How To Connect a TV Antenna to a Projector and Watch OTA TV

By | October 8, 2023

  • Buy an ATSC TV Tuner Box with the Correct Input for Your Projector.
  • Attach an Antenna to the Tuner Box Coaxial Input.
  • Connect the TV Tuner Box To the Projector.
  • Scan for Available Over-The-Air TV Signals.

Projectors are great devices that have many uses, from watching movies and TV shows to gaming on a large screen.

They can also be used to watch free TV channels that are broadcast over-the-air using a TV antenna.

An ATSC TV tuner will likely be needed to convert the over-the-air TV signals and send them to the projector.

If the projector has a built-in TV tuner, an external one is not needed, but most projectors do not have a built-in tuner.

TV tuner boxes are low-cost items that have many different types of outputs depending on the unit that is bought.

For example, the Mediasonic Converter Box is a popular option that receives a TV signal and has multiple outputs, including HDMI, Coaxial, and AV.

A projector with an HDMI input can plug into the converter box and, after scanning for TV channels, display them.

It is the same setup many TVs use only the projector is now being used instead of a TV.

Example ATSC Digital Converter Box on Amazon
Mediasonic ATSC Digital Converter Box with Recording / Media Player / TV Tuner Function

One thing to keep in mind is an antenna is likely needed to get the best reception.

If you live in a big city and close to the TV towers, a small antenna can often be used.

If you live farther away from the TV towers, a larger attic or outside TV antenna will likely be needed.

There are many different types of TV antennas from small window units to large outdoor units.

Setting up a projector to watch free over-the-air TV is no different from using a standard TV that does not have a built-in TV tuner.

Most TVs come with a built-in TV tuner, so a converter box is usually not needed.

Projectors are becoming more and more popular since they can be used in many scenarios.

Watching free OTA TV is one of those options with an ATSC converter box.

How many channels you get will depend on your location and the TV antenna used.

If you live in a large city you likely can get many free TV channels with a small antenna.

If you live outside a city in a rural area you likely will need a large outdoor antenna.

Have you used a projector to watch free over-the-air TV? Let us know your thoughts below.

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  1. Johnny

    Are there USB type ATSC tuner that works with Android TV based projectors. I believe there is an app call Live TV.


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