Amazon Fire TV Stick vs Android TV Box for Kodi

By | September 10, 2017

Amazon Fire TV Stick vs Android TV Box for Kodi

Kodi can be run on many hardware platforms and is a very versatile media center.
Popular hardware options include the Fire TV Stick and Android TV Boxes which can both run Kodi.
Often the question comes up, which is better to run Kodi a Fire Stick or Android TV box?
So lets break down the main differences.
Amazon Fire Stick Vs Android Box Hardware
Fire TV Stick
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The first generation Fire Stick had a Broadcom BCM28145 Dual Vore 1.2 GHz processor, 1GB RAM, 8GB Storage, 802.11n WiFi, and Bluetooth 3.0.
The new second generation has a Mediatek 8127D Quad-core ARM 1.3 GHz processor, 1GB RAM, 8GB Storage, 802.11ac WiFi, and Bluetooth 4.1.

The video output resolution is the same for both with High definition 720p or 1080p.
The size is smaller and plugs into the back of a TVs HDMI port out of the way.
This gives the Fire Stuck some good hardware but starting to show its age especially with 1GB of RAM.
Android TV Box
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Android boxes come in all shapes and sizes and hardware from a S805 Box to the new smaller Nvidia Shield with a Tegra X1 processor and 3GB of RAM.
Since the Nvidia Shield hardware is much faster than a Fire Stick most would not include it since the price is much higher.
A comparable priced 2017 android TV box will have a good processor such as a S912 and 2GB of RAM.
Other features include USB for a nice remote control or external file storage with a flash drive or hard drive.
While most use WiFi android Tv boxes have a Ethernet port which is nice to have when a WiFi signal is bad.
This gives Android TV boxes the hands down winner when it comes to hardware.
The Fire Stick has the best price currently at $39.99 dollars which is a nice deal.
A good low cost android TV box can be had for under $50 dollars which is not that much more.
While there are cheaper android TV boxes available the hardware has become too slow with the $30 dollar units.
This gives the advantage to the Fire Stick but only by a few dollars.
Setup and Running Kodi
The Fire Stick will need to side load Kodi which is a bit technical and not for everyone.
Amazon does not give access to the Play Store or an easy way to download the APK from the Kodi site.
Android TV boxes in comparison, are easy to setup with Kodi by simply going to the Play Store and clicking install.
Most new android TV boxes can also run video up to 4K ultra HD video. The Fire Stick can only run up to 1080p.
This gives the android boxes the clear winner for setup and playing videos with Kodi.
Both the an android box and Fire Stick will run Kodi and often it comes down to cost and what you have available.
If cost is no factor then the new Nvidia Shield is the best options to run Kodi by far.
If you already have a Fire stick it would be a good option that by getting a bit technical will have Kodi up and running.
Read Here for How To Install Kodi to A Fire Stick
For those who are looking for the best buy I would stick to an android TV box for all around ease of use with many different price ranges.
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17 thoughts on “Amazon Fire TV Stick vs Android TV Box for Kodi

  1. Christina Barker

    I have the Kodi G-Box and it will not let me watch a lot of my TV shows or movies I tried updating everything and I don’t understand what is wrong. So I’m trying to find out do I need a new box do I need to upgrade because I’m starting to get extremely upset when I am not able to watch anything I will upload it show and it’ll say no Exodus

  2. Dana

    Ok so I’m not a tech person what so ever! I’ve read all the comments and still feel confused so let me try this…..i have a jail broke firestick that seems to have gotten slower…update needed I’m. Guessing. I’d like to cancel my cable and put something similar to firestick in all of my tv’s. BUT i need this product to be easy to travel with. So i need the best option out there to give me access to any and everything.
    1…2…..3…..go! Oh and where do i purchase the item and do i need to jailbreak it as well

  3. Jeff

    While watching a movie on fire stick it keeps pausing i have to click on the play. Why does this happen?

    1. Matt

      Not to sure. … Your not the only one who’s made this statement ..

      Upgrade to a Droid box… 😉
      Eliminate those issues…

  4. X

    The Nivdia Shield is hands down best period, install any apk, multiple kodi /spmc builds. 3 gig of ram and nothing slows it down.
    Never any issue or reboots. I’ve tried the Android boxes. Most are a joke. Best by far Amazon fire box for money if you are hard on cash.

  5. CJ

    How does this movie box compare to the first gen boxes that can’t be updated Which are worthless?

    1. Tomt

      If you are broke the fire Stick, If you have money to spend the Nvidia Shield

  6. Marko

    I always wondered if there are comparable alternative to the nvidia shield tv but at a cheaper price point…

  7. Jovon

    Why is the shield the best to run kodi ? I am debating on getting one but if a fire stick does the same thing. Put aside specs and a remote. Functionally will there be a slow down through menus or choopy video on a fire stick where it wouldnt be on shield ? What difference would I see side by side ?

    1. Marko

      I own a firestick version 1, menus navigation is fine and video is buttery smooth, the problem is the low storage, after few addons menu navigation, reboots etc becomes slow… but still acceptable.

    1. Shaun Williams

      Exodus is not being updated any more you want Covenant, neddu, or nemesis, or Elysium. There’s plenty more of good updates but I found that these were the best


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