Our Picks for Best PoE Power Over Ethernet Access Points

By | March 4, 2020

Our Picks for Best PoE Power Over Ethernet Access Points 2017
PoE (Power over Ethernet) has a lot of advantages over a standard power supply setups.

An Ethernet cable can simply be run to a location and plugged into an Access Point giving power and data to it.

This makes for a simple and clean setup with no need to run extra power lines.

If you have never setup a PoE access point before they are easy to do by running a Cat 5 / 6 cable to a PoE injector that adds power and data to the line.

For example, here the PoE connection is run to the access point, and the LAN port is run to the router.
Best PoE Power Over Ethernet Access Points 111
Most PoE devices come with a power injector but be sure to read what comes in the package to be sure.

The power and data will travel over the Ethernet line which the PoE injector makes easy.
Best PoE Power Over Ethernet Access Points 222
There are many units to choose from with our favorite options below.

As always be sure to read the reviews on Amazon, forums, or elsewhere to be sure a unit is good fit for you.

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Our Picks for Best POE Power Over Ethernet Access Points

  1. TP-Link AC1200 EAP225
  2. TP-Link EAP225 Point d’Accès Wi-Fi Double Bande AC 1350Mbps PoE Gigabit – Plafonnier (300Mbps en 2.4GHz + 867Mbps en 5GHz, 1 port Gigabit, Support PoE)

    The TP-Link AC1200 EAP225 is a very good WiFi access point that can be powered though an Ethernet cable or a standard power supply.

    To power it from a Ethernet connection it uses 802.3af PoE (10.15W) or an 12VDC / 1.5A external power supply.

    It uses the newest WiFi protocols and is a dual band 2.4GHz / 5 GHz 802.11AC unit which makes it compatible into most any WiFi network.

    Dual Band 802.11ac devices are backward compatible with older devices and will work with wireless-N or even legacy wireless-G.

    The range is also great with a 4dB Omni directional antenna that can pick up a signal from any direction along with 2×2 MIMO technology.

    TP-Link also makes a faster unit called the TP-Link AC1750 which is faster but likely over kill for the average user.

  3. Ubiquiti Networks Unifi 802.11ac
  4. Ubiquiti Networks Unifi 802.11ac Dual-Radio PRO Access Point (UAP-AC-PRO-US)

    Ubiquiti Networks Unifi 802.11ac wireless access points are very popular and have auto-sensing 802.3af/802.3at PoE support.

    The Ubiquiti PRO UniFi Access Point will likely be too much for an average home and is used in many small business wireless setups such as motels.

    The UniFi units will allow you to set up custom accounts, limit the bandwidth and usage an account can get, see who is connected, stop huge bandwidth users, and much more.

    The system can even setup different passwords so no single password is needed.

    Ubiquiti PRO UniFi is a great system that runs over Ethernet and has a lot of options to fit most any scenario.

  5. HXF X9300
  6. 300Mbps Ceiling AP 802.11b/g/n Wireless Access Point POE Coverage Router long range wifi Repeater Antenna for hotel/Home WIFI

    If you are looking for a low cost unit that will boost a WiFi signal on a budget the HXF X9300 is worth a look.

    It is only a wireless-N unit but wireless-N can transmit data up to 300Mbps which is much faster than most home internet speeds.

    While it doesn’t have the newest technology or the fastest speeds it is a good PoE unit that would be a good fit for the average WiFi user.

  7. Linksys AC1200 POE WiFi Access Point
  8. Linksys AC1200 Wireless Access Point for Business (Cloud Management PoE WiFi Access Point)

    The Linksys AC1200 access point is a good option that is a POE unit with many features.

    It is a dual band 2.4GHz/5GHz unit along with a Browser based interface for management from most anywhere.

    While mainly for business owners who need to manage wireless access point remotely it also is a good unit for home owners.

    It also has all the newest wireless protocols and is a built for high traffic WiFi environments.

  9. Hawking 1750AC Managed AP
  10. Hawking Technology Outdoor Wireless-1750AC Managed AP Pro Wireless-AC Concurrent Pole/Wall-Mount PoE Enabled Access Point (HOW17ACM)

    Hawking 1750AC is a high-end unit that is a managed access point.

    It is an outdoor water proof IP-67 unit with 6 antennas.

    It is also is a dual band 802.11ac unit working in both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies.

    The Hawking 1750AC is more then most homes will need and good for high-traffic areas that need the WiFi extended.

Power over Ethernet makes setting up an access points easy compared to past setups.

They not only run digital high resolution data but also power which eliminates the need to run extra power lines.

If you have older Analog setup there is PoE adapter cables that work with many setups.




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