Our Picks for The Best OBD2 Scanner Tools

By | June 7, 2023

The Best OBD2 Scanner 2016
Having a good OBD2 scanner tool is a must have to troubleshoot a vehicle engine and pull computer codes.

After reading a code it will show what the problem a car or truck is having and narrow down what to do to fix it.

With the many OBDII scan tools for sale it can be a bit of a question what the best one is.

There are many good units available with some of our favorite picks below.

As always be sure to read the reviews on Amazon, forums, here, or elsewhere to be sure a unit is a good fit for you.

Our Picks for The Best OBD2 Scanner

  1. INNOVA 6030P
  2. The INNOVA 6030P is an OBDII scan-tool with many added features such as built-in Bluetooth, ABS, and battery test.

    Since it has Bluetooth built-in it is also a wireless scan-tool that works with an app making it a standalone unit or work with a smartphone.

    INNOVA has a dedicated app called Repair-Solutions 2 that is available in the Google Play or the App Store.

    This makes it a good unit for those who want a stand-alone unit as well as a wireless unit that can send data to a smartphone.

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  3. CReader 4001
  4. The Launch CReader 4001 is a good low cost scanner with a lot of features.

    It has a lot of options including reading codes, erasing codes, I/M readiness, data stream, On-Board monitoring, and vehicle information.
    Review Launch CReader 4001 OBD2 Diagnostic Scan Tool Read Codes
    It also erases emission related error codes which is nice option, of course the code will likely come back if the problem is not fixed.

    When it comes to cost verse build quality and features the Launch CReader 4001 is a good unit to get.

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  5. Autel AutoLink AL319
  6. The Autel AutoLink AL319 is a low cost OBDII engine scan-tool that has a lot of features.

    It can read and clear vehicle engine codes as well as live data, freeze frame, and I/M readiness.
    Review Autel AutoLink AL319 OBDII Scan Tool Read Codes
    This makes it a good small scan tool for the average vehicle owner to a DIY mechanic.

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  7. LAUNCH Creader123i
  8. The LAUNCH Creader123i OBDII scan tool is the latest version of the 123 series from LAUNCH.

    It is a professional OBDII scan tool with many nice features such as reading SRS and ABS codes, a touchscreen for easy use, WiFi, and much more.
    Review LAUNCH Creader123i OBD2 Code Scan Tool with ABS and SRS Options Menu
    The Creader123i has a lot to like about it, and it is for the advanced DIY mechanic or a professional.

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  9. ELM 327
  10. The ELM 327 is a well known micro-controller that is built specifically to translate OBD2 signals to other interfaces such as USB or Bluetooth.

    This means the the ELM 327 controller shows up in a variety of devices sold to convert OBD2 signals.

    The devices include Bluetooth, USB, and handheld tools, which can vary in price from very cheap to expensive.

    It will require a smartphone or laptop to display the data via a app or program.
    Best OBD II Scanner 2016 Elm 327

    There are many programs that can show the output of the ELM327 and do many other things such as clearing codes or even a full display of oil pressure, temperature and so on.

    If you need a small quick low-cost OBD2 scanner tool a small ELM 327 device is a good option.


  11. Autel MaxiScan MS300
  12. The Autel MaxiScan MS300 is handheld self contained scanner.

    It is low cost and requires no other electronics such as a smartphone or laptop to give codes. No batteries are used either it draws power from the OBD2 plug.
    The Best Car OBD2 Scanner 2016

    It has a simple to use menu system that is managed by two buttons, scroll and enter.

    This is a good low cost budget option that is a stand alone OBD2 tool.

  13. MAOZUA VS600
  14. The VS600 Vgate is a nice mid-range scan tool and comes with everything needed to troubleshoot a vehicle computer codes.
    Best OBD2 Scanner

    The features are too numerous to list from the basic clearing of codes to graphs that show data.

    This is unit may have more options than is needed for the everyday backyard mechanic. If you do want more options than this is a good unit.

  15. INNOVA 3100
  16. The INNOVA 3100 is a mid-range OBD2 standalone code reader for those who need more than a cheap tool.

    A nice feature about the INNOVA 3100 is its ability to read ABS codes which many tools dont do.

    It can also clear codes and show pending codes.

    Best OBD2 Scanner 2016

  17. Actron CP9690
  18. The Actron CP9690 is a high end OBD2 scan tool that has features most will never use.
    Best OBD2 Scanner for Automotive Repair

    It also can give codes for the early OBD1 cars and comes with a variety of cables to fit the all the non-standard plugs for pre-1996 vehicles.
    Best OBD II Scanner 2016

    The CP9690 is likely over kill for most but if you want scan tool that can do it all this is a good one to look at.

Buying the best OBDII scan tool like any device takes reading and understanding what is needed to fix the job you have on hand.

If you only need to troubleshoot one car a small cheap low cost OBD2 unit will likley be best.

For working on multiple cars a better built unit with more features is likely the better option.

Most any tool will give the codes for any car 1996 and newer since the interface have been standardized on these models.

Once a code is given software is usually included to give more information about the code. While this is OK it is always best to simply Google the code and read through the many forums about the problem, which will give more clarity to the problem and how to fix it.

More expensive units will have more information built into them to give more details about a code without looking it up.

Whichever unit is bought as always be sure to read the reviews on Amazon or elsewhere to be sure it does what you need it to do.

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