Review: VTIN VRazr Bluetooth Wireless Sport Headphones

By | March 28, 2016

Review VTIN VRazr Bluetooth Wireless Sport Headphones
If your tired of getting your headphones tangled up with wires than you likely are looking to get a wireless set.
The VTIN VRazr is a wireless Bluetooth earphone set that can play music and have hands-free calling.
They can sync to most any Bluetooth device from a smartphone (android or iPhone) to an iPod.
They come with over the ear-hooks to help keep them in place during activities like running or working out.
They are ergonomic and stay in place well as to not come off while active.
A package is included with extra ear piece covers for a good fit.
VTIN VRazr Bluetooth Wireless Sport Headphones Review
The Bluetooth device transmitting can be up-to 39 feet away and still get a good signal.
The battery life is roughly five hours of play time with a rechargeable polymer lithium battery that recharges in 1-2 hours.
The control buttons are on the top with pairing buttons and volume control.
Review VTIN VRazr Bluetooth Wireless Sport Headphones How To Pair
The charging port is located under a tab on one ear piece.
Review VTIN VRazr Bluetooth Wireless Sport Headphones That Stay In Place
To pair the earphone press and hold the center button for 10 seconds.
Review VTIN VRazr Bluetooth Wireless Sport Headphones Pairing 3
Once the button is let go of a light at the bottom will flash blue. The Bluetooth device such as a phone can than pair in the settings.
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The VTIN VRazr wireless Bluetooth sports headphones are a mid-range unit.
The bass while not bad is not as good as some other earbuds I have used.
They did stay in place for me while being active. They are flexible to fit most peoples different shaped ears.
Overall the VTIN VRazr is a good unit. While not the best there are many worse sets out there.
If you need a decent set of earphones that are low cost than they are a good unit.
As always be sure to read the review on Amazon or elsewhere to be sure they are a good fit for you.

3 thoughts on “Review: VTIN VRazr Bluetooth Wireless Sport Headphones

  1. Mark E

    They call them “Sport” Headphones. What a joke. Just a little perspiration will render these headphones inoperable.

  2. mike

    Hi,i was given a vtin vrazr by a friend but i don’t have a user manual . i already set it up to my phone and noticed there are phone numbers stored on it,is there away to delete these numbers?

    1. Bekky

      Hello, please how can I stop the Bluetooth light on my vtin speaker bucae it make an off and on sound always….


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