Review: Foscam FI9800P Outdoor HD Wireless IP Camera

By | May 20, 2016

Review Foscam FI9800P Outdoor HD Wireless IP Camera

The Foscam FI9800P is a outdoor WiFi security camera that can stream video and sound to your smartphone or computer.
It can also be setup in a wired Ethernet configuration if needed, or can send video straight to a phone without going through a router.
Sending video straight to the phone will only be good when you are at home so setting it up with a router will be a better option to see video on the go.
Main Features
Night Vision
Motion Detector
HD 720p Video
Wireless or wired
The box comes with everything needed to setup the camera including a disk with the utilities.
Review Foscam FI9805P  Outdoor HD Wireless IP Camera
The camera has five wires that include Ethernet, Power, Audio, and a Reset Button.
Foscam FI9805P  Outdoor HD Wireless IP Camera Connections
The antenna screws on easily.
Review Foscam FI9805P 960P Outdoor HD Wireless IP Camera Setup
The power plugs into a AC outlet and goes to the camera.
Foscam  Outdoor HD Wireless IP Camera Power
The Foxcam App needs to be installed. Other apps will likely work if you have a favorite but we only used the Foxcam app.
The first time the app is used it will prompt for a username and password which sets up an account with Foxcam.
Review Foscam FI9805P 960P Outdoor HD Wireless IP Camera Scan QR Code
A email will go to your email account that must be checked and verified.
The camera is than setup by scanning the QR code on the camera itself. Be sure to scan the code on the camera itself and not the code in the instructions.
The Foxcam Camera App has many features including, taking a snap shot, night vision, rotate, record video, and zoom.
Foxcam Camera App
There are many more options depending on your configuration.
Mounting the camera the rear will tilt in any direction and a small Allen wrench (included in the box) is used to tighten it into place.
Foscam Outdoor HD Wireless IP Camera Review and Setup
Two screws hold it in place for the final placement.
Review Foscam FI9805P  Outdoor HD Wireless IP Best Camera
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Foscam FI9800P Outdoor 720P HD Security IP Camera with Motion Detection, Night Vision and Cloud Storage

The Foscam FI9800P is a nice IP camera and does what it is supposed to do.
Besides using the phone app the camera can also be viewed on a computer using a browser.
The setup directly to the camera with no router was easy as downloading the app and scanning the QR code.
If it is configured with a router into a home network than the configuration will be more technical since there is no getting around setting up IP addresses and port forwarding.
Connecting to a router is not necessary and everything will work great while you are home.
The only reason to route it through a router is if you want to view the video while away from home which requires it to be hooked to the internet via the router.
As far as the distance it can send a image, this will vary for everyone.
Wireless as most know depends on the environment it is in, everything from the neighbors WiFi to microwave ovens can disrupt a wireless signal.
Many people expect more from WiFi than they should, with this in mind the Foscam FI9800P works good.
If you live in a crowded wireless environment than using the wired Ethernet may be best, again this will defer for everyone.
Ways to improve a bad WiFi signal include wireless boosters, signal extenders, and access points.
The Foscam FI9800P is working very well for me and I am still testing it out.
The app has many features which I haven’t tested fully.
If anything changes I’ll be sure to update this post.
As always be sure to read the reviews on Amazon or elsewhere to be sure a unit is a good fit for you.


One thought on “Review: Foscam FI9800P Outdoor HD Wireless IP Camera

  1. Leonard R.

    I have five FI9800P cameras around my house, at $70.00 a pop that were expensive. Love the clarinet and wifi connection, without warning all five cameras stopped working, they will not configure on wifi or hardwire. I am always having to take them down and reconfigure them, this time…nothing.

    Customer service is useless, no email response or return calls. Maybe issue with technology or outdoor cams. Either way, I am going with a more reliable competitor.

    They came highly recommended from numerous friends but now I am very disappointed, I travel abroad often and require surveillance for my home, now I am forced to by new cameras.


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