Review: Matricom G-Box Q Quad Core Kodi Android TV Box

By | April 7, 2015

Review Matricom G-Box Q Quad Octo Core XBMC Kodi Android TV Box

The Matricom G-Box Q is out and has an upgraded Quad Core CPU from the old Dual Core version.
This Android Kodi box list many features from playing streaming 1080p video to having a built in dual band WiFi.
If you have a dual band wireless router that can use the 5 GHz frequency with the new 802.11ac protocol than the speed is much faster than the older 802.11n.
Wireless 802.11n has a transfer speed of 300Mps while 802.11ac has speeds up to 750Mps, which comes in handy if you are streaming video.
The Matricom G-Box also has 2GB of Ram and 16Gb of storage.
The box comes with a HDMI port, two USB ports, Ethernet, Optical and a SD Card slot.
Matricom G-Box Q Quad conections
new kodi Matricom G-Box review
The one I ordered came with a HDMI cable ready to be hooked up.
Review Matricom G-Box Q Quad
It also comes with a IR Remote Control, alternatively a keyboard can be used with one of its USB ports.
Review Kodi XBMC Matricom G-Box Q Quad
It comes with a get started guide and information on how to upgrade the firmware.
Matricom G-Box Q Quad getting rid of cable
Hooking it up is straght forward connecting the HDMI connection to a TV and plugin it in. The USB connectors can be used to connect a keyboard if you don’t want to use the remote control.
Review Matricom G-Box Q Quad Octo Core XBMC Kodi Android TV Box 3
The Matricom G-Box boots to a default screen and will need to be setup. The default screen is always being updated. Be sure you have the newest version by going into system settings and than check for updates which will update to the latest.
Matricom G-Box Q Quad and kodi
To get to setting use the side bar panel click setting and first setup your WiFi. The new default screens have the setting on the bottom.
Matricom G-Box free cable tv box
Enter your router WiFi information.
Matricom G-Box review
It comes with most things you would expect such as Gallery, MediaCenter, MoviePLayer, and XBMC/Kodi.
Matricom G-Box xbmc review
It also comes with a browser, App installer, calculator, email, Google play store, and clock. This can be customized, basically anything that works with an android can be used.
review Matricom G-Box Q Quad core
Clicking the Kodi icon brings it up as it would on any Kodi box.
Matricom G-Box Q Quad review
To get the most out of the Kodi add-ons needs to be used. Add-ons are like apps on a smart phone and are usually installed with a repository such as SuperRepo.
This is a very good Kodi media center box and once you understand how Kodi works you will not even need cable.
There is some technicality to setting it up but not near the technicality of setting up a Raspberry Pi or hacking a Apple TV 2.
The main thing will be to learn how to install and use Kodi add-ons such as 1Channel or Genesis.
The Matricom G-Box Q Quad is one of the best ways to play Kodi combined with all the features android is known for.


57 thoughts on “Review: Matricom G-Box Q Quad Core Kodi Android TV Box

  1. Steve Nickau

    Hi folks! Here’s my dilemma: I have a 200mps internet connection in my house through TWC/Spectrum. I use a SolidRun CuBox to run Kodi. Mostly for tv shows now that the NBCSN add on does not work any longer. I have been streaming sports, NBCSN, FOXSPORTS GO, on my computer; a Dell Inspiron 17R 5720. My Ethernet port on my computer, and I suspect on the CuBox also, cannot support this internet speed to its full potential. Does the Matricom G-Box Q2 support this internet speed? Im interested in it because of the Android OS and I am considering just one device for all my needs. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you

  2. don reynolds

    I have a TiVo box hooked up with Ethernet can I hook this into my system with Ethernet or do I just use wireless?

  3. Kelly

    I have my gbox but dont have the remote or wireless keybord with me, is there an app i can use on my phone to access it?

  4. FLORA

    I got the Gbox Q and i haven’t be able to download any type of movie apps. i did you tube and i didn’t work how can i download movies app in a easy way?

  5. Wayne

    I have a 4TB HDD and I want to know if it will work with the G-Box can anybody help?

  6. JJ

    I got my box in 2015 and it worked well but as we entered 2016 I cannot access any movies or videos can I get some guidance on how to activate it

  7. Jan

    Will I be able to connect a non smart TV? I other words no HDMI.
    If not is there an adapter I could use to connect it?



  8. Christopher

    I am fed up with Comcast and ready to cancel and I just want to know that if I buy this box and figure out how to use it ( online tutorials and message boards seem pretty thorough) can I watch live cnn or hockey when I get home from work.

  9. BWS

    I had issues connecting to my wifi at first too….kept saying “connecting ” for several minutes but wouldnt connect. I had to dissable my security on my router “left my wifi in open mode” and then it was able to connect. Then I turned my security back on and then reconnected the matricom box with my security passphrase and it woked fine. I bought 3 boxes at Christmas time and all work fine except one in a far bedroom has issues with a weak wifi connection. Youtube is a great resource as well for fixing issues.

  10. Jim Pir

    Bought my unit 2.2015. Only problems so far is that wifi not that great, so use a cable and after on so many hours the sound goes out. Support sent new firmware, but that did not help. So i shut it off for about 2 hours and start it up again. overall i give it a B+

  11. eddy

    I just got the matricom gbox q and set everything up but im getting lag during movies my download is 55mbs and upload 12mbs i reset everything set it back up same problem sone shows are fine its mostly movies that do it i have my cache going to external hard drive to save room any advice

    1. WirelessHack

      It takes 5 Mbps down to stream movies. If you are using Kodi than the servers are becoming overcrowded which than leads to kicked connections and buffering. All that can be done is keep going down the server/sources list until a good one is found. usually a good source can be found within 2-3 tries.

    2. Cstone

      The matricom g box has HORRID support for both WIFI and Ethernet. On top of that if you have the latest 1.4 firmware, theres a major problem where video always freezes after a few seconds. Still not fixed after 4 months.

      It’s not he servers. I get FPS drop, buffering and loss of connection to my LOCAL HD content. Doesn’t happen on Kodi through any of my other devices.

      Matricom is crap. Software and firmware. You got duped. So did I, i bought two of them. Constant freezing, terrible network and sound support. No acceleration. Slow laggy everything. HDMI flickers on and off. It’s a mess. To make matters worse, the support is non-existent.

      Waste of money.

      1. Daedalus Wren

        If you got duped, then quick, sell the units. There are lots looking for a spare or second/third unit for other tv’s in their house. Mine works flawlessly. Only downside is no headphone jack for private viewing but all else is great. I would suspect settings error or router/modem/isp is blocking something.

  12. WirelessHack

    If your browser is missing you can go to the Play Store and download another one. Firefox and Chrome are the most popular.

  13. Joshua Freeman

    I have the G Box Q but can’t figure out how to upgrade Kodi from version 14 to 15. Everywhere I see online says to use the browser but I don’t have a browser on my box. Please tell me how to update Kodi. Thank you.

    1. Kodi user

      Go to you’ll find version 15.2 along with 16 also. Download and install thru the file browser that’s on the matricom. I’ve installed 16 as an upgrade right over the 14 version of kodi that came pre-installed with no problems.

  14. Tim Romero

    I wanna say buh-bye to cable TV but I wanna keep those HD network channels such as ABC, CBS, ect. Will this GBox Q do that for me?

    1. William

      Yes. But based on where you live it might not be the “local” feed. I can get ABC, but its really CBS out of NY not locally here in WNC. There’s probably some way to do it but I haven’t figured it out yet.

  15. Serge

    Thanks for your reply wirelesshack.
    I did not try resetting my router and i don’t know how to do that. I have connected easely a new phone to my wifi yesterday. so, i don’t think that the problem is with the router but you may be right.
    I will contact the matricom support service as you advice me to do.
    Thanks again for your assistance

    1. William

      Resetting your router is done by simply unplugging it from the power source, waiting one minute before plugging back in. I had a lot of trouble with mine at first until I watched some YouTube instructions. One of those mentioned something about the media center which is an app preloaded on the app screen. You need to open media center and turn on the switches. After I did this, my gbox shutdown and rebooted, updated and started working amazingly well. After watching more YouTube, followed along typing in zip files for Kodi, which allowed me to install a wealth of apps within Kodi that let you watch pretty much anything you want. There are live channels and sports, and one of my favorites is Exodus app that you can watch any movie or tv series by using its search. I am appalled by all the negative comments here that offer little in the way of helping. I couldn’t believe the difference in my box after flipping those media center switches. Why wouldn’t Matricom pass along instructions for this? Heck, why wouldn’t most of you here?

  16. Serge

    I have just received the matricom g-box that i ordered from amazon. i cannot connect it to my wifi. i always have the page ”network setup” with the message ” Connecting”. could you help with that please?

    1. WirelessHack

      I haven’t had any problems with WiFi. Did you try resetting your router? Matricom has a support line that can be called here is the page.

      Its always possible you got a bad box hopefully its just a router problem.

    2. Snidley

      I have 300+Mps and with my Samsung phone I can get 175Mps across the house. The best I could get with Matricam Ethernet was 85Mps and about 30 to 35Mps WiFi. Very disappointed in download speed. They advertise 2.4 and 5 capability which would imply faster speeds but that is not true. I have my router configured with a 2.4 network and a 5 network tried connecting with the 5 network and didn’t help speed at all.

      1. Jay tech

        85 mbs is only about 25 mbs to stream hd… Th 5 ghrtz radio wifi is to reach speeds higher than 50 wirelessly.

    3. PC

      I am having the same problem. I tried resetting the router, even resetting the g box with no improvement. Has anyone figured out this problem? I have contacted matricom support with no return. Help!!

      1. TONY

        WiFi setups are always problematic, simply tilting a WiFi device can change the transfer speed, even a microwave will scatter a WiFi signal. This usually doesn’t matter while looking at website or Facebook but when it comes to streaming video which needs a uninterruptible stream it will always be less than desirable. Some have a good WiFi environment while other will have too many signals in the air, thick walls or a combination. It will always be best to have a Ethernet connected box when it comes to streaming video.

  17. BW2

    Have had the Matricom box now for several months. Can’t say enough good about it. Very easy set up and can find just about any movie and TV show I can think of…all for free. I have an antenna for local stations but found I dont need Hulu or Netflix anymore. Occasionally I have found a movie that wouldn’t stream for me but generally it’s all good.

  18. JR

    G Box Q is nothing but a pain in the @$$. It makes no difference how much you do to it or what its “potential” is…it always needs something else done to it in order to keep it working at all. If you want something that will allow you to watch TV on demand or movies on demand and be virtually maintenance free, then the G Box Q is not for you. It’s nothing but a headache and half even if you have extra geel skills. To inconsistqant for this guy. You want advice…? Pay for cable or get an antenna…….. Netflix is 8 bucks a month and you can get virtually everything anyways. And it is trouble free. Matricom support is awful. No updates are ever available. G Box Q is a joke..plain and simple. If it is too good to be true it’s probably false….. the very definition of the G Box Q…….. FALSE!

    1. WirelessHack

      I always suggest someone new to Kodi install it on a computer to see how it works. Kodi free to download and install.

      It is used by many users around the world to watch their favorite TV shows and movies, I know many people who get rid of cable after using it.

      With that said it is not for everyone there is a degree of technicality to it. Some find it easy to use while others struggle, in the end it is whatever works best for you.

      1. Dannie

        I use kodi on my computer and thanks to closed captioning add ons I love it…..however I’m having buffering issues like 90% of her time. I do have fast internet speed. So I don’t understand why I’m having problems. Got any suggestions?

        1. WirelessHack

          As Kodi becomes more and more popular the servers used can become overwhelmed. All that can be done is to keep moving down the list until a good stream can be found. Usually within 2-3 streams a good source can be found. If a video buffers stop it and move down the list.

        2. Ronf

          You can adjust some Setting to compensate for stuttering issues. I don’t know what Box you may have but most have Setting for stream buffering and timeouts that help greatly. There is also the possibility to watch a lower resolution stream.

      2. greg

        If I plan on buying a smart tv do I need this? thanks, Greg

    2. MO

      Works great for me! Haven’t had cable or Netflix since February 2014. True…some links don’t work the first try but just try a different link. 90% of the time it works first time for me. Sorry it didn’t work for you but mine is flawless.!


    3. Greg Williams

      Netflix is going up to 12 bucks a month. The G-Box is 100 bucks. Once you install the correct wizard for Kodi, I suggest ChrisbWizard, then you sit back and relax and watch TV. All movies free, even movies in theaters. If you want to update the wizard, you simply, hit the update button when it is available. If this is too much for you, then yes, cable is the best place for you.

      You can cut your cable and stop paying for Netflix. Only thing is, one box per TV.

      Unlimited movies, TV, old TV, music, adult, sports..yeah,,,why would anyone want this…

    4. David

      Wow im no geek but you must be really tech retarded to think taking 30min a month at most to maintain your box is to hard and would rather pay 2-3 hundred a month for cable i used to pay 275 a month and granted 90 of that was internet which i still pay but the money i save every month from now till forever could have had me retireing ten years earlier if i only would have got one ten years ago

    5. Mark

      I’ve had my G Box Q2 for over a year now and zero problems at all with anything from movies to streaming to TV or music. It does whatever I want when I want it, and cost me about 100 bucks including the additional Rii keyboard/mouse add-on. In less than a year it’s paid for itself compared to pay service monthly subscriptions. Sounds like maybe your problem is operator error. 🙁 Awwwwwww…….

    6. Dean

      this guy nailed it! I have never been so unhappy with a product. I have had it over 2 years and done everything to upgrade it. Every time I turn it on I want to smash it so tonight I have done exactly that. Now I can relax!!!! Worst product I have ever had! Please share this so other people don’t get screwed!

    7. Who killed JR?

      Netflix library is very small compared to what is found on KODI.
      I like my G-box. It has opened a whole new world of old movies and entertainment.
      I did not find it too good to be true. It isn’t always a “Turn it on and watch” but it is worth the small effort I make to keep it running.

  19. Mike

    With this or any other matricom device..can I watch out of market nfl games ..such as..I live in vegas and want to watch the Chicago Bears who are on TV in chicago…but not in vegas….thanx

    1. Dennis Kennedy

      Gorilla Streams and IPTV Stalker play every game once set up, problem is IPTV not compatible with Q box yet until Kodi 15 is compatible. I put Kodi 15.1 on my computer and hook to big screen with HDMI AND IT’S FLAWLESS! Then Gorilla Streams will have games as well.


    The ipazzport mini wireless keboard with touchpad can work for XBMC/Kodi media center and very well,The same size with iphone, same function with traditional keyboard, portable and lightweight. Connect with your devices with the 2.4GHz dongle and control them on your sofa/couch/bed without taking much more space.(KP-810-21B)


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