Our Picks for Best External TV Tuner With HDMI Output

By | October 5, 2018

Best External TV Tuner With HDMI Output
Having a TV combined with an ATSC Tuner is a very good options for cord cutters looking to get free over-the-air TV stations.
Most older TVs always had a tuner built-in, but many newer TVs now do not come with a built-in converter.
External TV tuners are a good option and often have many more features such as recording live TV for later play back.
Our Picks for Best External TV Tuner With HDMI Output
Many low cost units use a External flash drive for recording shows which works very well.
An antenna will also be needed to pick up the most stations with many options available.
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There is no doubt many good units available with those below simply some of our favorite options.
As always be sure to read the reviews on Amazon, forums, or elsewhere to be sure a unit is a good fit for you.
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Our Picks for Best External TV Tuner With HDMI Output
Mediasonic Homeworx HW180STB 3 / 4 Channel HDTV Digital Converter Box with Recording and Media Player (New Version)
Mediasonic is well known name making many good TV products including the HomeWorx HW180STB.
The back of the unit has has a coaxial connector from an antenna and output HDMI or Component video to a TV.
Best External TV Tuner With HDMI Output 2018
It also has recording features but will need an external hard drive added to save TV shows or movies.
The Mediasonic HomeWorx is a low-cost unit that converts an over-the-air signal and outputs HDMI.
1byone ATSC Digital Converter Box for Analog TV, Analog TV Converter Box with Record and Pause Live TV, USB Multimedia Playback, HDTV Set Top Box for 1080p(New Version)-Black

This unit from 1byone converts HD 1080p OTA broadcast and sends it to a TV via HDMI or Composite Video.
It can also pause and record live TV once setup with a flash drive which is not included.
It is a low cost unit that comes with all the items needed to convert an over-the-air signal to a HDTV, including a remote control.
ViewTV AT-263 ATSC Digital TV Converter Box and HDMI Cable

ViewTV makes the AT-263 which converts an OTA signal and outputs via HDMI, YPbPr, or Coaxial.
It includes a HDMI cable which many boxes do not come with.
A lot of features are programed into the box such as Auto Tuning, Program guide, Recording PVR, Closed Caption, Favorite Channels List and Parental Control options.
Most older TV’s already have a TV tuner and only need an antenna to start picking up free OTA TV.
Many people still buy a dedicated box as they are low cost and have many more features such as recording shows.
The DVR features usually require a device to record to such as a flash drive or external hard drive which are not included with most boxes.
USB flash drives are usually the best options since they are low cost. External USB hard drives are a good option when a lot of recording will be done but can cost more compared to a flash drive.
A external antenna will also be needed for the best results with many options available.
Dedicated High Definition TV tuner boxes are low cost units that are almost a must have for any cord cutter.

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