Using a powered hub often takes care of this. There could be another problem but low USB port amp output is a common one.

      1. Henry Junior Lara

        Tengo windows 10 y la verdad que la antena alfa network AWUSO36H no es de los veloz, mi señal de internet es de 3.4 Mb/s con cable y con esta dicha antena mi velocidad disminuye a 2.13 Mb/s
        la verdad q me a decepcionado por completo la antena de wifi alfa.

  12. Lucius

    Thanks bro!! It is working now. I looked up for this driver on so many pages.

    1. WirelessHack

      There is no need for the utility in Win 10. Windows 10 takes the place of the utility on the right bottom side.

      1. Yuukie Yuu

        A lot more options can be made with the alfa utility since windows suck. Ok sorry, things can be done with Windows too using CMD or PowerShell but take few clicks with the utility and few more minutes.

    2. CaptainTrips

      You can use the ALFA Wireless LAN Utility, you have to install the driver (last is 11G_Win7 AWUS036H Driver Win7 32-64bit 20160114) with win7 compatibily mode (right click on setup.exe, troubleshoot, etc)

      1. Yuukie Yuu

        I Second CaptainTrips it 11G_Win7 and your ALFA WIRELESS LAN UTILITY will work you don’t need-it except if you want to boost the TXpower up to 30.
        You can do much more with the utility but txpower to 30 along with a 14 to 24 dbi directional antenna.


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