Wireless USB Extender

By | December 30, 2014

Wireless USB extenders are a easy way to get more range from a USB port with no wires. The way they work is a wireless connection is made from a computer to the extender, it will then allow a USB device to be connected and the data transmitted back to and from a computer.
A standard wired USB cable can run up to 16 feet, while a wireless extender can run up to 30-50 feet in theory. The distance a wireless connection can travel will depend on any obstacles such as walls or other barriers.
The uses of a wireless USB extender are endless from connecting to a printer in another room to sharing a external hard drive, or even sharing a movie to a USB enabled smart TV.
As with any wireless device dead zones, interference, and range can make wireless act up sometimes. Anyone who has used wireless knows the limitations of wireless devices and will know whether such a product will work for them or not.
Wireless USB Extenders



2 thoughts on “Wireless USB Extender

  1. Daniel

    I can’t understand why no one has made a one to one USB wireless extender, this is probably one of the closest ones I have found so far and it’s also a hub.
    Think of a ten meter USB extension cable male to female… then just remove the wire part of it, that’s all I want, does anyone know where I can find one?
    I can build one from arduino components but it’s limited and laggy, I’m looking for a professional solution.

  2. Mike

    Will this device also send power to the transmitting device? Say I had a gaming headset that normally is powered via the USB cable. If I plugged it into this hub how would the headset get it’s power?


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