Five Low Cost Mechanical Keyboards For Those on a Budget

By | November 14, 2015

Top 5 Cheapest Mechanical Keyboards of 2015

Mechanical keyboards are great for gamers and writers looking for good response times and good feedback from the keys.
Mechanical keyboards are known for their ability to give a gamer a edge from a standard keyboard when knowing a button has been clicked is crucial.
Writers like them since they can give a feel and sound that has been lost with the new electronic touch-pads underling standard keyboards.
The problem with mechanical is that they are more expensive than a regular keyboard.
So what if you want a mechanical keyboard but don’t want to break the bank?
There are a some options or at least the less costly options.
Read Here For a Buyers Guide To Mechanical Keyboards With Sound Examples.
Our Picks For 5 Low Cost Mechanical Keyboards

The Rosewill RK-6000 doesn’t have any back lighting or Cherry switches but is a good compromise for a budget minded person.
The Merdia keyboard while not exactly a true mechanical board does a good job in replicating one on the cheap. It also has back-lighting.
AULA does a good job of replicating Cherry MX Blue switches with this board so the sound is very clickity.
The Redragon K553 has back-lighting and what it calls custom mechanical switches. The switches are built to replicate Cherry MX Green.
Finding a good mechanical keyboard at the right price can be a challenge. The good ones will always cost since they require more to manufacture them.
If you cant afford a good expensive one than a replica is the next best thing.
The boards found above were the cheapest boards I found while writing this. Since prices always change always double check.
If you find a good mechanical board that is cheap to buy let us know.

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