Top 5 Devices To Run KODI From 2019

By | February 12, 2019

Top 5 Devices To Run KODI From 2019
Kodi can be run on many hardware platforms from a Raspberry Pi 3 to a Smartphone.
How Kodi is played often depends on what hardware you have laying around.
The minimum requirements to run Kodi are a Dual Core 2.0 GHz CPU, 1 GB of RAM, and 3D render capable video card.
Of course the faster the CPU and more RAM the better Kodi will run.
In 2019 it is best to have at least 2-4GB of RAM to run Kodi 18 Leia.
Top 5 Devices To Run KODI From 2019
Old Desktop or Laptop Computer
Top 5 Devices To Run KODI From 2017 Old Computer
An old computer can be set up to run Kodi as long as it has the minimum requirements.
This is often the best place to start and later move onto other dedicated hardware.
Running Kodi from a desktop is easy to do with the only real downside being that a large computer needs to sit next to your TV.
This is a good option though, especially if just starting out with Kodi.
While many people love Kodi there are some who don’t understand how it works. For this reason, starting out with something that is laying around is always a good idea.
A Guide to Kodi and Streaming Videos
Dedicated Android TV Kodi Box
Top 5 Devices To Run KODI From 2016 android TV Box
There is an abundance of dedicated Android TV boxes for sale that plays Kodi nicely.
This is a good low-cost way to run Kodi with most boxes having many more features such as Netflix and Youtube.
These boxes can come loaded with good hardware in a variety of price ranges. They also are small and fit nicely in with a TV without taking up much space.
The fastest is the Nvidia Shield but there are many more options.
There are many low-cost units that run Kodi well and stream videos fine.
Read Here for Our Picks of Best Hardware Boxes To Run KODI Media Center 2019
Android Smartphone or Tablet
Top 5 Devices To Run KODI From 2016 android Smartphone
Kodi can install and play very well on an Android smartphone or Tablet.
It can even be connected to a large TV and play movies and TV shows quite well.
Common ways to connect to a TV are with a Micro-USB HDMI Cable and Miracast.
Kodi 18 Leia requires Android 5.0 lollipop or higher to be installed which came out in November 2014, so most any older phone laying around can stream with Kodi.
How to Install Kodi on an Android Smartphone or Tablet
Raspberry Pi 3
Top 5 Devices To Run KODI From 2016 Rasbbery Pi 3
A Raspberry Pi 3 has a 1.2 GHZ quad-core ARM Cortex A53 CPU with 1GB of RAM which runs Kodi well.
The 1GB of RAM is low but still works even if lagging a bit when clicking about.
The only real downside to a RasPi setup is all the extras needed to get Kodi working, such as a keyboard, mouse, WiFi dongle, HDMI cable, Power supply and so on.
If you have all the extra small things laying around and the technical ability the Raspberry Pi 3 can be a fun project.
How to install Kodi on a Raspberry Pi model 3
Amazon Fire TV Stick
Top 5 Devices To Run KODI From 2016 Amazon fire TV Stick
The Fire TV Stick has become a popular option to run Kodi since it is low cost and works well.
The Fire Stick will need to side-load Kodi which can be a bit technical but there are many online tutorials.
If you have one laying around and the technical ability then it is a good option.
How To Install Kodi on the New Updated Fire TV Stick
Kodi has been coded to be installed on many different devices and all for free.
While it can be installed on many devices unless the hardware is fast enough it can lag at times making it an unbearable experience.
For example a Raspberry Pi 3 will run Kodi but freezes at moments and buffers videos constantly.
Sticking with at least a Dual Core 2.0 GHz processor, and 2GB of RAM, will run Kodi nicely in most cases.
If you only have older hardware then it won’t hurt to try it out and see how well it runs.



31 thoughts on “Top 5 Devices To Run KODI From 2019

  1. victoria Allen-Day

    my zip file on he kodi will not transfer the files what am i doing wrong

  2. Tom Bowen

    is there a solution to the “no stream available” issue?

    1. Sam

      I use EXODUS and I clear the cache on it and the cache and memory on the device I am using. Sometimes that works. if it doesn’t work then I unplug the device for a hard boot.

  3. spoddy

    Buy a Sony Smart TV. It runs on the Android platform and uses Google Play Store from where the Kodi app can be installed in 2 minutes or less. No box/stick/wires necessary.


    I have nitro TV installed on my mxq pro box and once in about every 30 minutes or less it slips out and goes back to the channel guide! Then I have to click on the channel to get it back! Does anybody have the same problem?

  5. whitehazzle

    Kodi works great on my philips android tv (7.2) I can even install placenta on it and it plays everything really smooth, compared to my old android box (H96 pro) wich was a lot of problems with (now in the trash) πŸ™‚ This is the best way too run kodi on your tv with no doubt.

  6. Dae

    I was just told by Amazon that KODI has taken the Amazon Fire Stick and Box off it’ s list of compatible devices. I do not believ this, is it true?

    1. Nickie

      I just bought another Fire Stick yesterday and downloaded Kodi on it. Still works great. Use Covenant for movies and tv shows.

      1. Lee Muir

        No, dont use Covenant πŸ˜‚, πŸ‘†πŸΌThis guy needs to update his sources!

    2. Amanda

      This is not true I bought a fire stick a few weeks ago and have put kodi on it

    3. David Manevich

      I have kodi on my Amazon fire stick and it works great. I watch all the new episodes of tv shows i want plus all the new movies as they hit the theater
      Good luck very easy to install also

  7. g. carson macdonald

    HI, I have a mbox android box kodi jarvis 16.1 works great but when I tried to update to kodi 17 is comes wont purge how can I fix this problem thanks carson

    1. John Holt

      You cant update 16.1 to 17.0 on your M Box , you need to buy a new box with 5.0 or higher Android and the M Box does,nt have Android 5.0 or higher

    2. Barry Harvey

      You need to update your android settings to instal 17.6. Your box may be outdated 1g ram 8g memory to run kripton 17.6 successfully u want to be packing a box with 2ghz processor 2g ram.

    3. IRvin p.

      You can load one of the kodi forks on your mbox ,such as the ebox kodi and it will work,forks are design for older model versions of androids ,

    4. Brian Wingrove

      I have 2 4.2 Android boxes, go to playstore and download BMC from there you need the kitkat source to add to your box and you can run a separate kodi app.

  8. Keith

    I bought the mxq box about 5 months ago and so far not to happy with this box or the Kodi on it. Those damn apps on it don’t want to work. The only one that works a little is the channel1 and then half of those links keeps giving me error codes or they keep freezing on me. I was told on the 1page booklet that came with it and on YouTube to just plug it in and I’m ready to watch Bullsht. You need to download a bunch of crap like respirators etc just to get one link to work and then after that watching only 3episodes of whatever you have to clear the cheache. Now you have to download crap like maintance tools clear cheache crap and a bunch of other stuff. But the big problem is nothing tells you what goes with what. I can say I will never buy another one of these mxq boxes ever again.

    1. Chris

      You need to clear all data in your kodi and then re load each addon what you need.
      Get the list off google an install it step by step.
      I did this to my mxq box and everything has worked great ever since.

    2. John Holt

      You obviously dont know what you are doing. Also there are better addons than Channel 1.
      Sometimes you have to clear cache But all in all it works just fine.

    3. Dogass

      Use FILELINKED (droidadmin)
      Check out TROYPOINT
      on you tube or FIREFOX app

    4. IRvin p.

      Its not that complicated man,go YouTube and follow directions,just set up a build,that’s the easy way for you, I’m in San Antonio,tx , if you near I could help.

  9. Parth Modha


    I am using Kodi Javis 16.1 since 2 years on my Ikon android TV). Now kodi is not working on the TV. I uninstalled and try to install again from Play store but it says my device is on compatible for this ? if is not compatible than why before is working ,

    Please try to fix this issue

    1. David

      basically because now on play store , the only version you can download is 17.6 and to do so you need a android 5.0 or higher, so the best option is to install the kodi 16.1 using the browser.

      1. Bill

        If the problem is that you are running android 4.0, why not just reinstall your operating system to 5.0 or higher? 6.0 is also available.

        You should consider checking out the speed of your computer. Kodi 17 won’t run on many older computers because the processors are not fast enough. If your processor speed is around 2.0, and your computer is a single or dual core, it probably is not fast enough to run Kodi 17. Apparently, Kodi does not intend to fix this problem.

        I just bought a 3.0 processor for my old Lenovo desktop. I am going to replace the processor and see if the 3.0 is fast enough in a dual core computer.

  10. Ron Anderson

    Love my KO’d so far—- only have a problem to get adult movies activated—— some show no longer available or will not access——- would appreciate any suggestions you may have!!!? Thanks!!


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