Review: Wireless Bluetooth E27 LED Light Bulb Speaker

By | October 27, 2016


The E27 LED is an amazing device that plays music and changes color on demand all built into a light bulb.
It is very much a niche product which no doubt will have a use in many unique situations.
The box comes with the bulb and instructions.
There is not much to the setup with basically paring it to a smartphone which plays music, and a app to control the light color.
To play music simple got to settings and pair your Bluetooth device such as a smartphone to the Bulb.
Music will than be played from it from any popular sites such as YouTube or Pandora. The volume is controlled from your phone.
To change the light color an app is used called iLight which is available in Google Play Store or App Store.
The bottom of the bulb has a QR Code that can also be scanned and will download the App to your phone.
The iLight app only controls the light and not the music but is nice to playing with and set the mood.
The app will change the light color by touching a color or from a preset button.
I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical at first about a light bulb that also plays music but found the device not only fun but practical.
I set mine up in the kitchen to listen to news or music in the morning while cooking and getting ready for the day.
I am sure there is many more uses and scenarios that I have not thought of to use it in.
The sound is good with decent bass but cant be compared to a dedicated music player such as a wireless Bluetooth Speaker
If you are looking for a big sound than a wireless Bluetooth speaker would be a better option.
Be sure to read the reviews on Amazon ore elsewhere to be sure it is a good fit for you.

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