A Step by Step Guide To Kodi and Streaming Movies or TV Shows

By | January 3, 2018

A Step by Step Guide To Kodi and Streaming Movies or TV Shows C 2017
*WirelesSHack.org is not affiliated with Kodi, or any Addons or Builds. WirelesSHack.org is a news and informational site which does not support or condone copyright infringement. Kodi should only be used with content that is bought and owned personally or is in the public domain.
Kodi has become the best home entertainment system available, and all for free.
Originally called XBMC (Xbox Media Center) it has evolved leaving behind the hardware limitations of the original Xbox and changing its name to Kodi.
Kodi can be installed on many different hardware platforms from a cheap desktop/laptop computer to a Raspberry Pi. There are even installs for the Fire TV Stick.
Dedicated media center boxes and Android boxes can also be bought.
Read Here To See Our Picks for Best Kodi Boxes

After Kodi is installed to a media box it needs what are called Add-ons to take advantage of the content available.
Add-ons are like apps for a smartphone that are installed in Kodi and do what they are programmed to do.
A Guide To Kodi and Streaming Movies or TV Shows O 2017
For example Covenant is a popular add-on that allows you to stream movies and TV shows with Kodi.
A Guide To Kodi and Streaming Movies or TV Shows O2 2017
There are different sections within Kodi including, Music videos, TV, Radio, Add-ons, Pictures, Videos, Favorites, and Weather.
A Guide To Kodi and Streaming Movies or TV Shows O3 2017
Covenant would be under Add-ons Video after being installed.

How To Install the New Kodi 17.6 Krypton
Installing Kodi depends on which hardware you plan to use.
To keep it simple Kodi can be installed on an old computer, Mac or PC, and setup as a dedicated media center.
To do this simply go to the Kodi download page and download the install that works for your machine.
Download Kodi Here https://kodi.tv/download/
The install for Windows or a Mac is easy by simply downloading the correct installer and following the instructions.
The install to a Fire TV Stick or a Raspberry Pi the setup is more difficult.
Read Here for How To Install Kodi and Exodus to an Android Smartphone or Tablet
Read Here for How To Install Kodi to an Android TV Box
Read Here for How to Install Kodi on an Amazon Fire TV Stick
Read Here for How to Install Kodi on a Raspberry Pi 3.
Steps to Setup Unknown Sources in Kodi 17.6 Krypton
Kodi 17.6 needs a box checked called Unknown Sources to install add-ons such as Exodus or Phoenix
Click the Settings Icon in the top left corner
New KODI-17 Krypton Setup and Exodus Install 2 Settings
System Settings
New KODI-17 Krypton Setup and Exodus Install 2 Settings System
Be sure to be in Expert Mode
New KODI-17 Krypton Setup and Exodus Install 2 Expert Mode
New KODI-17 Krypton Setup and Exodus Install 2 Settings Addons
Turn ON Unknown Sources
New KODI-17 Krypton Setup and Exodus Install 2 Unknown Sources
A warning box will come up click Yes
To move back with a Window PC right click an empty space on the screen.
Add-ons and Repositories
After Unknown Sources have been set to ON, repositories and add-ons can be installed.
A repository URL needs to be added to Kodi so that add-ons can be installed.
Repositories are simply websites that store an Addon for download.
The web sites address or URL is added into Kodi to download the addons a repository contains.
There are many addons and repositories that can be added. Below are the steps to install the popular Covenant addon.
There are many other add-ons and it is best to have a few if one stops working.
Read Here To See a List of the Current Top Kodi Add-ons
Using a good VPN with Kodi is always suggested for privacy and security. If you need a good low cost VPN to use with Kodi Try IPVanish it has multiple high speed servers with no throttling or logs.

*WirelesSHack.org is not affiliated with Kodi, or any Addons or Builds. WirelesSHack.org is a news and informational site which does not support or condone copyright infringement. Kodi should only be used with content that is bought and owned personally or is in the public domain.
Steps To Install New Exodus Covenant Add-on into Kodi
1… Click the System Icon from the top left
How to Install Ares Wizard Kodi 17-17.4 Krypton Step 1
2… Click File Manager
How to Install Ares Wizard Kodi 17-17.4 Krypton Step 2
3… On the left click Add Source
How to Install Ares Wizard Kodi 17-17.4 Krypton Step 3
4… Click where it says None
How to Install Ares Wizard Kodi 17-17.4 Krypton Step 4
5… Enter the URL: http://archive.org/download/repository.xvbmc
How to Install Covenant Kodi Add-on Using Colossal New Repo Step 5
6… In the next box down name it xvbmc and click OK
How to Install Covenant Kodi Add-on Using Colossal New Repo Step 6
7… Double Check everything is correct and click OK
How to Install Covenant Kodi Add-on Using Colossal New Repo Step 7
8… Go back to Main Menu and click add-ons
How To Install iStream addon Kodi 17 Krypton Step 8
9… Click the Package Installer Icon from the top left
How To Install iStream addon Kodi 17 Krypton Step 9
10… Install from zip file
How To Install iStream addon Kodi 17 Krypton Step 10
11… A box will slide open find xvbmc and click it
How to Install Covenant Kodi Add-on Using Colossal New Repo Step 11
12… Click repository.xvbmc-4.2.0.zip
How to Install Covenant Kodi Add-on Using Colossal New Repo Step 12
13… Wait for the top right to popup xvbmc Repository Installed
How to Install Covenant Kodi Add-on Using Colossal New Repo Step 13
14… Click Install from repository
How To Install Smash Repository Kodi 17 Krypton step 1515
15… Click XvBMC (Add-ons) REPOsitory

16… Video Addons

17… Covenant
How to Install Covenant Kodi Add-on Using Colossal New Repo Step 17
18… Install
How to Install Covenant Kodi Add-on Using Colossal New Repo Step 18
19… After it installs it will be located from the main menu Video Add-ons
How To Install Colossus Repo Using Ares Wizard Kodi step 24
Using Covenant Kodi Addon
After a video is selected to watch Covenant will take 60 seconds to find the best links available.
A Guide To Kodi and Streaming Movies or TV Shows Links
Once it finds the best links it will display them.
A Guide To Kodi and Streaming Movies or TV Shows Server Links
To start the video click the first link and Covenant will automatically go through them until one starts playing.
If a link comes up with a popup saying to PAIR click cancel and it will go to the next link on the list.

Kodi Frequently Asked Questions
Why Don’t I see Covenant ?
Covenant is located in the XvBMC repository, a long as XvBMC is installed into Kodi it will show up when enabled.
To see which repositories you have installed go to Install From Repository . All the installed Repositories will be shown.
A Step by Step Guide To Kodi and Streaming Movies or TV Shows Jan 2018
Clicking on a repository will also show the add-ons it contains.
Why Don’t I see the Add-on I am looking for?
Each add-on will be located in its own repository, so adding the repository it is in will be necessary.
For example the popular Neptune Rising addon is located in the Blamo Repository.
Click here for instructions for how to install Neptune Rising.
When I click a link to a TV show or movie the link doesn’t work or buffers.
This does happen and the more popular Kodi becomes the more the servers/sources can at times become overwhelmed.
This is the reason many sources will come up on a list. If one source link does not work go to the next link. If it starts to buffer stop the video and move on to another link.
Kodi FAQ Pic 1
Most often a good source can be found within 2-3 links depending on the time of day.
Most addons will automatically try to go through the list of links but sometimes stop.
For example if an addon stops on link 7, restart at link 8.



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  1. Thiru

    Hii friends installed as per the guide when trying to play movie getting information check for log ..with x symbol..pls help

  2. Graham

    Why do I get lots of streams for a movie but none of them turned out to be the proper movie it is a completely different movie I have a Amazon TV fire stick.

  3. Nick Alvis

    Your website to me is priceless. The only thing that kept tripping me up, was where the instructions to drop down and add xvmbc to add Covenant, if you don’t put repository in front of these letters my box would not process it? Once I put repository.xvmbc it went through. I did it three or four times without repository and nothing? Thank you for setting up this site, whereas people who or novice with these boxes could spend weeks trying to figure it out.

    Nick Alvis

  4. Cindi

    I was trying to watch a movie and I accidentally hit play in exodus, it won’t play in exodus but I can’t get any other sources to come back up. Anyway to fix this? Thanks

  5. Mr

    When I try to open any of the movie/tv folders, I only get the spinning blue wheel and it doesn’t actually load. Any suggestions?

    1. hito

      Same issue here as well. Kodi add-ons were not used to act like this not that long ago… I don’t understand and struggling to get kodi add-ons working

  6. JJs

    Since about 2 weeks ago I been heaving many problems with Kodi, I have always I installed my builds in my android boxes which is the only thing I have used so far, the fact is that I had two android boxes and as I said before, I had problems to see paliculas, this started to happen with the Krypton 17.5 that only reproduced the movies of any addon (covenant, elysium, buckys, poseidon and triton), which are the ones I use, try a lot but it was not possible to see even a movie not so new, I was looking and many people said that the problem was the krypton 17.5, and that the best was to wait for 17.6, that would solve all those problems, well as you know, it came out on 17.6, I install it in my box and just to test it I installed only the same addons without any build, but I did not works , I see all the movies in all, and very good links but I understand that when I’m very new movies, it is very difficult to see them, but I was dealing with movies that I know that if they have been seen in kodi, I start to see them and a lot of buffering, at first I thought it was for the quality, since I was watching it in 1080p, I decided to see it in 720p but it is the same, it seems as if my internet was very slow, so in the same box I did the internet test and I got about 80mbps my service is 100mps, it is very good speed and never before had problems, I would like to know what I can do to correct that problem or if kodi is not going to work properly.

  7. Ren

    Since I updated my kodi to version 17.6, when I go to exodus, covenant and genesis, it shows all the sources, then it says working, but the video doesn’t play. I tried many times nothing play.

  8. Tim

    Great step-by-step help but once issues with AresWizard.
    When trying to “Install from Repository” the Ares Project says “Could not connect to repository.”

    I tried many things and even uninstalling/reinstalling Kodi.
    Now what?

  9. Rita

    I’ve read and watched dozens of Films on Kodi boxes but not one has info about how to correct the situation where the box says you’ve connected successfully to WiFi and shows a strong signal but when I go in to navigate to the Kodi repository, I get a message that says my internet connection isn’t working (!). Very frustrating and no help anywhere.

  10. RIRob

    Thanks! This is exactly what I was looking for, great step by step instructions. Much appreciated!

  11. Patrick Leyland

    I was really clueless about this software but after watching this video on YouTube and reading your article. I have installed it on my laptop and TV but guess what ! It is awesome !

  12. Autumn J.

    Thank you! I watched so many videos on how to get this add on and I was able to download by following YOUR instruction! Thank you again!

  13. miss Rosina wood

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    Many thanls, Denny

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  19. akalong.net

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  25. mike

    got kodi 17 and exedous running!but i cant put anything in my favorite folder. anyone know how to do this?

    1. Tina

      Hold down the select button and options come up where you ca add it to favorites

    2. bobbyfigueroa1

      hold down on the tab that u want to add to favorites. and a box opens next to it to add to favorites ar delete or well youll see

  26. Srishti Goyal

    On step 7, when I click Ok, a dialogue box appears which says, “Couldn’t retrieve directory information”.
    How am I supposed to go about it?

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    1. Chris

      It would require you to jailbreak it and depending on how old, it may not work very well. You’re better off with a lower end Android tablet or a TV box that can be purchased for around $35 on eBay if you’re planning on installing it yourself.

  28. Cyn

    I bought my fire stick and installed kodi myself. But everytime I try to find an older movie say from 2014 they charge my debt card. What can I download to get all the movies for free. Thanks

    1. Chris

      You do not have Kodi. There is no place within Kodi to enter debit or credit card information, and it also does not allow you to download movies, just stream them. I’m not sure what you installed, but I’d check my bank account if I were you because it sounds like someone scammed you into giving out your private information.

  29. Brian

    I recently purchased a Amazon Fire TV stick with KODI pre-installed but when searching for movies or tv programs via EXODUS, SALTS etc often when I select a link to watch it through a box will pop up telling me I need permission or a link failure message appears what is causing this ? Frustration staring to set in herindoors is pointing the finger firmly at me

  30. Gabrielle

    was having some issues trying to watch shows. Ended up uninstalling kodi and reinstalling. I attempted to add exodus as I did before. Which had worked perfectly fine. First I kept receiving a message saying “could not connect to repository”. After repeated attempts it went to the next step. Got the pop up that says “exodus add on installed”… however when I go to click install it starts the downloading process. Much slower than when I initially downloaded it weeks ago. Anyway, it gets to 99% and goes back to “downloading 0%” it does nothing after that. Would love some help

  31. courtney

    does anybody know how often exodus/ kodi updates for new movies that are out. ive been looking for a new movie ive find it however it wont stream

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  34. chris

    I love kodi-bought a pre installed box and everything great-but only after 9 pm.during the day I cannot watch either tv or movies on exodus or phoenix but after 9 have no problem at all and can watch anything.does anyone know why this happens?

  35. Kristie

    I bought an android box from Amazon preconfigured with Kodi 15. Lately, it’s been giving us a lot of problems like not allowing us to watch movies, will start a movie then stop buffering, will get into Exidus but won’t get into ‘In Theaters’ movies, etc. Anyway, I was thinking about just ordering a new box OR can I just uninstall this version of Kodi and reinstall the latest version and start all over. This box came preconfigured so I’d have to learn how to download everything, but I’m sure I could watch videos on that. Thanks for your help.

  36. OverloadedSystem

    Hello everyone,

    Could somebody pleasr for the SAKE of anything they believe tell me an easy way how to find a Loop/Repeat mode for videos?

    I have 5 tv boxes n ive gotta prepare them for an art exhibition. Please help me!
    I do Not understand the KODI team why they don’t put such a basic option in the player??

  37. Lisa

    ok I have done all the steps got everything installed but now how do I search to watch something like a movie or a sports event. I don’t see anything but list of channels when I go in. how am I supposed to know what channel has what ? Is there not a ay to simple search the movie i want to watch and it look through all the stuff I installed? I’ve seen all the not so nice comments about those with a lack of intelligence are the ones unable to use this. But I have spent a long time looking and looking and just quit because I usually have things to do like work 🙂 and by the time I find something (if I find something) I won’t be able to watch it anyway

    1. Eve

      You need more than what they teach here. My kodi is smooth but you need other add ons and a programmer who makes it self sufficient….

  38. Chalk Miracle

    Thanks, this was the clearest step by step addon I’ve ever seen, worked straight away with a Firestick.
    Very cool.

  39. JJ

    There are shows in the NEW EPISODES list that I am not interested in = watched one episode = don’t care to see more.
    Is there a way to DELETE these?

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    Thank you for the clear and detailed instructions…
    Does anyone know if subtitles can be turned on for movies?

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    1. Bob

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  44. Philip Van Zyl

    Hi hi hope someone can help.
    We are struggling to view images.
    Sound is fine but no video.
    At this moment we do not have HD but VGA.

    Help please
    Thank you

  45. Suryaa

    Hi, I got Android box, and installed Kodi, recently I changed my internet from adsl to NBN fibre to node, since then my Kodi doesn’t works, it stops and buffers every 5 seconds, but I can watch Live TV and YouTube videos clearly without any buffering. What could be the reason. Ive contacted the Iptv provider and it works fine at his place and he bought his Iptv box and tried in my house, it was same, Play the videos for 5 seconds and start’s to buffer. I contacted the internet provide to confirm whether they have blocked the Kodi streaming and they said they won’t block any thing. Please reply the solutions.

  46. Samantha Weidner

    THANK You! I am electronically challenged to say the least, I found a YouTube video to help me install Kodi but that was it. Then I didn’t know what to do, until a Google search led me to you!
    God bless you!

  47. Josh

    Ive got the krypton version for kodi with exodus and pheonix add-ons installed. I have become pretty familiar with both. Only having one small issue. I was wondering if there was a way to filter out foreign movies and tv shows on exodus, and if so, how do i do it? I thought i saw an option for it but i cant seem to relocate said option. Please help

  48. Diane helen

    Thank you so much for the first WELL written , step by step Kodi add on instructions. I am a retired tech document writer and this instruction detail was easy to follow and actually matched the screens and did not leave out important steps. Well done! Appreciate you effort.

  49. shirley

    My grandson gifted me with a Firestick and set up everything for me. My question is, He told me how to shut KODI off after I watch a movie but I have forgotten how. Can you please explain it again for me?

    1. Maryann

      I usually hold down the “house” icon on my remote for a couple of seconds……..I will get a screen with a “sleep” mode option. I click on “sleep” and the firestick goes to bed.

  50. ScherryLee Jacques

    Hi my name is Scherry i got a Kodi box a friend programed it for me but i started playing around with it to see if i can get to the movies and tv shows i got it once today me and my husband were watching a movie but now i cant figures out how i did it can you please tell me or show me how to do it please so we can watch movies and TV shows i,m getting frustrated and the co worker that programed it for me cant come right away to show me how to do it. I don’t want to call to get cable back again they charge so much and just to watch reruns thank you hope to hear from you soon

  51. Michael Anthony

    I finally got Kodi set up on my cell. I try to play a video and it lags like there is no tomorrow. I’ve got a solid wifi connection so I don’t know what else it could be other then thing is a POS waste of time.

  52. Dave Michaels

    I have an android streaming box and i’m trying to download movies and tv from it onto an sd chip. I can’t seem to get it to work. It seems to be recognized by the android and i have selected it to be the path for the downloads, but when i start the downloads nothing ever goes into it. I hope someone can help me out.

  53. Jennifer Craig-Holt

    I’ve read every comment and many have asked but no one has answered how to get live TV on Kodi. I have searched and searched but no luck. Could someone please instead of being rude give an answer or even post a link that explains?
    Thank you very much

  54. LeAnn Martinez

    I understand that it takes awhile for a show to show up on kodi after it has aired on network television but so far no new content has shown up on mine. None at all. Everything might be fine but I’m starting to get concerned. Is there something I needto do to get new ccontent?

  55. casey shoots

    I can tell you how to get kodi to automatically stream to your tv if you have google cast. That means no more casting your screan and running down your batterys from your phones scream being left on.

  56. Dennis

    When watching a movie on Exodus, part wat thru the movie it slow down and sometimes it will stream ok. What can i do to stop the slow streaming ?


    I can’t find “install from zip file ” anywhere I have fire stick with Alexa voice remote. I looked on everything that says add one but mine only have INSTALL FROM REPOSITORY RECENTLY UPDATED AVAILABLE UPDATES AND MY ADD ONS HELP PLEASE

  58. Tomas

    Thanks you so much because many family member of mine can watch streaming now , recently I was recommend by my friend that there is an app like App2Fire to push app to firestick called CetusPlay. Many this app is more easy for people to install some app I think.

  59. billy

    Okay so i thought videos played WITHIN Kodi, but Kodi is just sending my video streams to my browser. Is that what it is supposed to do?

    1. Bobe

      No it should play with-in Kodi itself. There can be links that try to get you to their site, just cancel those and find another link that works.

  60. Elsie

    when choosing a streamer to watch a movie is there any way to know which are in English as we seem to be getting a lot of French of Spanish with subtitles

  61. Jon Boy

    Well I love it and I save myself £80 per month from leaving Virgin Media, yet another Rip Off cable company. I have enjoyed many hours of films and programs past and present and it was so simple that a village idiot could use it, apart from the idiot called Dave at the start of these comments, that guy must be the most stupid person in his town.

  62. Mark Frost

    I found this easy to install on Windows but the fire TV stick was a lot harder, mainly because how am I suppose to get the files on to the stick?

  63. MEll

    Thanks so much for the step by step instructions, they were so easy. I live on a set income and it is hard to pay for these high price cable companies, they are robbing us blind. I had one tutorial on how to set up my file manager and now i am about to relax. Truly thanks guys your awesome!. and let me say this, i tried to buy a box and they wanted 2)) buck for it. I got my firestick and i am good.

    Happy holidays

  64. Chip

    It really couldn’t be easier if you find a good tutorial it tells you step by step what buttons to push and walking through every tiny little part of it

  65. frustrated

    why cant they simplify this jeezus you would think it would be more easy but there is20 things you got to do ….and still icant figure it out …is there a 8 hr course you need to take for this??? or a degree of some sort???

  66. Sammy Parker

    I have tried streaming Kodi movies to both of my smart tv’s. And it always says Dr not supported . What can I do to correct this?

  67. Ant

    Hi all, I’ve been using Kodi since April 2016……….. Learnt a lot, messed around with addons, buffering options, but with a good wifi speed 99% of movies & tv shows work zero buffering HD 1080/720p FREE! ….for Live tv, smooth buffer-free football channels i subscribe to Sports mania for £28/SIX months, great value!
    Here’s the big question : why would I need a firestick at all??
    mine’s all direct NO firestick – NO box!
    DO I NEED EITHER..and to what advantage ?

    1. Elise

      Hi Ant, I am trying to figure out how to cast it. Anytime I use chromecast it is horrible. Do you have another way that you found it works best?

  68. Isabella Gutierrez

    Wow for days I was getting really frustrated i almost through this out lol but thanks to you guys I got the exodus installed I couldn’t find where the movies where located because my fire stick had been updated thank you so much? 10 star feeakn rate??

  69. Miki

    I heard that this is the way to go to get out of cable. Bought a box and was told it would take 20 min – 1/2 hour to install this. I started at 1pm and was still trying to download Kodi at 5 pm. I called my friend that told me about this and we walked through the process and said that I did everything. After the third attempt I finally got the banner. I clicked on Live TV there was nothing there except for some boxes. I am so frustrated right now. How can I get my local channels, etc.? does caller ID have something to do with this or call block where people have to dial *82 ? I love the picture that this program has, but I’m ready to throw this whole box out the window! Worst program install – no instructions – I won’t recommend this to anyone.

  70. Drea

    thank you, i followed all the directions and works great for me. i have exodus and iptv…..is there anyway to get more than one app. perhaps a bundle? thanks again

  71. Julie

    hold up….complete idiot here 🙂 1.Do I need wifi? 2. Do I need cable? 3. if its so great why am I just now hearing about it? (I have no cable or wifi.. says the hermit)

  72. Jake Chip

    I was given a myMatrixTV android box for my birthday so I can watch free tv shows and movies. It was easy to hook up and navigate through, but I wanted to upgrade my firmware to KODI 16.1. Does anyone know how I can do this?

  73. Herman beee

    Hi I have a kodi box and all the movies are showing side ways I do think remember what I did and want to know if I can fix this problem asap please and Thank u

  74. Cookie

    Finally rid of directv, it was great while it lasted, great to be able to save some duckies.
    Purchased amazon fire stick, installed kodo, phonex, exodus. Love it!!!!
    Ques. When I try to view some tv shows it tells me authorizationi required. Visiit link open load.com/pair then click “pair” What are they talking about??
    Help i’m lost????? Any ideas??? Thanks a bunch…


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