What is the Easiest Home Internet IP Camera To Setup?

By | April 20, 2020

Anyone who has not setup a home IP internet camera in awhile will be in for a shock how easy new units have become with the ease of installation.

New Cloud based IP cameras are basically a three step installation process, install an App, log into your WiFi, and scan a QR code, it really is that simple.

The old days of logging into a router to port forward IP addressees from internal to external are no longer necessary.
Easiest and Best Home IP Cameras to Setup 2020
They also have many added features such as Pan and Tilt options to move a camera about, along with two way communication, alerts, and night vision.

There are many available with those below some of our favorite picks for easy to install IP camera.

As always be sure to read the reviews on Amazon, here, or elsewhere to be sure a unit is a good fit for you.

Our Picks for the Easiest and Best Home IP Cameras to Setup

  1. AKASO P30
  2. The AKASO P30 is a nice easy to setup camera that works nicely in many scenarios.

    It is a small unit that can rotate to get a better view of a room.

    It can live stream a panoramic view of a room in HD 1080P quality along with a pan and tilt options.

    An SD-card can be inserted and used as storage or the app on a smartphone can record video.

    The AKASO P30 is a nice unit that can be used in a variety of scenarios from pet or baby monitor to simple home security.

    The setup is straight forward by downloading an app and following the onscreen instructions, Apple or Android.

    Like most all camera setups be sure to be logged into the 2.4Gz frequency of the router.

    Read Full Review Here

  3. YI Dome Camera
  4. YI Dome Camera is a low-cost solution and an easy to setup unit.

    It comes with many nice features such as Pan and Tilt, and audio for two way communication.
    The movement is 360 degree so it can fully survey a room and zoom in on a location.

    It uses an app called YI Home that works very and is easy to use.
    What is the Easiest Home Internet IP Camera To Setup 2019
    Multiple cameras can be set up with the app on a smartphone or tablet for remote wireless viewing.

    Other features include night vision, built-in microphone, 720 HD video, Real-time Activity Alerts, and more.

  5. Vimtag P1
  6. The Vimtag P1 is a popular Cloud IP camera that is also easy to install.

    It has Pan and Tilt, SD-card slot for local recording, voice communication and more.
    Mounting the unit can be done on a ceiling or any flat area such as a table.

    More than one unit can also be setup to have full security camera footage of a home.

  7. TENVIS HD IP Camera
  8. The TENVIS HD IP Camera is another good WiFi unit.

    It has an antenna for a better WiFi signal along with a dome camera that rotates and tilts.
    What is the Easiest Home Internet IP Camera To Setup Tenvis 2019
    The camera is HD 720p along with night vision and motion alert.

    Video can be saved to a smartphone with the app or to an SD-card located on the unit.

    Using the App it can move the camera around 360 degrees and tilt up and down giving full view of a room.
    Two way communication is also built-in to communicate with whoever or whatever you see on the your screen.

    The two way communication can be good for pet owners looking to talk to them when away.

  10. The MORVELLI camera is another nice easy to setup unit with a lot of features.

    Like most all cameras they have an app to guide through the setup which is quick and easy.

    It also have many nice features such as HD 1080p video, night vision, motion detector and more.

Technology has improved greatly when it comes to home security cameras making them very simple to setup.

Storage can be done locally with an SD-card, in the Cloud, or even from most Apps which record straight to your phone.
The Pan and Tilt options along with voice communication is a big improvement over stationary cameras.

This makes them great for checking in a on a pet when away from home and even talking to them. Using them as nanny cameras is also popular, of course basic security is always thier basic function.

However they are used they can benefit a home and give ease of mind when away with a quick check in or even from another room.

If you do use one while on the go be sure to have a good cell plan as they do use a lot of data to transmit information, having WiFi available is the best option.

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