Our Picks for Best Hidden WiFi Light Bulb Cameras

By | April 7, 2022

Our Picks for Best Hidden WiFi Light Bulb Cameras
Wifi cameras come built into many things these days, from clocks to light bulbs.

Light bulb cameras are a good option, with many features that make them very practical in many scenarios.

They can give a panoramic view of an entire room and easily zoom in on the spot.

Apps that give real-time video and two-way communication if needed on a smartphone or tablet are included.

Most all the units can also record through an app to a smartphone and have an SD-Card slot for storage when recording videos.
Best Hidden WiFi Light Bulb Cameras 2020
Each unit has its own features, some even with night vision.

Many good units are available, with some of our favorite picks below.

As always, be sure to read the review on Amazon, forums, or elsewhere to be sure a unit is a right pick for you.

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Our Picks for Best Hidden WiFi Light Bulb Cameras

  1. VIBOOS 1080P WiFi Security Camera

  2. Available Here on Amazon

    Available Here on eBay

    This unit from VIBOOS is a nice wireless light bulb with an HD camera built-in.

    It gives a panoramic view of a room. The camera video feed can be moved about with the touch of a finger and locations zoomed in on.

    There is also a built-in microphone and speaker to hear inside a room or speak if needed.

    An SD-card slot allows for recording to SD-card, or the video can be recorded from the app to a smartphone.

    It is a nice camera light bulb that works very well at streaming video all in high definition.

  3. BESDERSEC Light Bulb Camera
  4. Our Picks for Best Hidden WiFi Light Bulb Cameras BESDERSEC
    Available Here on Amazon

    Available Here on eBay

    The BESDERSEC 360-Degree light bulb camera is another nice unit.

    It sends high-definition 1080P video to a smartphone or tablet over WiFi.

    Other features include night vision and two-way audio. Recording options are also available on a smartphone or to an SD-Card.

    It gives a panoramic view and covers an entire room. The night vision works well up to 16 feet away.

    It is also compatible with Androids or iPhones.

  5. HIJUNMI WiFi Bulb Camera
  6. Best Hidden WiFi Light Bulb Cameras Hijunmi VR Bulb Camera Panoramic Wifi
    Available Here on Amazon

    Available Here on eBay

    This light bub camera from HIJUNMI has a 360-degree view along with two-way communication and motion detection.

    It works with iOS or Android devices with apps for both.

    An SD-card can be inserted to record to, or the app can manually record to a smartphone.

  7. OZS WiFi Bulb Camera
  8. Best Hidden WiFi Light Bulb Cameras JBonest
    Available Here on Amazon

    Available Here on eBay

    OZS makes this 1080P unit with a light bulb camera built-in with many features.

    It has night vision, an SD-card slot for recording that can send an HD 1080p video to a smartphone or tablet has a built-in microphone, and has a motion detector to turn on and off.

    Like most other units, it has night vision and an app for a smartphone, Apple or Android.

    It also has voice communication built-in to hear and speak if necessary.

Can You Hide a Camera in a Light Bulb?

Yes, camera light bulbs are available and used as security and nanny cams.

There are many different types available with our picks above.

How Can You Tell if a Light Bulb Has a Hidden Camera?

Almost all light bulb cameras have the camera at the bottom, which can be seen by a small circle.

They also are usually bigger and do not like a standard bulb but are slightly different.

While on most units, the camera can be seen on inspection, there are some more advanced units that are difficult to tell apart.

Are Light Bulb Security Cameras Good?

The image quality and built-in wireless work very well with most units.

They can be good in many scenarios, but the life span of most are not as good as standard security cameras.

Standard security cameras can last a very long time, often 10-20 years, but a light bulb camera will have a much shorter life span.

Often they last about the same as a standard bulb last.

Light bulb cameras have many features and are a quick, easy way to monitor a location while staying hidden.

They can be used for many reasons such as security, nanny cam, spycam, or just give peace of mind that a home is a good while away.

The setup for the units is very easy, usually by screwing it into a light socket, downloading an app, and connecting to a router.

New units have very simple setups with onscreen guided instructions through an app.

If a recording is needed, most will use a small micro SD-card or can be recorded to a smartphone or tablet.

There are many units available, with those above simply some of our favorite options. Before buying any camera, be sure to read the reviews and features to be sure it is a good unit for you.

Do you have a favorite light bulb camera? Let us know in the comments below.

8 thoughts on “Our Picks for Best Hidden WiFi Light Bulb Cameras

  1. Mika chu

    Do you have a recommendation for a lightbulb camera that can be used outdoors?

    1. george fleming

      Do you have a recommendation for a light-bulb camera that also records for outdoor use, someone has been taking my outdoor statues

  2. Mike

    Does anyone know if any of these (or other OEM’s) have ONVIF compatibility?
    I would like to add one to my Blue Iris wall, but most I have checked out do not
    support ONVIF. Any insight will be much appreciated.

  3. John

    Would the camera turned off when the light switch if off or the bulb has to stay on all the time to record?
    Will it record when the light is turned off? I am totally confused.

  4. Barry King

    Do any of the cameras need a cloud sunscription?

  5. Sydney Kelly

    I think light bulb cams are very good. An iPad app , iCSee, works with them but does anyone know of specific android phones or tablets, preferably cheaper ones, that work with them. My supposedly android phone which is old doesn’t work with them. Thanks.

  6. Ted

    I was originally on here to check out the light bulb cams, but they all look like light bulb cams. Is there any that just look like a normal light bulb. I believe there is a dishonest employee, and i would hate to tip my hand with something like this. But i noticed you guys do alit with codi. I have a mi3 i think it is. That they didnt update forever, and i heard theres updates available. Im not up on how that works at all, or the jailbroke thing. Do i purchase the updates and someone installs them, or how does that work ? Or am i better off purchasing a new streamer ? Im up in the mountians in central cali, and we havent ever been able to get anything with even the bigest badest rotary antenna, when i was a kid. I know everything has come a long way since then. Do you think with that big boy i might be able to get maybe some local networks ? Thank you Ted


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