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Our Picks for Best Wireless External Hard Drives

Having a hard drive that can wirelessly transfer files is a nice option to have. Multiple devices can upload and download files that otherwise need cables or are set up on the network. These small external storage units give all the benefits of a standard external hard-drive only with no wires. Having a portable wireless… Read More »

Our Pick for Best Wireless HVAC Smart Gauges

Pressure gauges used in HVAC have been changing rapidly in the last few years, with many new types now available. While analog gauges are still widely used, new smart digital units are becoming much more popular. Many of the new digital gauges are also wireless units that connect to a smartphone or tablet to give… Read More »

What is a Good Wireless Storage Device?

There are many options for a wireless storage device with different hardware and features. Storing pictures, music, videos, or any files wirelessly can be done in few different ways. Some are more static devices not meant to be moved about much while others are portable giving a user on-the-go functionality. So let’s look at some… Read More »